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Second Marriage to Mr. Rich Chapter 100

Gregory sincerely thought Ned was just a scumbag who had abandoned his wife.

At first, he refused to read the messages Ned sent him. However, he couldn’t help himself.

Ned’s message was simply to ask him to take care of Angeline. He inquired about Angeline’s current condition and if she had aborted the child. “What’s wrong with him?”

Instead of replying to the message, Gregory locked his phone and tucked it into his pocket.

Gregory harbored a deep sense of dissatisfaction towards his cousin’s character, whom he hadn’t encountered in the past 20 years.

He felt disbelief at the thought of Ned forcing his wife he had just divorced to abort the child.

Angeline received a call from Sean in the afternoon.

“Are you returning home for lunch, or should the housekeeper bring it to the laboratory?”

Although posed as a question, Sean’s voice did not leave room for any objections.

Angeline could hear the sound of documents being flipped through from Sean’s side. She didn’t expect him to take time out of his busy schedule to remind her to eat.

“I’ll have it at the apartment,” she replied.

She did not doubt that Sean would ask the housekeeper to send it over to the laboratory if she refused him.

Removing her lab coat, she greeted Marion before walking toward the apartment.

By the time she arrived, the housekeeper had already left. The dishes on the table looked appetizing. However, she didn’t feel like eating.

Sean had come out of the bathroom after washing his hands just as she was puzzled by the two sets of utensils on the table.

Sean seemed to have come straight from the company. His vest and tie were immaculate.

Bending down, he casually placed his cufflinks at the corner of the table.

“You’re back. Let’s eat,” he said.

Loosening his tie, he unbuttoned two buttons from his vest and walked toward the dining table. As he served Angeline some soup, he gestured for he to sit on his left.

Seeing that, Angeline sat down. She watched as he placed the bowl of soup in front of her with his slender hands.

“Thank you,” she said.

Perhaps it was because she was pregnant, but Sean had paid extra care to her during the meal.

The refined and intellectual man before her would refill her bowl whenever it was almost empty. The dishes prepared were all the food that she enjoyed.

He was attentive to a fault.


Sean placed his left hand on the back of Angeline’s chair. She could faintly smell the refreshing scent of Sean’s shower gel due to the intimate distance.

The close distance left her feeling somewhat uneasy.

“You don’t need to take care of me. I can do it on my own,” she said. “Alright.”

He indulged her just like he always did.

Sean elegantly put down his fork when Angeline had her fill.

Wiping the corner of his lips with a napkin, he asked, “Have you made up your mind? Do you want to get our marriage certificate today?”

Angeline frowned. She had

repeatedly broken her promise to

Mr. Lawson Senior. Not only had she accepted Sean’s help and kissed him, but she had once again met up with him.

“You still haven’t decided?” he asked.

Angeline could feel his gaze on her. Clenching her fists, she was inexplicably flustered.

“It’s alright. Looks like I was in too much of a hurry.”

Although his voice remained calm, it also held a trace of gentleness in it.

“There’s still some time left.”

By that, Angeline understood he was referring to the time before James went abroad.

Giving birth here was not an option if

she decided to keep the child.

best choice would be for her to

follow James abroad as anse

to stay overseas.

She would return once she safely delivered their child.

Second Marriage to Mr. Rich Novel by Jean Summer

Second Marriage to Mr. Rich Novel by Jean Summer

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
Second Marriage to Mr. Rich Everyone knew that Oceanford’s most infamous rich kid, Ned Fletcher, was madly in love with his genius childhood sweetheart, Angeline Emmerson.But after an accident, Angeline falls into a coma, and Ned loses his memories. Two years later, Angeline wakes up from her coma. At this point, Ned already has another lover. For the sake of his new lover, he forces Angeline to agree to a divorce. Angeline leaves after being thoroughly disappointed.Five years later, Angeline is about to marry someone else when Ned shows up at her door.”I remember everything now, Angeline. You can’t marry someone else!”An adorable child says, “Mommy, don’t talk to the bad guy. Daddy will get jealous!”After that, the child reaches for Sean Lawson, who has just gotten out of his car. “Carry me, Daddy!”


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