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Submitting To My Billionaire Ex-Wife by Allison Mild Chapter 140

Chapter 140

As Yvette finished speaking and saw Genevieve’s expressionless face, she grew somewhat angry. ‘Is

she deaf?‘

Amelia dared not speak, which in Yvette’s eyes was an affirmation.

Yvette clenched her teeth. “Damn it, she’s disabled?

With that, she turned around to leave, feeling regretful for coming.

Genevieve chuckled. “Ms. Schmidt, the pink Maserati that appears at the manor gate every day, is it yours?”

Yvette immediately paused, her face turning red. “Yes, it’s mine. That was where I used to live. Because of you, I can’t go there anymore. Do you have any shame?”

Genevieve kept a straight face.

She knew nothing about Louis‘ romantic history.

However, judging by Yvette’s expression, it didn’t seem like she was lying.

She thought, ‘Could it be true? Oh well, I feel bad.

Genevieve suddenly felt a subtle sense of resistance, feeling slightly guilty. “I… I didn’t know.”

Yvette snorted and sat on the couch, crossing her arms. “Well, now you do. You may leave.”

Genevieve frowned. If she hadn’t agreed to Louis‘ request, she would have left.

However, it seemed impossible now.

Upon seeing her hesitation, Yvette became even angrier. “See? A greedy woman like you loves money and can’t bear to leave. It’s outrageous!”

Genevieve pursed her lips, keeping her eyes lowered, and said nothing.

She wondered about the truth behind Yvette’s words.

Just then, Louis returned under Amelia’s urging.

His expression was grim and unpleasant, indicating that the meeting wasn’t done, and he had left. urgently.

“Yvette, get out,” he said bluntly/

Yvette stood up, her eyes welling up with tears instantly. “You’ve changed. I don’t even recognize you anymore. You never used to yell at me!”

Louis‘ expression didn’t waver in the slightest. He looked at Amelia. “Get security up here and escort her out. She’s not allowed to enter Fallon Group again!”

Chapter 140

“Yes, sir,” Amelia responded before rushing off.

Yvette, infuriated and upset, threw her bag at Louis. “You asshole! How could you treat me like this? Is it because of that woman? You never spoke to me like this before!”

Louis‘ face turned ashen. He threw her bag to the ground, his expression filled with disdain and indifference. I never had any feelings for you. It was all in your imagination. I hope you can face reality. Genevieve is my wife and the only person I love.”

After he finished speaking. Yvette’s expression changed dramatically. She looked at the bag lying on the ground, her lips trembling, unable to speak.

Just as the security guards entered, she suddenly sat on the ground and burst into tears, shocking

everyone present.

Genevieve, who had been watching the scene unfold, was stunned.

Yvette sat on the ground, crying uncontrollably, completely losing her composure. “You bastard! Louis, you promised to treat me well…”

“Yvette, don’t think I don’t know that your dad asked you to approach me for a purpose. We were just using each other. Now you can leave. I have no feelings for you whatsoever!” Louis‘ words were

cold and cruel, without a hint of remorse or hesitation.

Yvette’s face contorted with anger.

Her lips turned pale for a moment as she tried to grab his sleeve. “But I was sincere to you. I never told dad about your affairs.”


Before she could touch him, Louis coldly pushed her away. “Take her away.”

“Yes, sir.” The security guards stepped forward and unceremoniously dragged Yvette away as she

burst into tears.

Genevieve’s mind suddenly flashed with a fleeting thought, indescribable in words.

She didn’t dislike Yvette.

Despite her fiery temper, she couldn’t hide her secrets.

Such people were often straightforward.

The office returned to silence.

Louis‘ grim expression softened slightly as he approached Genevieve. “Did that startle you?”

Genevieve smiled, sitting on a chair on the balcony. “Just a bit surprised. Your ex–girlfriend?”

Louis frowned and promptly denied, “Of course not. I have no connection with her. She’s Aunt Linda’s stepdaughter, the biological daughter of David. She’s always been obnoxious and arrogant.”

Genevieve raised an eyebrow. “David’s daughter?”


Chapter 140

Louis seemed annoyed by this father–daughter pair, nodding. “To be precise, she’s David’s adopted daughter. She is David’s deceased brother’s biological daughter. Otherwise, Aunt Linda wouldn’t have kept her around. But David deliberately sent her to get close to me to find my weak spot. suspect her and her father’s involvement in my brother’s death.”

Genevieve fell silent.

She thought, ‘So, it’s related to Austin. No wonder Louis‘ attitude toward Yvette was so harsh.

She seemed to understand now.

The complexities of interests within the aristocratic circle were unimaginable.


Louis‘ expression remained indifferent. “I shouldn’t have told you all this, Gen. You don’t need to concern yourself with her.”

Genevieve sighed. “You shouldn’t be too upset either.”

It was clear that Austin’s death weighed heavily on Louis,

Even with his mother long gone, Louis had managed to establish himself as an indispensable figure in the cutthroat world of the Fallon family. Linda had definitely played a significant part in that.

Hence, it was natural for Louis and Austin to be close.

Louis glanced at his watch. “I still need to go back for the meeting. You…”

“Go ahead. I’ll be fine,” Genevieve reassured him.

“I’ll have the security beefed up,” Louis added.

Genevieve smiled and nodded.

After Louis left, Genevieve took a deep breath. Feeling restless inside, she decided to take a stroll on

her own.

Amelia politely asked if she needed anything.


took out the supplementary card that Louis had left. “I’m just going downstairs to the shop to buy something. You don’t have to accompany me.”

“Okay, Mrs. Fallon, Amelia replied with a smile.

Genevieve took the elevator downstairs and entered the supermarket.

She scanned the aisles and headed for the snack section.

But there was another person standing in the snack area.

Unexpectedly, she found Yvette standing there, indulging in chocolate. When Yvette saw Genevieve, she froze for a moment, quickly wiped her mouth with her sleeve, and then tried to act aloof and turn away.

Chapter 140

However, she thought of something and turned back to Genevieve. “You didn’t take an ugly picture of me, did you?

Genevieve couldn’t help but chuckle. “No, I didn’t.”

Yvette snorted and then reluctantly approached Genevieve, picking a dark chocolate and stuffing it into the latter’s hand.

Genevieve looked at her in confusion.

Yvette explained reluctantly, “He likes to have this when he’s in a bad mood. Take some back. I nearly gave him a heart attack earlier.”

Genevieve smiled. “Thank you, Ms. Schmidt.”

Yvette bit her lower lip and glared at Genevieve. “Sooner or later, I’ll win him back, whether two are married or not.”


After a few seconds of silence, Genevieve couldn’t help but speak. “Ms. Schmidt, I’m not sure what happened between you two, but thank you for caring about him.”

Yvette pursed her lips. “At least that’s a humane thing to say.”

She took a deep breath and clutched her chest. “Louis is so shallow. He claimed to love my soul, but now he’s in love with your looks.”

Genevieve was at a loss for words.

Submitting To My Billionaire Ex-Wife by Allison Mild

Submitting To My Billionaire Ex-Wife by Allison Mild

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
Genevieve Lawrence was over the moon when Anthony Hoffman, the man whom she admired for several years, agreed to marry her, albeit in exchange for her bone marrow to save his sister. However, instead of a “happily ever after” life, she suffered mockery and loneliness as Anthony was often absent.. She endured in silence but the last straw came on their third wedding anniversary when Anthony announced to the world that they had a two-year-old son. A son not borne by Genevieve, but by Anthony’s first love, Rosalie Stewart.Not willing to lose the last bit of her dignity, Genevieve gritted her teeth and asked for a divorce despite being pregnant with Anthony’s child. But as fate would have it, not only did she lose her marriage, but she also lost her unborn child after a deliberate hit- and-run by Rosalie.Genevieve put the past behind her and prioritized herself. She shone in her career and attracted numerous suitors. On the other hand, Anthony desperately wanted Genevieve to return to his side. Would Genevieve grant Anthony and perhaps herself a second chance at love?


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