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Shared By The Twin Alphas Chapter 59

Chapter 59


“Do I have to be naked for this?” I ask Henrik. He is standing a couple of feet behind me inside the dark forest. Unlike me, he isn’t shuddering at the cold despite having zero clothes.

He does, however, seem amused. “As far as I know, your clothes aren’t fireproof, so yes, you have to be naked.”

“But I’m cold!” I whine. “Can’t I put my clothes back on?”

“I’m sure you can survive being naked for five minutes.”

“What if I get a cold?”

Concern flashes over his face. “I will be quick to bathe you in my flame so you won’t freeze.”

Those words calm me down a little. I’m still convinced this is a dream, so I’m probably in need of a blanket in real life, but ch 1 will endure it since I don’t want to wake up. Henrik is about to transform into a dragon and complete our mating ritual -1 can’t wake up right when I’m about to be betrothed to a billionaire dragon–shifter!


“That’s my girl.” Henrik grins. “You ready?”

The truth? No. Although his dragon form is huge and intimidating, I realize this is just a dream–I have nothing to fear.

“As ready as I could ever be,” I smile back at him. “Go ahead, Big Guy–transform for me!”

Henrik doesn’t respond verbally. Instead, his grin fades into a more serious expression as he steps back, giving both of us space. For a moment, he stands there, his chiseled body bathed in moonlight, and my heart beats a little faster at the sight.

Then, before my eyes, he begins to change.

His body begins to elongate, his muscles expanding and shifting as scales replace his skin. His face contorts, reshaping into a more reptilian form as his purple eyes start to glow. It happens so quickly and yet every second of his body growing is imprinted into my memory.

And then, standing before me is not Henrik but his massive and magnificent dragon form. His blue scales gleam in the low light of the moon. A soft gasp escapes my lips. If this is a dream, then it’s the most vivid one I’ve ever had.

The dragon moves forward, and I instinctively take a step back. My heart beats furiously against my rib cage, but the strange bond between us intensifies and burns. It’s like it’s trying to tell me he would never hurt me.

Can I trust it? I never thought Timothy would hurt me in the beginning either, but her turned abusive as soon as we had. moved in together.

What if Henrik changes after this?

does it even matter? It’s not like this dream is going to last forever or like I will remember it.

I spread my arms, not because I’m fearless, but because I don’t think this is reality. “I’m ready for the flames!”

Henrik’s dragon form opens its mouth wide, and for a moment, I panic, thinking that he’s going to eat me alive in our so- called mating ritual. But all fear evaporates when, instead of sharp teeth and darkness, flames spring out from within him. They are bright and fierce but oddly soothing to look at.


11:37 Sat, 27 Apr M

Chapter 59

With trembling hands, I reach out towards them, half expecting to feel pain, but instead, warmth envelopes every inch of my soul.

Fire engulfs me from head to toe, but it doesn’t hurt; instead, an indescribable joy sweeps through me, making me feel like I’m floating. Above everything else, though, I feel connected with Henrik on a level I never thought possible.

As suddenly as it had begun, the flames vanish, and I find myself standing in front of Henrik, who is back to his human form. His eyes are fixed on me, filled with an intensity that makes me shiver–not from cold but from want, desire, and something deeper…something like love.

Lcome to a conclusion then, whether this is reality or a dream – I don’t want it to end. How could I ever go back to Timothy after this? When I look at Henrik, I’m hit with an intense sense of longing that’s even worse now after he has bathed me in his flame.

“Wow.” I whisper. “I want you even more now.”

He laughs. “That’s because we completed the mating ritual, love. You fully belong to me now, and being without your other half is actually enough to make you sick now.”

“Oh, is it now?”

“Yes,” his lips form a grin. “That’s why we are sharing the same bed tonight and the day after that, and the day after that- fuck, I can’t wait to wake up beside you every single day.”

My stomach twists and turns when I hear him say that. Wasn’t this dream supposed to be a good one? Because it isn’t anymore. Tears are rolling down my face, and Henrik gasps.

“Why are you crying? Did I say something wrong?” He grips my shoulders and gives me this super worried look that makes me sob even louder.

“Why do you have to be so sweet?”

He blinks in confusion. “Is that…a bad thing?”

Oh my god, is he stupid?

“No, you idiot! But if you keep being this nice, I’m going to miss you when I wake up tomorrow!”

Henrik doesn’t look any less confused, and since I’m afraid the dream might end at any given moment, I throw my arms around him. My head is below his chest, and I’m practically making out with his abs, but they are nice abs, so I don’t care!

“I don’t want this to end!” I sniff.

Henrik stays silent for a minute before I feel his hand land on top of my head. Then, ever so gently, he brushes his fingers. through my head, and a breath of a laugh leaves his lips.

“Haven’t you figured it out yet?”

“Figured out what?” I mutter into his skin. He smells like wood and ash, probably from transforming, but I don’t care.

“This isn’t a dream, Paula.”

“What are you talking about? Of course it is!”

“You think dreams are usually this detailed?” Henrik’s voice is laced with amusement, his chest rising and falling against my forehead with each chuckle he tries to muffle.

………. if this is real then I have to

Chapter 59

wake up and face the reality that you might become someone like Timothy.”

His expression sobers at the mention of my ex’s name. His grasp tightens around me, though not too tightly. “Paula,” he says intently. “I am not Timothy. I never will be.”

“But what if-

“Stop.” His voice is stern but gentle, cutting off my spiraling thoughts. “You can’t live in fear of what might happen. Trust me when I say i would swim through a sea of fire before causing you any harm. And that has nothing to do with you being my mate. I don’t harm people for no reason, especially not defenseless women.”

“I’m not defenseless!”

He chuckles, and, much to my dismay, he picks me up baby, but I’m tired, so I let him hold me to his chest and ki

into his strong arms. I normally wouldn’t accept being treated like a

my forehead. It’s actually not that bad…

“Always so fierce,” Henrik mumbles into my hair. “Never change that about yourself. I love how tiny and feisty you are. It’s actually a major turn–on.”

I gasp. “It’s not!”

“It is.”


“Liar? Do you think I faked my erection earlier? You think I was soft during our lovemaking?”

I blush, remembering the heated passion in his car, the way he pushed himself deeper when I rode him, tortured him. My cheeks flush hot, and I stammer incoherently, “N–no! I mean, I didn’t… that’s not what I

Henrik chuckles again. His laughter vibrates through his chest and into my body, causing a strange tingling sensation to surge through me. “God, you are adorable. You make it too easy for me to tease you.”

My fingers squeeze his nipple, my heart pounding with embarrassment and a hint of playful annoyance. “You’re the worst.”

He yelps but manages to recover. “And yet you like me,” he says, his cocky grin melting into something softer.

I sigh and lean into him, a warmth spreading through my chest at his words. “Yeah,” I admit quietly. “I do.”

His arms tighten around me as he presses his lips to the top of my head again. “And I like you too.” His voice is barely above a whisper, but it carries a weight that makes my breath hitch.

I sigh in contentment. “Can I sleep at your place, even if this is just a dream?”

“It’s not a dream, but yes–I wouldn’t let you sleep anywhere else, princess.”

“Not a princess.”

“My love.”

I blush. “That’s cheesy too.”

“I don’t think you mind.”

My face burns brighter, but since I’ve never been honest with him in the past, I let him have this moment. “You’re right. I like it when you call me cute things and spoil me.”

“Then I shall continue doing it for the rest of my life.”



Chapter 59

With that, he leans down and presses his soft lips to my forehead once more. I can feel my heart fluttering uncontrollably ast I snuggle into his broad, sturdy chest. Every fiber of my being wants to stay in this moment forever. I wouldn’t mind never

waking up…

Shared By The Twin Alphas by Veliciah

Shared By The Twin Alphas by Veliciah

Status: Ongoing Author:
Five hasn’t had the easiest childhood. She was born without a wolf that never awakened on her eighteenth birthday, and because of this, her parents mistreated her while the rest of the pack bullied her. It’s harsh, but that’s how life is for a werewolf without a wolf. Five is worth less than an Omega and expects herself to live as her parent’s slave until the day she dies. But her life takes an unexpected turn when her past bullies, the Alpha twins Eric and Logan, take her in as their pet. They are cruel and relentless, so Five doesn’t understand her deep attraction toward them. It makes no sense to like your bullies, just like it makes no sense to suddenly discover there might be something special about you after all. Perhaps there is more to Five than meets the eye?


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