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Submitting To My Ex-Wife by Daisy Woods Chapter 41

Chapter 41

On the way back, Pearl sat in the back seat and pursed her lips tightly without saying at


The atmosphere in the car was extremely tensed.

Mason personally drove the car. He held the steering wheel carefully, afraid that he would be implicated if the car swayed unsteadily and angered Pearl.

Mason had followed Pearl for so many years and knew her temper.

he wa

If Pearl was talking at length, it meant that she was not angry. However, if she was as silent as she was now, it meant that she was burning with anger and holding it. At this time, one should not approach her so easily. Whoever talked with her would be implicated.

When they arrived at the Rose Garden, Mason got out of the car and opened the door. Pearl got out of the car and said calmly, “Go back and rest early. Pick me up at eight o’clock tomorrow morning.”

“Yes,” Mason replied. He sized up Pearl’s expression and said worriedly, “Ms. Woolery, I know you’re unhappy. Why don’t I contact Mr. Males and buy these four enameled bowls at a high price?”

Pearl frowned and looked at Mason coldly. “Are you free?”

Mason shook his head vehemently. “I’m sorry. I was wrong.”

Fortunately, Pearl did not argue with Mason.

Seeing Pearl enter the house, Mason heaved a sigh of relief. He slapped his mouth in frustration. “Who asked you to talk so much?”

It wasn’t until Mason drove away that a black car slowly drove forward and stopped on the long street facing the entrance of the Rose Garden.

The car window rolled down, revealing Marc’s calm and deep face.

“This is Woolery Court?”


Chapter 41

Marc’s voice was exceptionally cool under the night sky.

“Yes,” Thomas replied. He looked at the information on the tablet and repeated it to Marc. “This place used to be a very famous rose garden in Nanston. Later, Ken Woolery, who is also Ms. Woolery’s father, bought it at a high price and transformed it into Woolery Court, also known as the Rose Garden.”

Marc grunted and looked into the distance. There were so many rooms with lights on. Which one of them was where Pearl lived?

Marc could imagine what Pearl’s room looked like. It must be a warm color. The room was filled with the fragrance of roses. It was clean and filled with the smell of a family.

For some reason, Marc’s heart was filled with anticipation and regret.

Marc rolled up the window and said, “Let’s go.”

Thomas was slightly surprised and said, “Mr. Males, weren’t you planning to give the small bowls to Ms. Woolery to appease her?”

Marc looked up at Thomas coldly. “Do you think I can actually appease her?”

Thomas thought about it and said honestly, “I don’t think so.”

Although Pearl used to have a good temper, she was no longer the Pearl she used to be. Even though she was smiling, one could feel the murderous intent under her smile. It was

very scary.

Moreover, based on Marc’s infuriating actions today, Thomas felt that it was already very good of Pearl not to punch Marc directly.

However, there was also a saying that there was no greater sorrow than a dead heart.

It wasn’t that Pearl wasn’t angry, but she didn’t bother to argue with Marc.

Marc choked on Thomas’s words. He pursed his lips and said coldly, “Then why were you still asking?”

Thomas replied, “Mr. Males, speaking from my limited experience as someone who’s been there before, women who are upset usually need some comforting. Whether you do it well




or not is a matter of your capability, but if you don’t even try, it becomes an issue of your attitude.”

Marc narrowed his eyes. “Then do you think there’s something wrong with my attitude?”

Sensing the coldness, Thomas quickly smiled awkwardly and said, “I wouldn’t dare. There’s nothing wrong with you at all. It’s all because of these four bowls. They angered Ms. Woolery.”

Marc turned to look at the four bowls. These were enameled bowls from 1700s. Anyone who was interested in antiques and could tell that they were authentic would not miss them easily.

Marc did not expect Pearl to snatch them from him.

However, the Woolery family was also a family in the jewelry industry. Perhaps they had some research on antiques. Could it be that Pearl had also seen the value of these four bowls?

Buy why didn’t Pearl fight Marc to the end?

There were more and more questions in his heart. Marc rubbed the space between his eyebrows helplessly.

“Let’s go.”

Marc looked outside again. There was still a long way to go. He would always know the


Pearl returned to her room, closed the door, and took a shower.

The moment the hot water sprayed down, Pearl could not help but cry out. It was very short, but it let out the anger in her heart.

Pearl was extremely vexed because she had lost these four bowls that were originally

within her reach.

After taking a shower, Pearl walked out in a bathrobe and sat in front of the dressing table to do skincare.


Chapter 41

Pearl’s room was incredibly minimalist, with black, white, and gray tones dominating. The lighting fixtures were all metallic, following a light industrial and austere style, a stark contrast to her previous bedroom at Males House.

During that time, Pearl had made great efforts to create a warm, homely atmosphere, thinking that Marc would appreciate a traditional wife–like woman. However, she didn’t realize it was entirely in vain, as he rarely set foot in the master bedroom throughout the


At times, women might put themselves in a man’s perspective and overthink, losing a sense of their own identity. They might believe that all the sacrifices they had made for these men would be appreciated, only to find out that these men didn’t really understand or value their efforts. In the end, these women ended up just moving themselves emotionally.

The phone rang. Hubert called. “I just finished work. I’m exhausted.”

“Oh.” Pearl wiped the body lotion on her arm. She looked like a robot that had lost its battery.

Hubert could feel Pearl’s sadness. He smiled and said, “Are you still feeling sorry for losing

those four bowls?”

Pearl pounded her chest twice and sighed. “It’s my fault. I couldn’t control myself. I was too anxious and too confident. The next time I encounter such good things, I have to inform the seller in advance. I definitely can’t bid against others in public like this.”

Pearl was too young. When she met someone like Marc who was extremely shrewd and knew how to appraise, she was easily impatient.

“It’s good to reflect, but it’s not all your fault that you missed the good opportunity tonight.””

Hubert comforted Pearl and said, “If you really feel that it’s a pity, I’ll send someone to snatch the bowls from Marc and beat him up to vent your anger. Don’t worry. I will let them put on a sack for him. He won’t know who does it.”

Pearl gave Hubert a sideways glance. “This was Quentin’s idea for you, right?”

Hubert was stunned. “Is it that obvious?”



Chapter 41

Pearl rolled her eyes at Hubert and said, “There’s no need for all this. Dad always told me that collecting antiques should be a source of joy, and we shouldn’t dwell too much on gains and losses. If I acquire it, I’m fortunate, and if I don’t, it simply means that the object and I aren’t meant to be. Forcing it might not be a good idea.”

“Alright, you’re an expert in antiques. I don’t understand.”

Hubert chatted with Pearl for a while more before hanging up.

Pearl’s skincare had always been meticulous and exquisite. She applied body lotion all over her body, not even letting go of her feet. This process was very comfortable.

After applying skincare and drying her hair, Pearl calmed down.

After reading for a while, Pearl was about to turn off the lights and go to sleep when someone knocked on the door. It was Tina’s voice. “Pearl, open the door! I know you’re in your room! Since you dare to snatch a man from me, you have to suffer. Hurry up and open the door now!”

Pearl frowned. Was Tina crazy?

Pearl shuffled over in her slippers and opened the door. The first thing she met was Tina’s red face and the smell of alcohol.

Pearl fanned her nose in disdain. “How much did you drink?”

“None of your business!”

Tina was indeed drunk. She swayed as she stood there. Her round face was as red as a tomato, and the left side of her face was redder than the right. There was an obvious palm

print on it.

Pearl turned Tina’s face over and examined the palm print. Pearl narrowed her eyes and asked, “Manfred salpped you?”



Not only was there a palm print on

her mouth.

When Pearl pinched Tina’s wound, it hurt so much that Tina frowned. Tina pushed Pearl’s hand away and spat out the turbid smell of alcohol. “It’s none of your business!”

Of course, Pearl could not be bothered to care about Tina. She leaned against the door

leisurely and watched Tina vent her anger

Tina glared at Pearl with red eyes.

“It’s all your fault. If you hadn’t humiliated Manfred in front of so many people tonight, he wouldn’t be in a bad mood. If he wasn’t in a bad mood, he wouldn’t have hit me.”

Tina touched the left side of her face. The pain and numbness had not completely passed.

Tonight, Manfred had almost spent a lot of money on Pearl. Tina was extremely jealous. When the auction ended, Tina had made a few jealous remarks. However, in the end, Manfred did not coax Tina like usual and slapped her.

When Manfred hit Tina, she was stunned. Her ears buzzed for a long time, and she could not come back to herself for a long time.

“Have you S

Manfred’s face was filled with anger. enough? You’re constantly

complaining to me about this and that! Do you have the right to be jealous of Pearl? You should take a look in the mirror yourself. What do you have that can compare to her?”

Tina felt pain and grievance.

But more than that, Tina was afraid.

From a young age, Manfred always followed Pearl around, trying to please her. Tina had to put in a lot of effort to make Manfred give up on Pearl and be with her.

What if Manfred went back on his word and refused to marry Tina?

At the thought of this, Tina panicked.

Submitting To My Ex-Wife by Daisy Woods

Submitting To My Ex-Wife by Daisy Woods

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
Pearl Shepard used to be a carefree girl. However, everything changed after a car accident took away her parents’ lives. To seize her massive inheritance, her malicious cousin and ex took her to climb a mountain and pushed her off a cliff. Pearl miraculously survived. Afterward, she hid her identity, changed her name to Pearl Woolery, and married Marc Males. Marc Males was a handsome young man from a wealthy family. Three years ago, he had an accident and became paralyzed from the waist down. It was also during that time that he was forced to separate from his beloved woman. His mother pressured him to go on blind dates and marry a doctor to care for him for the rest of his life. Among a group of girls, he chose a nurse named Pearl because she had no background and was quiet. Three years later, he recovered his health but wanted to divorce Pearl and find his true love. Pearl erased all traces of herself and completely disappeared from Marc’s world. Later, she made a grand entrance as the business partner Marc had always dreamed of. At the same time, Marc discovered that Pearl had more than one identity…


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