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Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Chapter 52

“What are you doing?!” I ask


Again I am in the white

room and again can’t move.

He traces a hand down my

cheeks, neck, and shoulders, then takes my arm and gets close. He starts caressing my skin with his lips as his eyes

stare into mine. I am sure

this “Dream Ezra” is trying to

get a reaction out of me.

“How does this feel? I can see

your skin likes it.” He says.

I roll my eyes. “It is all in my

head. You are not real.”

“How sure are you about


“Very. My mind is just


“How so?”

“I hate you for what you


and I want to kill you so

much but…”


“I am not so sure I am

capable of such violence. As

much as I want to rip you

apart…will I be able to if you

were really in front of me?”

“Well…I AM right in front of


“No, you are not.”

He smiles. “Let’s test it then.

He lifts the palm of my hand up towards him with one

hand and then holds his

other hand up where a pin needle appears out of thin


“Guess that is proof enough.”

I say.

“Is it?” He asks.

“Yeah, things don’t appear

from nowhere in the real

world. This is a dream.”

“You are correct…” He says as he gets the pin needle close to my finger. “This is a

dream realm…” The needle

touches the tip of my finger and I can feel the pain of the

prick. “…but we are very real.”

He says.

I suddenly wake up and immediately hold my hand up, feeling just a bit of pain. My brows come together in confusion as I inspect the skin on my finger. To my

surprise, there is a tiny dot of


“No…am I going crazy?

How?… This…this can’t be


I look at my finger again. The tiny little prick is pink and it’s not healing.

I suddenly feel fear. I look around my room which is lit by the small lamp on my night table I left on before I fell asleep. The light is dim, just enough to light my bed area but the rest of the room

is dark and covered with


I don’t think I can do this. I

don’t want to sleep without Colt anymore.

I sit up on the side of the bed ready to head out and find

Colt in his room but as I rise

to my feet, a shadow from

the corner of the room

moves. At first, I believed that my eyes were playing

tricks on me when I saw the

silhouette of a man but the

moment it lunged at me, I knew it was not in my head.

My b*dy reacts on its own and I immediately slide

back, hitting the bed and

rolling back over it but

through all this, I can see a man now clearly. An

unknown man and as I roll

through the bed, he stabs the bed with a knife trying to get to me. I hit the ground on

the other side of the bed and

also hit the table, knocking the lamp down.

“SERGE!” I scream.

The man jumps over the bed swinging his knife left to right over and over while I keep clumsily backing up

and stumbling on the floor.

“Stop!” I scream at the man

as I try to look into his eyes,

trying to use my power on

him but it is too dark and I

am too frantic.

My hands touch the cold steel of the lamp and I immediately grab it and swing it at the man, hitting him on the head. It staggers him and gives me enough moment to run past him

towards the open door

where Serge is already

dashing in and taking the

assassin down.

The man screams and I can

hear a bone break when

Serge holds the man’s arm

back while his other hand

holds the assassin’s head down on the ground.

Footsteps echo through the hall as guards flood into my room. Serge immediately

hands the intruder to the

guards and quickly comes to tend to me.

“Are you hurt!?” He asks with


I shake my head. “No-”

“You are!” He declares.

“What?” He wipes my face

and I see blood stain his


I touch my cheek where I

have a cut.


He takes one of the bed

sheets and rips it, then holds the makeshift rag against my


I take it from him and then

he starts to look around the

room. He zones in on the

balcony door. It is open.

I bite my lip cursing inwardly because, despite

Colt’s constant warnings to lock it at night, I left it


While Serge inspects the door, Colt suddenly runs in

and takes me in his arms.

When his b*dy encases me, I stop shaking and I hadn’t

even noticed that I was

shaking until now.

“Are you okay!? Let me see.‘

“I’m…I’m okay…”

A few minutes later, we are gathered in Warrick’s office. Colt was also attacked and I

am sure that the same plan was meant for Warrick but

he was having a meeting

with a few of his men so the

assassin was not lucky

enough to get close.

“Explain yourself!” Warrick shouts at Serge. “How did he get so close to her?! Why the hell do I even have you watching her?!”

“I–I sensed nothing, Alpha.”

I nod. “He is right. There was

no scent or at least I can’t

remember of one.”

The man really smelled like nothing which is strange

because everything has a


Colt nods too. “The only

reason I noticed the assassin

that came for me was

because I was already awake.

I couldn’t sleep.

Otherwise…he probably could have gotten me.”

“Same with me. I don’t think

Serge has any fault here.

How did these assassins even

get inside the pack and walk

through the house without being noticed?” I ask.

Warrick looks at Beck and

Garret who took the

assassins to the dungeons and inspected them.

They both nod. “These men

were covered in an oily

substance that had no smell

at all.” Garret says.

Beck crosses his arms and

also nods. “I can only assume

that it is what was blocking

their scent.”

I stare at Warrick. “Can we

take this assassin threat a bit

more seriously now?”

Warrick looks at Garret

without responding. “Get

everything you can from

them and then end them.”

I hear Colt take in a deep

breath before he speaks.

“These are not real assassins.

They are men from my

pack. I recognize them.”

Warrick stares at him waiting

for more information but

none comes.

“And this matters to me

why?” Warrick asks.

Colt clarifies. “My point

is…they are being ordered to

do this but the one that

attacked me hesitated.

could see that he didn’t want

to do it.”

“And again, why does that

matter to me? They still attempted it.” Warrick says.

“It matters to me because

these are my men. Ordered to do something by their supposed Alpha. It is not

their fault. These men have


“That is all irrelevant to me

and you…” Warrick looks at

me. “You need to train more.
That should not have

happend.” He points to my cheek where there is only a smudge of blood now since

the wound is almost now


I agree with him, I know he is right. Panic is my number one enemy. I need to train more in both my fighting

and my power. I need to

learn to react instead of


“Starting tomorrow you will be training with Victor


“What about training my


“That can wait. You are

having far more trouble than

you should with it so let’s focus on learning how to

defend yourself for now. We

can do a bit of training on the weekends for your power but you need to learn the

basics first and that is

learning how to fight and how to react to danger.”

I nod and don’t argue.

As Warrick continues to

speak, I slowly creep next to Colt who has been standing a bit further away from me

because Oliver is in the


“I am not sleeping by myself tonight.” I whisper to him. “I can’t. I need you.”

His beautiful green eyes always give me butterflies

when he stares at me with

that intense gaze. “I wasn’t planning on leaving you alone.” He says. He doesn’t

smile. Lately, I have noticed that he is bothered by something but he won’t speak of it. I can only assume

it is because of all this

situation but I am not sure.

When we finally head back

to our rooms, I make sure to

follow Colt to his but still

being discreet. I also tell

Serge that I can’t have him

waiting outside of Colt’s

room cause it would be too


The moment we lie on the

bed, Colt wraps me in his arms. We don’t speak a single word. I take his presence in

and that is all I need to make

me drift into deep slumber.

When those glowing white walls meet my sight, that is

when I realize how screwed I

am. With what had
happened, I forgot about Ezra and this place.


Ezra smiles. “Seems you’ve

finally figured it out.”

“This is real!”

He now has a grin. “Yes, my sweet Casseopea. Judging by the fact that you are here

now, my men must have failed. And to be honest, I

am actually quite glad. I

realized how much I want to

savor you first.”

“Let me go! Ezra! Let me go!”

He takes out a knife and presses the tip of it against my neck. Slowly, he slides it down my collarbone.

“You have no power here.”

He says. “Those pretty eyes of yours won’t work here.

Only pain and pleasure

thrive in this place and right

now…I think I’ll choose

pleasure.” His eyes slide down my b*dy and then

with a flick of his hand, the knife cuts the slim strap of my tanktop.

As much as I try to move, I can’t. My b*dy is paralyzed.

All I can move are my mouth and eyes.

His eyes suddenly darken

and a fire burns in them. He

throws the knife across the

room and then putting a knee in between my legs, he

lies over me.

I hate that his eyes remind me of Colt. I hate that they

have the same color.

“How are you doing this?

How is this really


“With…” His voice is

breathless and as he says this

he stares at my lips. “…the help of a friend.”

His lips touch mine. I can

feel it all as if we were really together.

His hand slides up my b*dy

and then he presses them against my breasts.

I unwillingly moan and I hate it. I feel disgusted.

He deepens the k*ss and I

know that all I can do to

defend myself is to bite him

but before I can, he ends the


Leaning a bit back, he slides his hands down and starts to

undo my pants.

Pain and pleasure. That’s

what he said. He said that

pain and pleasure are what

thrive here. And I know! I

know why he said he didn’t

want to use pain now.

Because…that is my way out.

When he pricked me with

that needle before, I immediately woke up.

“You know what it’s sad?” I

ask and it gets his attention

but he doesn’t stop messing with my clothes.

“I am sure you are about to

tell me.”

“I was yours once. You had

me and I could have loved

you…so much.”

I know this affects him

because he stops. He stares at me and stops what he is


“I would have willingly given myself to you if you would have just…given me a chance all those years ago. But look

at us now…look at what you

have resorted to.”

His facial muscles harden

and his jaw clenches.

“You…you should have been mine!” He grabs my shirt with both hands and rips it.

“That will never happen!” I

shout and then do the only thing I can think of. I bite

my tongue as hard as I can.

I lift up from the bed, screaming with the taste of blood in my mouth.

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

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