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Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Chapter 43

Colt moves away from my lips and stares down at me.

“This is how I want you. Trapped under me so that I can pleasure you all night long in any way I like.”

“Sounds perfect to me.” I whisper.

I feel like I am under his

control like this and I like it.

I did like it when I had all the

control, back when he was cuffed to the bed but I really

love it when he is the one in

charge much more.

He leans down and k*sses

me, drifting down to my n*ck where he lingers. I am

much more aware of his

touch now. Every time he ksses me, my skin becomes hot and gives me shivers. My core and bdy yearn for


He lifts up and looks down to his crutch. He unzips his pants and lets his cock out,

resting on top of my clothed


Colt smiles as he strokes

himself. “He’s happy to see


I laugh. “And I am happy to

see him too.

He smiles biting his bottom lip and starts to rub himself

against me.

My hand goes under his shirt and up his chest feeling

his muscles. His hand starts

to go inside my pants, then he reaches my core and starts rubbing. His touch

now feels more intense. I

close my eyes and get lost in the feeling. It was amazing

before but now it feels so

much more intense. I want

him. I want him completely.

“Colt…” I moan.


“Please, take me already.”

He smiles with pleasure. “Hearing you begging like

this… it’s delicious.”

He lifts my shirt up and places his lips on my breasts.

He sucks and nibbles

relentlessly while making

me moan.

Unfortunately to my

frustration, we are suddenly

interrupted. Someone

knocks at the door and it

irritates me beyond belief.

“Ugh! Who is it?!” I shout.

A muffled voice comes from

behind the door. “Princess,

the Alpha has requested you both.”

“What why?!”

We just came from seeing

him. Why would he need us again?

“I do not know. He has asked

for you both and was very serious about it.”


“Yes. Now. He wants you

both downstairs.”

Damn it!

Colt looks at me and gives

me one fast last k*ss before

he gets up from me.

“Uh! Just like that?” I ask him

with narrowed eyes.

He laughs. “Yeah. I am

content with the fact that

you want me so badly.”

“This sucks.” I complain and

roll my eyes.

“We’ll have time later.” He


I sigh. “So optimistic.”

“Of course. I am just happy that we get to be together.

You are now my mate.”

That changes my mood and makes me smile. I get up, pat

my clothes down and we

head downstairs to Warrick’s


When we get there all the generals are gathered around

including my brothers.

They all stare at three boxes on the desk. Two big ones and one small one.

“My condolences, your

father is dead.” That is the

first thing that comes out of

Warrick’s mouth.

“What?!” Colt is confused.

Warrick points to one of the

boxes. “Step closer but be

warned, it is gruesome and this was not my doing.”

We both get close and see a severed head. Alpha Harrie’s

head. Colt’s dad.

I gasp and cover my mouth

in disbelief. But then I

immediately turn my

attention to Colt.

His expression turns to

anguish. I pull him away from the box. His b*dy is

tense and he shakes. He

doesn’t move but he allows

me to hold him.

“What happened?” He asks.

His voice breaks but he holds

his tears.

“Your brother happened.



Warrick nods.

Colt’s hands turn into

shaking fists. I put my hands

over his from behind and

continue to hug him.

I feel so horrible and I wish I

could take this pain away

from him. I can even feel a

bit of it.

“Now… that’s your father but who is this? It is not your

mother because your

brother speaks of her in this letter.” He dangles an opened

letter in his hand.

Oh no…is it his sister?

“Ezra–or rather Alpha Ezra now- said that your mother

lies in a bed on death’s door

because of your

father’s…untimely death. Not

in such nice words of course.

He boasts of how he did the

killings. Your other brother was punished for interfering. I assume that is his eyes in

there.” He points to the smaller box. Then his eyes

fall to the second bigger

box.“But who is that?” He

points to it. I can only

assume there is another head

in there since it is just like the other big box.

Colt takes a deep breath with

his fist clenched and then

takes a step closer to the

other box. His eyes widen

and then he looks at me with


“Who is it?” I ask.

He shakes his head. “Don’t

look!” He immediately gets in front of me trying to move me back but because of his reaction, the urge to look inside that box grows. I go around him and look inside. Immediately…my heart breaks in ways that I never thought it could.

I put my hands on my mouth holding my scream but there was no point in that. The wale that comes

from inside my chest is heard by everyone. I fall to my knees and my world spins.

I feel his arms around me

but not even the love of my life can quench this pain.

Lauren, my dear sister, is dead. Her head, gifted to me in a box by the man who was

meant to be my mate. I

broke his ego…now he

breaks my heart.

“Who is it?” Warrick asks.

All I can do is cry now as

Colt holds me.

“Her…sister.” Colt responds.

“Sister? What do you mean?”

“The people who took Cass in, they died when she was young and Lauren was the only family she had growing up. They were sisters and loved each other as so… she

was also…pregnant.”

Hearing this all makes me scream. I lose it. I can’t think.

The pain inside of me takes

over and all I do is scream.

“Get the pack doctor.” I hear Warrick say.

For the next few minutes, all

you can hear is my wailing. I feel like I am drowning in


When the pack doctor

arrives, everything goes

numb and I am thrown into

sleeping darkness.

When I wake up again, I am in my room. It is the same as always but now it feels


I lay there staring at my ceiling trying to numb the pain inside of me. My chest feels like it has exploded. It feels so heavy as if I had a

fifty–pound weight resting

on my chest.

Tears stream down the side

of my eyes but I do not make

a sound.

I can feel Colt. I know he is

near me. I can feel his

presence. It comforts me but it is not enough.

“You are awake.” He


I tilt my head in his direction

until he finally comes into

view next to me.

He puts a hand on my cheek, caressing while his forehead is pressed against mine and

he looks down into my eyes.

For a few seconds, we are

silent just staring into each


“It hurts, Colt. It hurts so

much.” I whisper.

“I know…I know.” He

whispers back.

“I don’t want to feel

anymore. I hate it.”

“I’m sorry.” He says. “I am so


“I am sorry too. You lost your


He closes his eyes and nods.

I shut my eyes in anguish.

“This is not fair. We just wanted to be happy.”

“And we still deserve to be.”

He says.

“I know, but I am so angry, Colt. I am so f**king angry.”

Now the anger replaces the

sadness. But this is different.

This is pure rage. I

unwillingly start sobbing

again but I try to hold it in

taking sporadic deep


He hugs me tighter but I softly push him away and get

“Cass?” Colt calls after me but

ignore him as I make my way out of the room.

He follows trying to get my attention but he sees that he

is not going to get it so he silently comes after me.

Every inch that I get closer to Warrick’s office, I am more

and more angry. I barge in

while he is at what looks to

be a meeting with everyone. The boxes are thankfully


I slam my hands on his desk.

“I want him dead! I want his

skin ripped off of his bones!”

I shout.

Pure rage comes out of me.

Warrick stares at me. One of

his eyebrows lifts and his eyes spark with amusement. “That is doable…if we can get

our hands on him first.

Luckily…he is declaring war on us. Demanding that we hand you and Colt over.”

“He is a spoiled brat playing Alpha.” One of the generals


“Underestimating this

‘spoiled brat‘ could be a great

error.” Garret crosses his

arms deep in thought. “He is fueled by ego and he has

shown that he can be


“Then what do we do?” I ask.

“We wage war.” Warrick replies.

“War? Those little pokes you

have been giving for years?” I

bark out almost mocking


“No. Real war.” He says. “I

want everyone early

morning in the war room


My teeth clench and he

notices. “It’s best to think

with a clear head. Rest. This

situation will still be the

same tomorrow.”

I know he is right. I give him

a nod in agreement.

Everyone in the room walks

out and so do we.

I zone in on Victor as he

passes by me. “Hey, Victor?”

“Victor stops and looks at


“Can we…practice?”

“Now?” He asks, surprised.


He shakes his head. “No. It’s

best if you just go rest.”

“I can’t rest. I can’t! I need to

do something.”

“Then we should go for a

run.” Colt suggests from

behind me.

I look back at him and slowly

nod. “Yes. I think that will

work. I just need to not think

too much for a while.”

When I think, I feel and all I

feel now is pain.

Colt nods. “I know. I get it.

He rubs my back and we

start to walk outside. The light in the sky starts to mix with the blue of the night.

Darkness waits its turn to


suddenly can’t believe this is happening. I can’t believe she is gone. All I can see is the happiness she felt when she told me she was

pregnant. This breaks my heart.

And James… Is he even alive

and if he is, he must be in so

much agony.

Colt suddenly stops me and hugs me.

“I feel you. I feel your pain.” Colt suddenly whispers.

I cry in his arms but I do feel

his comfort. It makes the

pain much more bearable. I know he is in pain too and maybe this is why it hurts so much. I am feeling his pain

and mine and so is he. I also

rub his back trying to

comfort him. Even with our

mate bond not being

complete, we can still feel

each other like this.

When we both feel just a bit

of relief, we keep walking

towards the forest and after

taking our clothes off, we shift. We immediately take

in a run and spend the whole night out. It is just what we

need and distracts us for a bit but the pain doesn’t go away. I am sure nothing will make it disappear.

We come back and manage to sleep for a few hours before we eagerly head to the meeting.

“Hey…” I stop Colt before going into the war room.

“I am sorry I didn’t ask you

this before. I should have.

How are you feeling about all

of this? Ezra is your brother


“He is not my brother. “He says interrupting me. “Not anymore. I want him dead, Cass, he deserves it.”

I nod. “Then we are together

on this.”

“Yes. He needs to pay for

what he has done.”

“Then let’s make sure he


Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

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