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Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Chapter 62

Chapter 62

-Colt’s Pov-

“They don’t have her in the

pack.” Beck says.

“Are you sure?!”

“Yes. We immediately set up

surveillance when we

arrived, a few hours after he

attacked us. He returned

yesterday to his pack and was only with his men.

“Yesterday? That is three days after he took her.”

“He must have taken her

somewhere else.”

“But where!?” I punch the


Beck shakes his head. “I do

not know but…he brought more men with him. Many more than what he had


“Ezra. He must have given

her to Ezra and he paid him

for it.” James says.

“We don’t know that for

sure.” Victor says.

“But it makes sense! He said

that Ezra had offered him a

deal.” I say.

“We have been watching

Ezra since before Oliver

betrayed us. There has been

no new activity with him. He might not even know of what has happened.” Says

Garret. “But there is a

possibility that you are right. However, they could have her somewhere else and not

in the pack itself.”

“Keep an extra watch on Ezra

and Oliver but now I want

you to focus on what is at

hand. We attack the river

packs tonight.” Victor says.

There is nothing that I can

do now. I feel so useless. She

needs me and here I am

unable to help her. If I had

marked her, I might have

had a chance to find her, to

sense her. But no, we had to

play these fucking games!

“So we are coordinating two

attacks at the same time?”

Archie–the beta —says.

Victor nods. “Yes. We have

enough men to do this and easily overpower them.”

“But this leaves our own pack

defenseless.” Old man

Rodrick says.

Garret nods. “I know. It is a

risk but one they do not expect. If we take one pack first, then the other pack will

be alerted. Ezra will use this

to his advantage, having that pack join him. If we take

them both out, it will be a huge blow to Ezra’s alliance.”

Victor nods. “Alright. I trust you.” He looks at me. “Will you be joining us? We need

everyone we can get.”

I close my eyes and nod. “I


All I really want to do is

focus on finding Cass but I

don’t know where to even

start. Is she even alive?

I shake my head and will myself not to think that.

Honestly, if it was left to me,

I would attack Oliver first but

then we would be opened to

the river pack’s attack who

are much closer to us and

have attacked before. So I

guess that this is the best course of action.

When the meeting is over, I go to the parlor where I indulge myself with a drink.

I feel a gentle hand on my

shoulder. Startled–I did not

sense anyone walking in–I turn around.

“Hey.” Julia says.

I look at her with confusion.

“I thought you were going to be taken away?” I ask her.

“Well with the pack being under attack, they let me

stay. So now we are at war

with Alpha Oliver too?”

“Yeah. I am pretty sure that man is crazy. What he did to

us did not come from a sane


“What if all the packs

suddenly turn against us?”

She asks.

“That would be problematic.”

“Maybe then I’ll get to stay.”

I look at her trying to see what are her intention to say


“I really don’t want to go, Colt.”

“You should have thought about that before you did

what you did.”

“What do you expect? I


“STOP! You stop right there!

I don’t want you and I never will! Get that through your

damn head!”

She looks surprised and distraught. “Why are you saying this?”

“Because I was too nice

before! And I am tired of the

way you are acting. Grow up! You are not a child and you can’t have everything you

want just because you want

it! I am not and will never be


“You don’t have to be so

cruel!” She gets up and runs

out crying.

“Yes, I do. Maybe you’ll get it

through your head now.” I


I am pissed and maybe I

took it out on her but it

needed to be said.

“I’d say you handled that pretty well.” Dash says

walking in. “She’s a crazy one too. Do you think there is something in the water?”

I have no desire to engage in

conversation at the moment.

I just turn around and ignore


He sits next to me also

drinking and stays quiet. My

sister and brother now walk

Bryn stomps towards me with the sign–up that reads. “If Cass doesn’t come back, will I stay like this forever?!”

“It depends. As long as she is…alive…” My eyes widen. “If you can’t talk, it means that

she is still alive!”

I have to confirm this so I

leave them, rush upstairs,

and barge into Alpha

Warrick’s room.

“Colt! What are you doing?!”

Lotus shouts at me having

startled her.

“I am sorry but I need to know something.”

Warrick opens his eyes. The

bastard is still alive and

doesn’t seem to want to die.

It has been three days since

the Doctor said that he

might not survive the night but here he is. Though I

have to admit, he is not

looking any better.

“If Cass…if she was dead,

would that mean that

anyone who was under her

power would be released

from that control?”

“You…want to know that if I die, you would all be released from my power?”

“Yes, but it’s not about you.

I… I need to know if she is

alive. I need to know that

Cass is alive…please…”

He stares at me for a

moment and then nods. “If I were to die, you would all be released of my control and power. So it is the same for


Hope rises inside of me. She

is alive and as long as my

sister can’t talk–as bad as it

sounds- I know she will be


I give Warrick a nod. “Thank you. She is still alive.”

“Good. Get her back.” He says and then closes his eyes again.

“You got what you need now

let him rest.” Lotus waves me


Feeling just a bit better, I walk out and get ready for tonight.

Just wait my love. Once we

are done with this, we’ll go

after Oliver and find out

what he has done with you.

Night comes and the battle

starts. We attacked and they

were not expecting us this

night but they were still prepared.

“Put him down!” I shout.

The men around me fight to

get to an enemy who wields a fucking Gatling gun. Yes, a fucking Gatling gun! He already put a few of my men

down but now he has to


“Get to him before he


I slash at an enemy who tries

to come at me, getting him right in the throat. When the man falls, my eyes go back to my men who run as fast as they can and as the man

finishes and is about to start

his assault, they swarm him like rabid dogs and rip him


This damn pack is small but they have a few things that help them against us like that gun. They had two of those

but Garret’s men already

took out the one on the

other side of the field. Soon

after that, Garret and his

men disappeared inside the

enemy’s pack house.

“Lend me a hand here

mother fucker!” Beck shouts

in my direction.

I grin as I punch a man, taking him to his knees. “You can’t handle it?” I yell Back.

He is far away but I can hear

him perfectly.

“My men were the front line!

Half of them are gone,

asshole!” Beck breaks a man’s

n*ck and goes to the next


“You’ll be fine! Retreat and

hold the back line. I’ll handle

the rest here!”

He gives me a nod and he

and what is left of his men

fall back.

Most of our men are shifted

but Generals stay in human

form to be able to give

orders unless there is no

reason to.

Within a few minutes, Garret comes out of the pack house

dragging the Alpha’s b*dy

with him. He throws the

b*dy at the ground and gives a growl that gets everyone’s


“Your Alpha is dead! You belong to the Dark Fand

Pack now! Submit!”

The enemy—taken by surprise–look at each other

and then immediately some

start to kneel. But not all of

them do.

“Submit, or die. It is that

simple!” Garret announces.

And with that, the rest


With this win, it means the

Dark Fang territory has expanded because it is right

next to our own territory.

Unfortunately, this is not a good thing. Many will take this to be a dangerous move

and not to mention that

Victor is attacking the pack that is right next to this one right now so that is twice the territory gain in just one night.

Thia was a win and just how Garret predicted. This is why

he is the main practitioner. He is good.

It takes us all day the next day to get our affairs in order

and head back to the main

pack house to have a

meeting. This time, Garret puts a different plan in

motion. We need these men

to be loyal to us but we can’t

take them with us because it

is a whole two packs. We don’t have the space for them. And if we left them

with their word only, they

could go back to Ezra for

help. Usually what would

happen is that Warrick

would command them to be

loyal but we can’t do that at

the moment. So Garret

thought it would be a good idea, to take two family members from every family

in the packs and take them to our pack as an incentive. If they step out of line, their family members will be

killed. It sounds bad but I

understand how well this will

work. They took mostly

women and children. If I was

seeing all of this from the

outside, I would definitely

consider us to be the bad

guys. He did tell them that

once this war is over and

they have done their part,

their family members will be given back.

Now back at the pack, I wait as Victor and Garret report what happened in each battle and I have to say, I do

not feel very patient but I

have no choice, I wait. When finally they are done and

now start talking about our

next move, that is when I

chime in.

“Oliver is next, right?”

Victor looks at me and then

nods. “Yes. Alpha Oliver is next. He is going to pay for

what he did and then…then

we’ll get our Alpha back.”

Our Alpha…my Angel. We

are coming for you next.

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

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