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Second Marriage to Mr. Rich Chapter 27

Chapter 27

“I can still find my way around the hotel.” Angeline made to break free of Tommy’s grip.

“Let’s not be so polite with each other, Ms. Emmerson!” Tommy was almost holding Angeline hostage as he dragged her out of the room and toward the elevator.

As the drug’s effects took over, Angeline’s mind grew murkler. Her strength was also leaving her. She struggled but failed to get away from Tommy. “Let me go!”

At the elevators, some people glanced in Tommy and Angeline’s direction. Tommy wrapped an arm around her and pretended to give her a doting look as he said, “I told you you couldn’t hold your liquor, but you insisted. C’mon, settle down. I’ll take you back to the room so you can get some rest!”

Then, he smiled apologetically at the other people. He pressed the call button for the elevator, leaning close to Angeline’s ear to whisper, “Ned’s final wish is for someone to take you home. What, are you gonna go back on

your word?”

Angeline’s gaze was already unfocused, but she could still see Tommy had pressed the button for the elevator

to head upstairs, not down. And Zachary hadn’t shown up

If Ned and Tommy could drug her, there was no saying they couldn’t do the same to Zachary. She guessed

that Zachary had also been drugged and locked in a hotel room upstairs.

Since this was Ned’s final wish, she could do as he wanted. But why did it have to be Zachary?

“C’mon, be good. Stop kicking up a fuss! You’re drunk; you need to head back to your room to get some rest, okay?” Tommy half–led, half–dragged Angeline into the elevator and pressed the button for the 57th floor.

Angeline, who couldn’t even stand upright anymore, clenched a fist around the key card in her pocket. She’d reserved a hotel room for herself just in case, and it happened to also be on the 57th floor.

“You still owe me a wish. This is my final one–allow someone to take you home.”

Ned’s words reverberated in her mind. She clutched the key card so tightly that it felt like she was holding a

cactus–it stabbed at her.

Her will to resist slowly started crumbling from within. This was the final wish she owed Ned. She didn’t know whether she was hallucinating, but the self–destructive thoughts she’d had in the past were taking over her

mind again.

Dazedly, she felt like she saw Sean walk past the elevator. The sight of him woke her up a little. She could die in any way possible, but she couldn’t allow anyone to leave photos and evidence of her to shame the Lawson family.

Angeline’s voice trembled with the amount of control she was exerting. “You and Ned forced me to come here and drugged me. Now, you’re making me go to the 57th floor. Is it because Zachary’s in a room there? Have

you installed cameras in the room?”

Tommy held her flush against his body. He sniffed her sweet–smelling hair like the freak he was. His Adam’s

studying at Oceanford High School. I’ve long since wanted to have a taste of you, Angeline.

“Don’t worry about what’s gonna happen. Tonight, I’ll show you what it feels like to go to heaven!”

Angeline pushed him away and leaned against the elevator’s walls. But she slumped to the floor because she was out of strength. “F**k off!”

The drug’s effects washed over her again. She curled into a ball and bit her lip hard as she groaned. If she were with Zachary, she had faith that she could protect herself before the ambulance arrived. In fact, she could probably even escape. But if she were with Tommy.

She had to think of something!

Since Angeline’s room was also on the 57th floor, she had to make her way to room 5716 as quickly as possible.

As the elevator continued ascending, Tommy pulled Angeline to her feet and wrapped his arms around her tightly. He caressed her face and whispered into her ear, “It’s not a crime to want to pleasure you. Don’t worry; I’ll record every second of it so you can see just how much pleasure I’m giving you.”

Second Marriage to Mr. Rich Novel by Jean Summer

Second Marriage to Mr. Rich Novel by Jean Summer

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
Second Marriage to Mr. Rich Everyone knew that Oceanford’s most infamous rich kid, Ned Fletcher, was madly in love with his genius childhood sweetheart, Angeline Emmerson.But after an accident, Angeline falls into a coma, and Ned loses his memories. Two years later, Angeline wakes up from her coma. At this point, Ned already has another lover. For the sake of his new lover, he forces Angeline to agree to a divorce. Angeline leaves after being thoroughly disappointed.Five years later, Angeline is about to marry someone else when Ned shows up at her door.”I remember everything now, Angeline. You can’t marry someone else!”An adorable child says, “Mommy, don’t talk to the bad guy. Daddy will get jealous!”After that, the child reaches for Sean Lawson, who has just gotten out of his car. “Carry me, Daddy!”


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