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Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Chapter 77

Chapter 77

“I am ready.” Honora says.

“We have not discussed

payment yet.” Lotus says.

“As I have previously stated, the mother…” She points at

me. “her mother has already paid enough to cover all of
this. We had a deal she and I.

That is all I need. Now

please, come.”

She leads us to the room

behind the store.

“Lie here just like I told you.”

I take my shirt off and stay with just my braw as she told me to do before. Colt helps me up the table and I lie on it as Honora tells me to do.

Poppy is here with us too.

With all of them here I feel


“Can I ask you something?” I

ask Honora as I lie there.

“If…ever I were to…have a

child, would it be possible

that this child could be born

the same way I was?”

“Very possible. In fact, it

would be a really high

chance that one of your

future children could be

born just as you were.”

Great, more to worry about.

“That can be talked about

whenever the time comes, right now all you have to do

is relax. Let’s focus on this

matter and let me do all the


She puts some sort of oil on

her hand and rubs it all over

her fingers. She then closes her eyes as if she is concentrating and then moves her hands over my

b*dy as if she is rubbing

them on me but she is not

touching me at all, they just

hover over me.

“Mh…you have several blockages. Here…” Her hand hovers over my abdomen

and then moves up to my chest. “Here, and here.” She

finishes, hovering above my


She grabs her mortar, moves the pestle away, and dabs her fingers in it. She grabs a

mixture of herbs and oils she

mixed and ground together

just before we started and then places a small amount

on my abdomen and rubs it

all over my skin on the area.

It is cool, like those lotions I

use for aching muscles.

She keeps her eyes closed

and starts chanting. It is strange to hear. They are

words I can’t understand. As

she does this, I start to feel

like I am going to be sick. I want to throw up but nothing really comes up.

She continues chanting as

she rubs the oil for a few

more minutes.

“How are you feeling?” Colt

whispers in my ear.

“I’m okay.”

Honora finally moves to my chest. She takes more of the

concoction she made and

rubs it on my chest area. Over the ribcage, sternum

and clavicle area. As she

rubs, she chants again. I start feeling burning inside. As if it was acid reflux.

“Is this normal?” I ask her.

“What I am feeling…”

For a second, she pauses

from the chanting to

respond “Yes” and then


After she is done, she moves

to my head. She rubs the gritty oil on my forehead

and starts chanting again.

Now I feel like I am getting a migraine.

“Uh…” I moan. feeling the

pain. Once she is done, she

hands me a small flask.

“Drink this.”

For a moment I hesitate but

then do as she tells me.

“The blocked nodes have

been unblocked. Now you

need to rest.”

“It all hurts.” I complain.

She nods. “I know and it is

going to get worse before it gets better. You need rest.”

“Okay, so that is it?” Colt asks, helping me up.

“Yes. If anything comes up, I am just a call away. I will also come to check up on you


“How will we know that it

worked?” Poppy asks.

“Once she is feeling better, she can give her power a try.”

“Just like that?”

“Yes. Trust me. I am good at

what I do.” She says.

“Thank you.” Lotus says helping Colt lead me out.

We ride back home and I

can’t help but doze off in the

middle of the drive even

though I am in pain.

“…Don’t worry

sweetheart…mommy won’t

let anyone hurt you…” A woman’s voice echoes in my

head but I can’t hear

everything she says. “…will never get you…” The voice is soothing and seems familiar. When the voice is gone, all I

feel is cold as if I was in the

middle of a freezing blizzard

but all I see is darkness. I feel

a sense of anguish as that voice echoes away.

Then I suddenly open my

eyes. It is bright. I have to

close my eyes as the light

stings. When I open them

again, the light is less bright

and now I can see.

I am in a room with

creme–colored walls.

I have seen this room before.

I lift my head to see Colt sitting on a chair next to the

bed I lie on.

The pack infirmary.

“When did we get here.” I say

but it is hard to talk.

He looks up at me with


“Cass!” He holds my hand

and a welcoming warmth

travels through it.

“What happened? Why am I here?”

“You had a seizure in the car.”

“I what?”

“You were uncontrollably

shaking and then when you

got here, you had a fever.”

The doctor walks in. “How

are you feeling?”


“No pain?”

I shake my head. “No.”

“Good. Now I told you not to

exert yourself in your


My eyes widen. I

immediately look at Colt

who now looks pissed, he lets go of my hand and looks


He knows.

I sigh. “You know.‘

“Yeah.” He says, sounding


I narrow my eyes at the


“We had to give you a

medication that could harm

the fetus. So we had to ask

for his permission and in doing so, we had to tell him the truth. The good news is

that the fetus is unharmed.

Growing strong every day.”

That’s good news but… shit!

“I know you are the Alpha,‘

the doctor says. “…and I know that you have many responsibilities but I am

going to ask you to please refrain yourself from doing anything that will harm you

or the baby.”

I look down and nod.

“I’ll send our nurse with

some medication to help you sleep later. I am keeping you here until tomorrow to make sure that everything is

okay.” He walks out leaving me with an angry–looking



“Explain to me why. Why didn’t you tell me?” He asks.


“I… didn’t want to be worried


“What? What does that even


“You- I knew that if you

found out, you’d be

overprotective and I mean

way over the top.”

“Of course, I’d be

overprotective! You are the love of my life and that is my

child!” He raises his voice but

he does not yell at me. I can

see his frustration. “How

long were you going to wait to tell me?”

I don’t know how to answer


“I am sorry.” That is all I can


He looks away.


“I am staying here with you

but I do not want to talk

anymore right now.”


“Cass! I need my space to

think. But I don’t want to

leave you alone here. So

please, give me some


“O–okay.” I say in a small


I feel guilty. I know what I did was wrong. I should have told him. He had a right to

know. He should not have

found out like this.

Honora suddenly walks in

and I am surprised to see


“You are here?!”

She smiles. “Yes. Lotus called

me immediately after


left and told me what

happened. No one I have ever treated like I did you has had a reaction like yours.

I can only assume it is because of the child that you

carry which leads me to

believe that he or she will be

born with powers such as

yours. Once the cat was out of the bag for you, Lotus, and your mate…” She motions to Colt. “…thought

that it would be better if I

stayed close for a while.”

It scares me to think that my

baby will be born just as

was. I would not have

survived if not for Honora so

I do feel much better that

she is here.

“Thank you.” I tell her.

“No need to thank me, I am here for anything you need.”

I am fussed over by everyone during the remanding of the day. My brothers, Lotus, Poppy, Kanda, Dash, everyone. My father would have come to

see me too if not because he

can’t walk or be moved.

Lotus says that he has been asking about me non–stop

and she said that she had

never seen such happiness

on his face when she told

him about my pregnancy.

I am happy that this child is wanted by so many people.

He or she will never feel


When night comes, Colt moves one of the other beds

next to mine and links them

together, then lies next to


“Unless you need help with

something, I am not talking

to you about our situation

just yet.” He says, calmly.

I sigh. “Can I have some


“Yes.” He gets up and fetches me a cup of water.

After I drink it, we lie next to each other and get some sleep. The next day, the

doctor says I am all good to go. Of course, he leaves me with instructions on things I

should and shouldn’t do.

I head back to my room where I get a good shower and get ready for the day but

Colt watches me as if he is

just yet.” He says, calmly.

I sigh. “Can I have some


“Yes.” He gets up and fetches me a cup of water.

After I drink it, we lie next to each other and get some sleep. The next day, the

doctor says I am all good to go. Of course, he leaves me with instructions on things I

should and shouldn’t do.

I head back to my room where I get a good shower and get ready for the day but

Colt watches me as if he is

waiting to see what I am

going to do.

“Let me guess. You don’t

want me to go train.”

“What did the doctor say?”

He asks but he was there, he

knows exactly what the

doctor said.

I sigh. “Not a good idea.”

Colt–looking satisfied—doesn’t say

anything else.

With another heavy sigh, I go to the dining room to eat

breakfast. We eat in silence

and because of this, the

people here sound louder

than usual.

After breakfast, we start to

head to the war room but I

can’t take this silent

treatment from Colt.

“Are you never going to talk

to me again?”

“What do you mean? Isn’t

this what you wanted?”

“What?! Why would you say that?”

“I am not fussing over you, right? That’s what you


“I told you I was sorry.”

“That doesn’t take away the

hurt that I felt when I found

out from someone else that

you were pregnant and then

in the worst situation ever.”

I look down feeling


“I love you, Cass. And I am beyond happy knowing that we are going to be parents. But I am also hurt right now. I thought you trusted me. Would I have tried to stop you from doing something that I think would cause you

and the baby harm? I would

definitely try to talk you out of it. But I would always

respect your decision in the


Looking down, I nod.

He puts a finger under my chin and makes me look up

at him.

“I love you Cass but I am not happy and I am hurt and I

am not sure that I will be happy again in a long

while…but… I am here, I will always be here.”

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

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