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Second Marriage to Mr. Rich Chapter 89

Chapter 89

Ned kicked a pillar in frustration after he hung up on the call.

The day Angeline’s sister, Henrietta, jumped off the building, Ned was in Cloudsville.

Angeline was still dealing with the pregnancy, but Tommy had made a mess of things.

Ned sat in the hallway and scrolled through the trending comments. He felt an inexplicable

sense of unease.

He had to keep Angeline from discovering that Tommy was involved in the incident. Then, he would be responsible not only for Anne but also for Henrietta.

The deaths of Angeline’s loved ones would all be blamed on him. She would despise him and Ingrid.

It was best to prevent any information from reaching Angeline. Not a single detail should

reach her.

Ned’s phone vibrated.

He looked at it and saw that it was Ingrid calling.


“Where are you? I finished my scenes this morning, and the director permitted me to take the afternoon off. I can spend it with you.”

Ingrid was cheerful.

“I’m out in the hallway having a smoke. I’ll be right there.”

Ned ended the call and got up. He suddenly felt dizzy.

He steadied himself against the pillar and rubbed his temples.

“Why is Oceanford’s notorious playboy, Ned, so obedient? Can I call you ‘Baby‘ in private from now on?” Angeline’s teasing voice echoed in his head.

“Angeline, are you crazy? What do you mean by that?” Ned replied with annoyance.

Despite his frustration, he couldn’t ignore the slight sweetness in her words,

Ned stumbled over to the pillar and leaned against it as his pounding headache

overwhelmed him.



Sunlight pierced through the trees and stung Ned’s eyes. He swore he could smell the sea


Angeline was dressed in her school uniform as she sat on the seawall. The sea breeze ruffled her hair. With a ring on her index finger, she held her hand out to the blazing sun. Her dazzling smile shone brighter than the sun.

“Baby, don’t you know we’re still minors? Rings shouldn’t be given away so lightly,” she


“But you look so happy! So what if we’re not adults yet? You’re stuck with me as your

husband for life.”

“What if I decide against marriage when I grow up, or if I marry someone else?”

“Then I’ll break my legs!”

Angeline turned to him, tucking her hair behind her ear to reveal her slender neck.

With an amused look in her eyes, she said, “You mean you’ll break my legs, right?”

Ned reached out and gently tapped Angeline’s head with his finger.

“Think about it. How could I ever break your legs? If you don’t marry me, I’ll break mine, and you’ll have to look after me for the rest of our lives! If you marry someone else, I’ll do anyway to make you feel guilty forever.”

Ned’s mouth hung open, but he struggled to catch his breath.

Those were memories of him and Angeline.

Just then, Ingrid turned the corner in her period costume. She spotted Ned on the floor in


She rushed over.

“Ned! Ned, what’s wrong? Quick, call an ambulance!” Ingrid yelled, startling her assistant

behind her.

“Oh! O–on it!”

The assistant quickly took out her phone and dialed 911.

Ned’s consciousness clouded. His eyes were half–opened and unfocused as he stared at the blinding sun in the sky. It might have been the sunlight, but tears began to well up in his




“Baby” was a nickname Angeline had given him.

“I’m here! I’m here, Ned!”

Ingrid assumed Ned was calling out to her. She gripped his hand tightly as tears streamed uncontrollably down her cheeks.

“I’m here, Ned! Please don’t scare me!”

Second Marriage to Mr. Rich Novel by Jean Summer

Second Marriage to Mr. Rich Novel by Jean Summer

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
Second Marriage to Mr. Rich Everyone knew that Oceanford’s most infamous rich kid, Ned Fletcher, was madly in love with his genius childhood sweetheart, Angeline Emmerson.But after an accident, Angeline falls into a coma, and Ned loses his memories. Two years later, Angeline wakes up from her coma. At this point, Ned already has another lover. For the sake of his new lover, he forces Angeline to agree to a divorce. Angeline leaves after being thoroughly disappointed.Five years later, Angeline is about to marry someone else when Ned shows up at her door.”I remember everything now, Angeline. You can’t marry someone else!”An adorable child says, “Mommy, don’t talk to the bad guy. Daddy will get jealous!”After that, the child reaches for Sean Lawson, who has just gotten out of his car. “Carry me, Daddy!”


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