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Second Marriage to Mr. Rich Chapter 65

Chapter 65

Before the show, the Emmersons had discussed the plan. During the program, they had to reveal Angeline’s name and school and spread blue rumors about her to disgrace her in front of everyone.

Their intended result was that Angeline would be forced to leave Oceanford and obediently return to Emmerson Village with them. Destroying a girl’s reputation was as simple as

spreading scandalous gossip.

The gossipmonger only needed a single sentence to spread the rumor. However, the victim might invest all their time and energy to prove their innocence, to no avail.

Even if the truth came to light, people would quickly move on with a simple apology from the gossipmonger. Moreover, Ned spread the photos of Angeline.

Juliet sat on the ground, slapping her thigh and wailing.

“Jodie was such a good girl when she left. What has she become? She used to be a good student at Oceanford College, but now she’s nothing but a cheap plaything!

“She was fooling around with men in the school, and her photos were plastered everywhere. When we went to Oceanford College to look for her, we heard that Angeline had slept with every man there.

“Shame on you! Our family’s reputation has been ru someone from our family be so disgraceful?”

d! My life is a joke! How could

“You… How could a grandmother use such insults against her granddaughter? You have no shame!”

Anne’s face turned pale with anger.

“Bitch! I’ll kill you!”

George’s eyes widened with anger as he stomped on the coffee table, about to charge at Angeline. The quick–thinking security staff immediately subdued him.

Sensing trouble brewing, the sharp–eyed Benjamin immediately knelt before Angeline.

“Angeline! Mom is gone. Please let me see Grandpa! Mom was his only daughter. She is gone now… We’re siblings, and we should take care of Grandpa for Mom! I promise I won’t bring up your issues at college in front of Grandpa!”


The stage was chaotic as the camera panned back to the silent audience,

Angeline took the microphone from Ian, maintaining her composure amidst the chaos,

Marion could not help but feel her heart ache to see Angeline on the show with a bandaged wound on her head. She turned to look at Angeline.

“Angie, you actually went on the show?”

Marion thought Angeline was such a brave girl.

Her heart ached thinking about the attacks Angeline received online this whole time. She appeared on the show, knowing that people would talk about her nudes afterward.

Angeline smiled at Marion to comfort her.

“I had to.”

After the recording provided by Angeline was played, numerous trending hashtags were sparked online. They were such as #shewantsassetsnothermother and # rumorsthatshewasforcedtomarryacripple.

The rating of The Family Search was soaring. It exploded after the recording was played, and the host, Ian, invited Angeline onto the stage.

On the television, Angeline bowed to the audience in the studio.

Then, she tightened her grip on the microphone recounted by the Emmersons earlier from backstage.

aid softly, “I heard the entire story

“Juliet claimed she treated her so–called daughter–in–law, whom they bought for 30 thousand dollars, very well. She was the person feeding my birth mother when she was

unwell. 1

“However, she didn’t mention that my birth mother was unwell because… because George nearly beat her to death, and she couldn’t eat by herself.”

Benjamin exclaimed feelingly, “Nonsense! Mom never did any chores at home, and Dad never laid a finger on her! Angeline, you can’t accuse Dad like that without any conscience!”

Second Marriage to Mr. Rich Novel by Jean Summer

Second Marriage to Mr. Rich Novel by Jean Summer

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
Second Marriage to Mr. Rich Everyone knew that Oceanford’s most infamous rich kid, Ned Fletcher, was madly in love with his genius childhood sweetheart, Angeline Emmerson.But after an accident, Angeline falls into a coma, and Ned loses his memories. Two years later, Angeline wakes up from her coma. At this point, Ned already has another lover. For the sake of his new lover, he forces Angeline to agree to a divorce. Angeline leaves after being thoroughly disappointed.Five years later, Angeline is about to marry someone else when Ned shows up at her door.”I remember everything now, Angeline. You can’t marry someone else!”An adorable child says, “Mommy, don’t talk to the bad guy. Daddy will get jealous!”After that, the child reaches for Sean Lawson, who has just gotten out of his car. “Carry me, Daddy!”


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