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Submitting To My Ex-Wife by Daisy Woods Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Pearl entered the elevator with the executives. She turned to the vice CEO, Samuel Goodman, and asked, “There’re a few not present, right?”

“Yes,” Samuel replied respectfully and amiably. “The older ones, headed by Mr. Ralph, think coming down is beneath them. They wanted you to know they’re in charge.“.

“Is that so?” Pearl was unfazed, her face cold. “Things have changed, but my uncles are still clueless.”

Ralph Woolery sat in the meeting room with five directors, their legs crossed as they enjoyed their coffee. They appeared nonchalant but were anxious inwardly.

“Why isn’t anyone here?” Ralph sat in the chairman’s seat, his chubby face impatient. He ordered the female secretary behind him, “Go check it out.”

“Ralph, chill. He’ll come eventually. He’s probably asserting himself.” Errol Woolery wore a priest outfit and held a rosary, appearing religious.

“Youngsters are so unreliable now.” Ralph shook his head. “Relax. Just go according to our plan. The company belongs to our family. I have the final say.”

As they discussed how to intimidate the new CEO, the secretary returned with a pale face. “Bad news, Mr. Ralph. The new CEO summoned all the management to another meeting room. The meeting is ending soon…”

“What?” They leaped to their feet angrily. “We contributed so much to the company.

How dare he ignore us?” He is so outrageous!”



Chapter 3

The secretary stammered, “The CEO isn’t a guy. It’s a woman…”

They were shocked again.

As Pearl announced the meeting was over, Ralph and Errol barged in furiously with a group of people. However, they were astonished to see her. “Pearl… How could it be you?”

Ralph and Errol were caught off guard. They didn’t expect their niece to be the savior who acquired 51% of Woolery Group shares.

Three years ago, the heiress of Woolery Group accidentally fell off a cliff during a mountain climb. Her body was never found. Seizing the opportunity, Ralph and Errol divided her assets and stocks. They didn’t expect her to return safely.

Pearl enjoyed the shock on their faces, leaning lazily back in her seat. “Uncle Ralph, Uncle Errol, aren’t you happy?”

Her words woke them up. Ralph and Errol changed their expressions, crying as they went to hug her. “Thank god you’re safe, Pearl. Your parents would have been happy…”

Pearl slid her chair back, frowning in disdain. Her tone was icy. “That’s true.”

Ralph and Errol panicked under her cold gaze.

Pearl turned back to the executives. “The Woolery Group is the result of my parents‘

hard work. Now that I’m back, it’s time to set things straight. I’ll treat the deserving ones right, and for those scheming,” Pearl paused, looking at Ralph and Errol. meaningfully. “I won’t go easy on them.”



Chapter 3

At the same time, in Machodean, Marc had picked up Clarissa from the hospital and was taking a call. “No trace of her? Are you useless?”

On the other end of the call, his assistant trembled. He was also puzzled. He had checked the surrounding surveillance repeatedly but couldn’t find Pearl. She seemed to have just disappeared. Swallowing nervously, he reported, “I only found Ms. Pearl is from Inkwood, and her parents have passed away from illness.”

Marc tapped his long fingers on his knee, his expression calming down. He wondered why he couldn’t find her.

Clarissa, seated weakly beside him, mocked, “She’s just a nobody. Since she’s gone, let’s drop it. Marc, I will always be with you.”

Marc frowned, recalling the quiet Pearl. She left with nothing. He wondered if he had misunderstood her.

“Mr. Males, I’ve sent people to search for her in Inkwood. Perhaps she returned to her hometown,” the assistant stated.

“Send more people.” Marc’s voice was cold. “I hardly think she can simply vanish.”

“Yes, sir. There’s another matter.” The assistant sensed Marc wasn’t in a good mood. and quickly emphasized that it was work–related.

Marc responded, “Speak.”

The assistant reported, “The mysterious savior of the Woolery Group turned up a few days ago. According to the news, it’s Miss Pearl Woolery.”


Chapter 3

Marc’s eyebrows raised. Wasn’t she supposed to be dead three years ago?

Submitting To My Ex-Wife by Daisy Woods

Submitting To My Ex-Wife by Daisy Woods

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
Pearl Shepard used to be a carefree girl. However, everything changed after a car accident took away her parents’ lives. To seize her massive inheritance, her malicious cousin and ex took her to climb a mountain and pushed her off a cliff. Pearl miraculously survived. Afterward, she hid her identity, changed her name to Pearl Woolery, and married Marc Males. Marc Males was a handsome young man from a wealthy family. Three years ago, he had an accident and became paralyzed from the waist down. It was also during that time that he was forced to separate from his beloved woman. His mother pressured him to go on blind dates and marry a doctor to care for him for the rest of his life. Among a group of girls, he chose a nurse named Pearl because she had no background and was quiet. Three years later, he recovered his health but wanted to divorce Pearl and find his true love. Pearl erased all traces of herself and completely disappeared from Marc’s world. Later, she made a grand entrance as the business partner Marc had always dreamed of. At the same time, Marc discovered that Pearl had more than one identity…


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