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Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Chapter 50

Oliver does not look

surprised or disturbed by what we see in the reforming camp which to me is a major red flag.

One thing does surprise me

and it is that there are not as

Ad Here

many people here as before. I get that some escaped-and good for them—but still, most of the poor souls here

are in the cells and are not

being tortured as so many were before.

I give Alpha Oliver a quick

walk through the reforming

camp and head towards the

river where we start seeing

Ad Here

the good parts of the pack. The children playing. We

walk on the shores of the

river for a while and Serge

follows me from a distance.

“This is big territory compared to what we have at the moment.” He says. His British accent is captivating I

have to admit. It is hard not

to find this man attractive.

“Yeah, the pack stretches for

miles because of the forest.

Do you plan to expand?”

“Yes. We have

much-unclaimed territory

around us. Speaking of

unclaimed…this Alpha Ezra is your fated mate?”

“My father told you that?”

That little-

“Yes. He puts a lot of emphasis on the fact that

you are unmated and will most likely have a chosen

mate which is admirable.

Not many can resist the mate

bond as you have.”

“Well when your mate is a

crazy maniac who enjoys

torturing you, it would be

easy for anyone to be disgusted by their mate.”

“You’d be surprised. Many

without the kind of will that

you have just accept the

abuse. I’ve seen it many

times. But you must be exceptionally willful.” His

eyes intently stare into mine. “A…very attractive quality in

a strong mate.”

I look away because my thoughts are immediately

filled with Colt. I do not want

to flirt with this man, not

even pretending.

“And you? Have you not found your mate?” I quickly ask as we continue walking

now back to the house.

“I did. She died a few years ago.”

“Oh. I am sorry.”

He glances at me and can see the question that I am not willing to ask out of respect.

“Car accident.” He says. “As

strong as we are, we can still die by rapid sudden means.”

Silence suddenly stretches until he speaks again.

“So why is it that Alpha Warrick appointed you to be his successor and not his

eldest son? It is customary to appoint the first-born male next in line to be Alpha. Why you?”

“It is because of my power.”

“Ah, yes. He mentioned that

in your presentation party.”

I nod.

We are finally standing in

front of the house.

“Well, that was it. It’s just a

normal pack so not really

much to see.”

He smiles. “My lady, I am a

direct man and so I am

shooting my shot. I think

that a union between us

would be beneficial to both

our packs. You are a

beautiful woman and I have

to admit that I am taken by you. A strong woman.”

His eyes gleam almost with excitement as he says this. It

really unnerves me.

All I really want to say is “No,

I have already chosen a perfect mate”—or rather he

chose me first- but I am

sure that Warrick will be

pissed if I let this

opportunity go. All I can do is keep him hanging.

“A…union between our packs IS a smart choice. I’ll…give it some thought.”

“Very well. I can only hope to hear from you soon.”

I laugh nervously as I walk to

the front door and then

sprint inside where Warrick

stands as if he was waiting

for me all this time. “My

office.” He says.

With a roll of my eyes, I

follow him.

As we walk, I spot Colt leaning against a door frame that leads to the living room

but he has his arms crossed

staring at me. His green eyes intently follow me as I walk past him. Warrick gives him

a look and then looks back at

me. “You two do a shit way of hiding it.”
I get close to him and

whisper. “What do you

expect? I am in love with that


Colt obviously hears it

because he immediately


Warrick ignores me and we

don’t speak again until we

get to his office.

“So?” he asks.

“So?” I repeat.

“You can’t be that dense.

What happened?”

“Well, you were right. He

likes me. Said that a union

between our packs would be


“Okay. And how did you

handle it?”

“I…kept him hanging? Told

him that I would think about


Warrick nods, deep in thought. “Very well done. I want you to keep playing all of this very diplomatically.”

Easier said than done. This is

all new to me and I am just starting to learn the game.

“Did he ask anything?”

“Like what?”

“Anything that would be

considered prying.”

“Other than wondering why am I the one succeeding you

instead of Victor, no.”

“Hmm. Alright. Keep him


I sigh and nod. “Can I go


“Stay away from Colt. Alpha Oliver is staying in the room

that is right in front of yours.

So no nightly rendezvous

with your lover.”

“Why did you put him in

front of my room?”

“I want him close to you to

entice him.”


“His men are staying here

too and they can be

anywhere so again, be


I huff. “I’d say yes Father but

I’d be lying. I need to see him eventually.”

“If you get caught I swear…’

I leave the office before he

can finish but he is not

wrong. As I walk the halls, there are many of Oliver’s men walking and lounging


I headed to the living room where last I saw Colt leaning

in front of the door. He is

there with Dash, Miles, Bryn, and Lotus apparently having

a fun conversation because

they all laugh—all except for Bryn. I stop and look at all of

them with Serge behind me.

“What’s so funny?”

“I am just telling them a few stories of when Victor was a child,” Lotus says. “That boy

had a love for ponies. There

was this cartoon show he loved of colorful ponies who

would band together to save

their world. It was mostly a

show catered for…little girls

but he didn’t know this at the

time.” She laughs. “Do not

mention this to him. He will

have my head.”

I smile as everyone laughs but my eyes roam to where

Colt stands. He also stares at

me. It is impossible for us to
hide it when we are near

each other.

My eyes stay glued to his beautiful green ones. The way his jaw tenses, his

muscles stick out with his

arms crossed. That simple tight white t-shirt he has on today does not help my urge

to run to him at all. I want to

be near him, to smell him, to

take his delicious scent in. I

want those strong arms wrapped around me, his

huge chest taking me in a bear hug.

Unable to contain myself, give him a seductive look which he immediately reacts to by flexing his shoulders and his mouth slightly opening to take in deeper


Ignoring everyone, I give a

barely visible nod and turn

around, walking out of the

room. When out of the

room, I look back and see him already heading in my direction. He follows me as I

walk through the hall. My head rakes with the thought of what to do, and where can we go. Not my room that’s for sure.

Unable to contain my

thoughts any longer, I open

the first door I come across

next and dip inside.

“Stay,” I say to Serge, leaving

him outside.

To my surprise, it was a

room I didn’t know we had.

It seems to be a music room

and luckily it is empty.

I turn around to find that

Colt is already inside closing

the door behind him. He

rushes to me and

immediately kisses me desperately. I cling to his shirt. His delicious scent

overwhelms me and I take it

all in.

He picks me up and sits me

on what I think at first is a

desk but then we notice that

it is a piano because of the loud noise the keys make when my butt sits on them.

Still ferociously kissing me,

he carries me to another area

where this time he sits me

on a desk. I can feel how

hard he is when he grinds on

“I saw him with you.” He puts a hand on the back of my neck possessively and

continues to kiss me.

“Doesn’t matter. I am yours.”

“He touched you.” He says

and kisses me again.

I take a breath. “I. Am.


“Mh…all mine.” His whisper

has a growl to it.

Suddenly, he clenches his fist on my hair and pulls it back making me expose my neck where he starts kissing.

“Mh…” I moan.

My hand starts to drift down

his abs and my fingers slither inside his pants.

The contact of my fingers on

his hard member makes him

hiss. It excites me and I can

feel my nipples hardening.

“Wait!” I hear Serge say outside of the room.

The door suddenly swings open and we both jump. He

immediately moves away while the pack member who

seems to have come here to

clean stares at us. Her ch*eks

turn red and she

immediately bows her head. “I am sorry, Alpha.”

Fixing our clothes, Colt and I

immediately start sprinting


“It’s okay, it’s okay,” I say clearing my throat and

feeling embarrassed yet


Uh, I really wanted him.

I can sense his own

frustration too and this is

only one day, and not even

that long cause we were

together this morning.

Wait, how long is Alpha Oliver staying?

Grrr! Damn it.

I spend the rest of the day

walking like a zombie

around the house not

knowing what to do with myself. I want to see Colt but

when I do, I can’t control it. I

want to be near him.

I decide to go see James but

it is the same as last time. He

is mourning.

When dinner time finally

comes, we are all seated as

we were this morning. Oliver

sits in front of me and

throughout the dinner, his eyes linger on me way too much for my taste.

Especially when I can feel

Colt pissed off a few seats


At first, I start to feel happy

that the conversation is

about the war with Ezra and

nothing else but I change my

mind because it quickly

leads to Oliver talking to


“Well, you know the territory better than anyone else here,” Oliver says to Colt.

“Yes, I do. So when the time

comes, I’ll share what I know

but for now you don’t need to know a damn thing.” Colt


Oliver and Colt are quickly butting heads. This is a

tension that Colt created

because Oliver knows

nothing about Colt and me. Unfortunately, Warrick is not

happy about this. He turns to

me and I can see the warning

in his eyes. If Colt continues,

he’s going to have to punish him but then that goes

against what I told him, that

I would stay as long as he

doesn’t hurt Colt.

I abruptly get up, making my chair heard by everyone.

“I apologize. I am not feeling too good right now. I’ll be heading to my room.”

Without letting anyone say anything, I turn and sprint out of the dining room. Of course, the only one that follows is Serge. Hopefully

my not being near Oliver

will calm Colt.

I get to my room-leaving Serge at my door-and start changing only to have

someone knock on my door

in the midst of it.

I open it thinking that it’s Serge but no, it is Colt.

“What are you doing? You

can’t be here.”

“I know but I just needed to see you.”

“Colt, you can’t be here-” I whisper but he doesn’t let

me finish trying to tell him

that I want to meet him

somewhere else in secret.

“Godamit, fine!” He turns

and stomps away.

I sigh.

That temper of his. What a big baby he can be

sometimes. I get that he is angry but it makes me smile.

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