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Second Marriage to Mr. Rich Chapter 83

Chapter 83

“Alright, got it!” Marion replied, setting down the data in her hands.

She went up to the translucent glass and tapped on it.

Angeline accurately dripped the reagent and called Gregory over to monitor it. Marion grabbed her by the arm once she exited the lab.

“Angie, a video was circulated at Cloudsville High School. Henrietta might not be able to handle it, so she disappeared. But apparently, she’s not out of the school yet–Angie!”

Before Marion could finish, Angeline immediately dashed out. She didn’t even bother to remove her lab coat.

“Alva! Go check on her!” Marion yelled at Alva, who had just entered, as she took off her coat


Angeline’s mind went blank. Did the video reach Cloudsville High School? Were Henrietta’s classmates picking on her right now?

She called Henrietta as she rushed over to Cloudsville High School. However, it went straight

to voicemail.

As she ran at full speed, the wind rushed past her, and her racing heartbeat echoed loudly in

her ears.

Henrietta sat on the rooftop, her hands clasped over her ears firmly. Her bloodshot eyes were

filled with horror.

The images of her being bullied in the video replayed incessantly in her mind. She was bawling her eyes out, yet not a sound escaped her lips.

The bullying in school had begun long before, but she never dared to tell Anne about it. The bullies became more brazen after Anne’s death.

Afraid of being discovered by Angeline, Henrietta always cleaned herself up before returning home. She didn’t want Angeline to return to River Town, worried she would learn about the bullying incident.

However, the bullying only became worse. They ripped her clothes off and burned her with cigarette butts, forcing her to scream in pain.

Henrietta threw her arms around her head, burying it between her knees. She was deeply traumatized.

She thought she could start anew in a new city. She thought she had finally left hell.



But why wouldn’t they leave her alone?

Why did the videos start circulating in Cloudsville High School?

Henrietta couldn’t stand the way others looked at her.

Her classmates, who were so friendly to her this morning, called her a slut in the afternoon. They even asked her how much she charged for a night.

Her friends, with whom she had lunch, began avoiding her in the afternoon.

Henrietta could no longer endure it. It seemed like she could never escape from hell.

She took out her phone and turned it on after an undetermined amount of time. Tears streamed down her face as she started texting Angeline.

Just as Angeline arrived at the academic building, she heard a loud thud. Her steps on the

staircase came to a halt.

Soon, screams echoed in the classroom. There was a huge commotion.

“Someone just jumped off!”

“Behind the academic building!”

Angeline’s blood ran cold. She spun around and headed to the back of the academic building.

Alva was still gasping for breath when she caught up with Angeline. Trailing Angeline from behind, Alva’s heart skipped a beat when she heard the students upstairs exclaiming that someone had just jumped off the building. She stayed close to Angeline while calling the


It was dark behind the academic building.

In the dim street lights, they could make out a body in a school uniform lying in a pool of blood. The shoes strewn beside the body were the ones Angeline had bought for Henrietta the day before school started.

Angeline sprinted to Henrietta’s side, kneeling to feel her pulse.

She found that Henrietta still had a pulse.

She was trembling as she took out her phone to call the ambulance.

“Hello, Cloudsville High School here. A student fell off a building! Yes… right behind the junior high academic building! I don’t know where she’s bleeding from, but apparently, she’s still hemorrhaging. I understand. I won’t move the patient.”

Angeline stated the address before she called out to Henrietta, “Hatty! Hatty!”

She didn’t know where Henrietta was bleeding, and she didn’t dare to move her. Shaking all



over, Angeline placed her hand in front of Henrietta’s nose, afraid that her shallow breathing would cease anytime.

Second Marriage to Mr. Rich Novel by Jean Summer

Second Marriage to Mr. Rich Novel by Jean Summer

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
Second Marriage to Mr. Rich Everyone knew that Oceanford’s most infamous rich kid, Ned Fletcher, was madly in love with his genius childhood sweetheart, Angeline Emmerson.But after an accident, Angeline falls into a coma, and Ned loses his memories. Two years later, Angeline wakes up from her coma. At this point, Ned already has another lover. For the sake of his new lover, he forces Angeline to agree to a divorce. Angeline leaves after being thoroughly disappointed.Five years later, Angeline is about to marry someone else when Ned shows up at her door.”I remember everything now, Angeline. You can’t marry someone else!”An adorable child says, “Mommy, don’t talk to the bad guy. Daddy will get jealous!”After that, the child reaches for Sean Lawson, who has just gotten out of his car. “Carry me, Daddy!”


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