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The Alpha’s Obsession with his Ex-Contract Luna Chapter 110

Chapter 110

“Mom, what are you saying?” Alpha Nick was getting upset, and Sheridan’s eyes were already closed. She must have fallen asleep already.

Even with her in his arms, it felt as though he was just carrying paper. He did not know if it was due to his level of strength or if she was just lightweight.

Athena could speak to Nick alone, but with so many guests at the packhouse, she could not reveal a deep family

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“There are no intruders here. I have to see my granddaughter. You stay here and let me go with them. I will find my way back,” she said seriously.

Arnold thought for a while and rather suggested, “Let’s go. I will bring you back to ensure that Sheridan is okay.”

For as long as it concerned his kid sister, he was willing to do anything for her, and also, Daisy was Athena’s granddaughter, so she had every right to see the cute little creature.

Athena stared at her son, but he did not refuse, so she followed Arnold to his car. The six other brothers left as well, unable to say goodbye to Sheridan since she was asleep.

Alpha Nick did not leave Sheridan after carrying her upstairs but laid beside her, watching her sleeping form. He could not help but smile at the rise and fall movement of her chest.

In Dustin’s room, he had been up for a while, but Goldie was still sleeping. Though not wanting to disturb her, he also could not resist her.

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Planting a kiss on her exposed shoulder, Goldie opened her eyes slowly and turned to face him. “Good morning,” she said shyly, rubbing her neck due to the mark earlier.

“Sorry for waking you, but I couldn’t wait” Dustin kissed the mark on her neck, and instead of the pain she felt from it before, it was rather a pleasurable sensation.

A smile stretched Goldie’s lips. “I’m sorry. I was just too tired because of how long we stayed awake. What is the time?”

Dustin had no idea why she was asking for the time but pulled slightly away and replied,

“It’s already noon.”

It was as if Goldie just remembered something and tried to lift herself from the bed.

“Sherry. I have to check on her.” Dustin quickly pinned her back to the bed with a look of desire and slight anger.

“Can you take proper care of Sheridan than Alpha Nick?” he asked solemnly, his gaze roaming on her exposed skin.

It was good that they slept naked last night because of Goldie’s fatigue from the mark.

A lot of things happen during a marking, so Dustin had to give her time, but right now, he had reached his limit.

Goldie knew that Dustin was right. Alpha Nick happened to be Sheridan’s mate so he would indeed take great care of her.

Dustin’s mark on her made it difficult for him to resist her when his wolf was equally as desirous of her. Goldie could not pretend to not know what he wanted and spoke directly.

“I get it. Let’s finish what we started last night.”

Chapter 110

Dustin similed and instantly covered her nipple with his warm mouth. Goldie moaned from pleasure, her body turned feverish as his fingers caressed her other breast.

The strange sensation sparked a pleasurable fire inside her, and she began to feel hot and needy for him.

Dustin was slightly nervous about exploring certain parts of her body and said politely, “I love you, Goldie. I don’t mean to disrespect you, but I need access to every part of you.”

Goldie choked on laughter as she had never heard of a man as careful as her mate. “Stop being polite. I love you too. and I am yours.”

her unwavering.

Dustin smiled with relief and kissed her on the lips, his knees parting her thighs slowly, his gaze on her

Goldie whimpered when his finger brushed her entrance, the sensations she felt from before began to triple as they dug deeper.

Her waist moved to the rhythm of his fingers inside her wet walls as she moved in circular motions.

Dustin groaned from the feel of her tightness. “It’s so warm and tight.”

His lips soon found their way there as he began to lick her clits. Goldie held the sheets tightly, her release spiraling out of control with a loud moan.

Sex was pleasurable, and she was beginning to think of doing it more often with her mate.

At the same time, Dustin saw her shiver from her release, he thrust his hard cock inside her all at once, a yelp escaped. her, and she began to hit him on the chest.

“Stop, it’s painful.” She tried to pull away, unable to bear the pain, but the man on top of her did not seem like he was going to stop.

Dustin, filled with so much desire, forced his length inside her at once with a groan before covering her lips with his once again.

Caressing her body, his cock continued to enlarge inside of her, making her full.

His voice turned heavy from a blend of pleasure and desire. “I’m sorry. There is nothing we can do about the pain during the first time.”

Goldie was sweaty from the pain before but pressed her fingers into his back, pressing him closer. “It doesn’t hurt


Dustin lost control, thrusting deeply and hitting her G–spot as she kept urging him on. It was both their first time, and their release somehow came together. Both panting, Dustin slipped to the side and pulled her into his arms.

“Now, I feel complete.”

Goldie smiled. “I feel so honored to have you as my second chance mate. I thought the moon goddess would give up

on me.”

Recalling the asshole of a mate she had before, she had to thank Sheridan for stopping her from rejecting Dustin.

He wasn’t bad after all, and just like Alpha Nick, he was just someone who respected the mate bond a lot.

“You have no idea how much joy you have brought into my life. I guess you are ready to learn about your new pack?” he asked. Goldie nodded her head and spoke, right before she drifted to sleep once more.

“I think I’m gonna love this pack like mine.”

Chapter lin

In an unknown location, a man and a woman lay unconscious on a bed. A man stared down at them and puffed his cigarette.

“You have rested enough, Charlotte, What is the plan? My army is at your service.”

Author’s notes

This story would be updated daily from now onwards.


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The Alpha’s Obsession with his Ex-Contract Luna by Glorious Eagle

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Sheila’s heart skipped a beat when she heard the sound of the Rolls Royce pulling into the car park of the packhouse. The Dark Moon Pack had one of the most luxurious pack houses, requiring the services of omegas all the time. The Alpha had been away on an important journey and no one knew how long it was going to take. His sudden arrival caused the omegas to hasten about their duties as if walking on eggshells as Sheila spoke to her most trusted friend with a heavy heart. “You have to go. Alpha Nick is back. Please use the back door so he doesn’t see you. He is quite sensitive so don’t let him catch your scent.” Seated on the curvy kitchen stool, her most trusted friend, Goldie, felt an inexplicable pain in her chest. “Why should you be afraid of your husband? You even call him by his title.”


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