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Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Chapter 72

Chapter 72

“You…are glad that I am okay?” He asks and I immediately nod.

“Yes. I am.”

Warrick stares at me. I can

tell that he does not know

what to say or do to the

display of my affection towards him.

He has done terrible things but…he was just a broken

man all this time. Of course

that does not excuse his

actions. But I do feel

sympathy for him.

“Did you know…you were a

miracle child?” He asks.

“I was a what?”

“A miracle child. That’s what

I used to call you.”


He stares at me for a few

seconds and I can tell that he

is debating something in his


“You…you were born sick. No, not sick. I…I don’t know

how to explain it.”

“Maybe we should leave this

for later.” Lotus interrupts.

“Why?” Warrick asks.

“Yeah, why? I want to hear


Lotus doesn’t respond. She looks away and almost looks


Thankfully, Warrick

continues. “You, well…you were born with your wolf


I am confused.

“What do you mean? Don’t

we all have the soul of a wolf

inside of us?”

“Well yes, but they don’t

come forth until we come of

age. Eighteen for all of us

and there is a reason for that.

It is what was happening

with you. When you were born, you had your wolf already. Your little b*dy could not handle the power and it would try to change. I remember seeing claws on your little fingertips and patches of fur on your skin. That is an image that always stayed with me.”

“H–how…how is that


“It has never been heard of.”

He says. “You were given

only days to live. Your

mother was devastated…we

both were.”

“How…what happened? How

did I survive?”

“They were wrong. The doctors were wrong. On the fourth day when I came to see you and your mother, you were perfect. No signs of your wolf. It was as if it was

never there.”

“Just like that?”

He nods. “My miracle child. I

always thought that the goddess herself blessed you.

You did not have that

birthmark on your chest

when you were born but you did that day. As if it was a

sign that she had touched

you, blessed you.”


He nods as he closes his eyes, readying himself to rest.


I can see him dosing off but I have so many questions.

“But how? How did I

suddenly live?”

I can see his breathing has deepened.

“You…were my pride and joy.” He mutters.

I look at Lotus who stares at

me with a weary expression.

“I have never seen him as

happy as he was the day you were born.” She says.

I stare at her inquisitively.

“You know something, don’t


She continues to stare at me

but keeps quiet.

It suddenly clicks in my

head. “Honora…”

When I mutter the witch’s

name, that is when Lotus

looks away.

“It was her! She helped my

mother. She…she saved me.”

Lotus stays quiet and that

confirms it.

“Tell me what happened.


She looks at Warrick and

with a sigh, she tilts her

head, motioning for me to

follow her out.

We leave Father with guards

and head to the sunroom

where tea is prepared for us.

“Yes…” She starts. “I found

Honora for your mother.

Your mother was devastated and she was prepared to do

anything to save you. Even if

it meant using magic. Your

father never liked the idea of

witches so we kept it secret

from him.”

“What did Honora do to save


“I don’t know. The ritual or spell only allowed Honora and your mother with you to be present. I waited outside

of the room.”

“Wait, so she did not help

you to conceive Victor as you


“No. I…lied. I’m sorry.”

That doesn’t really bother

“This means that…maybe she

does know what is

happening with my powers. Maybe it is even because of the spell or whatever she did to me as a child that my powers do not function properly.”

“Are you going back to her?”

She asks.

“Yes. I have to. I need to find

out more.”

She looks a bit worried.

“What is wrong?”

“It’s just… I never really liked us relying on a witch’s magic. It is not natural and though

Honora might be good, magic is unpredictable.”

“That did not stop you from helping my mother.”

“I know but…when your mother left, she was…crazed.

She had a crazed look on

her. I did not understand

why she was so… frazzled

and I still don’t. At first, I

thought that Warrick had done something to her. But when she disappeared, he

was shocked and confused.”

“So you don’t think that it

was because of him that she


“I…I don’t know anymore.

She was muttering things,

weird things.”

Maybe my mother had

another reason to leave.

Lotus continues. “When we

were with Honora that day at her shop…a memory of

something your mother said

suddenly stood out to me.

“Never trust a witch” That is

something she said and

maybe she was right.”

I nod. “I get that we should

be careful. But I do need to

talk to Honora again.”

She nods. “Okay. I

understand. But I am

coming with you when you do. Azalea… Casseopea, you don’t remember but you were also like a daughter to me. I used to watch you all the time and you and Victor were close. Being almost the

same age, you two used to

play together all the time. So I am coming with you. For Dahlia, I will be there for you just as she would be if she was here herself.”

I can’t help the big smile that creeps on my face. I give her a hug, a much–needed hug.

It almost feels as if I am

hugging my own mother.

“Thank you.”

I am happy. This makes me happy. That I got to meet all these people…my family.

“I will have a talk with

Honora and set up a time to

meet with her. Now…you

need to start your Alpha duties soon. Take today to

rest. I am sure that tomorrow

my boy can help you adjust

to it all.”

I nod and do as she says. The first thing I want to do is to

check up on James.

I knock on his door and

open it since I am sure he is

not going to answer. He

stands near the window

looking out.


This time he actually looks

back at me.


I nod and walk in.

He looks back out. “It is a

beautiful day out.” He says.

“Yes, it is. Why don’t you go

for a stroll?”

I don’t think he even knew I

was gone.

He stays quiet for a moment and then responds.

“Everything reminds me of


I sit on the bed quietly trying

not to force conversation.

We stay quiet for a few

minutes and he doesn’t seem

like he is going to talk


“Did you eat?” I ask him.

“Yes. You ask me the same

thing every time.”

“I know. Just want to know that you are still taking care of yourself.”

“I should be taking care of you. That is what she would

have wanted. But here I am,

a broken man who can’t help



“I’ll be fine.” He says.


“I’ll be fine.” He repeats.

With a big sigh, I nod. “Okay. Try to get some fresh air.”

I get up and let him be.

I stop in front of the man that guards his door.

“How is he really doing?” I

ask him.

“He…he has moments of

outbursts where he starts

screaming. Sometimes in anger…sometimes in

sadness. But, it is


the man looks sympathetic. I

am sure he has a mate and

can’t imagine losing her like James lost Lauren.

I nod. “Okay.”

I make my way down the stairs. The front doors always tend to be opened during the day so I stop when I see Kanda standing outside. I

walk up to her and see her staring at Victor and Garret

who talk in the distance.

“What you doing?” I ask her.

“Mh…watching those two

hunk of men.”

“WHAAAAT?” I am stupid.

The way that caught me off

guard makes me sound dumb.

“I didn’t know men in your

pack would be so


“Th–those are my brothers.

“Hmh…interesting.” She says.

“I would love to take one of

them for a ride.”

My eyes almost bulge out of

my eye sockets. I feel

stupified in place. I turn to

make an attempt to leave her

in her silence and her

moaning and muttering but turn back to her again. I open my mouth to say something and immediately

close it because I don’t think

I want to know anymore.

I head back to my room where I find Colt sitting on

an armchair looking at the

iron mask in his hands.

“What are you doing?”

He looks at me and then

back at the mask. “I…I hate

that someone hurt you like this. I can’t get it out of my


I walk to him and take the

mask from his hand. I throw

it on the floor and sit on his


“Look at me. I am fine,


“Are you?”

“Yes.” I caress his cheek.

He sucks in a deep breath

and then lets it go.

Seeing him so unnerved gives me the urge to tell him. I want to put his hand on my belly and tell him that we are going to be parents. That he is going to be a dad.

He smiles. “How did it go with your dad?”

That spell is broken now that I remember everything that

was revealed to me.

“You are not going to believe what I just learned.”

“What?” He asks and I laugh. He looks like he is ready to hear some good juicy gossip.

“Well mister Beaufort, I

never knew you were so into

gossip and drama.”

He laughs. “I am only just a

little bit into it. As long as it

doesn’t involve me.”

“Well, aren’t you involved

fifty percent of the time?”

He laughs. “And you are the other fifty percent.”

“Not by choice. Anyway, first

of all, Kanda seems to have a

crush on my brothers.”

“Kanda, that woman you

came with?”


“Mh. I’m glad you had her in that place. I’m glad she helped you.”

I nod. “If it wasn’t for her, we wouldn’t have gotten out of

that place.”

“And that is all the gossip you

wanted to tell me about?”

“Oh no. There is more. So…‘

I tell him what my father

and Lotus told me.

“But… that–how is it possible? How can a newborn be born

with a wolf’s soul?”

“I don’t know. But I know

that Honora must have some

answers. I need to see her.”

He nods. “Okay. We’ll go see her. This is all…so crazy. And I agree with Lotus. We

should be careful with this

whole magic thing.”

“Yeah, I know.”

I slide my fingers up his

chest. You know…we have the

rest of the day to rest…or

have some fun.”

“Mh…I like that.”

“I know you do.” I give him a


He k*sses me back but then

softly pushes me away.

“Yeah, get on your knees.”

Uh! I love it when he tells me

what to do.

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

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