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The Alpha’s Obsession with his Ex-Contract Luna Chapter 135

Chapter 1 3 5 Athena focused on appreciating what one had. “Daisy’s powers would allow anyone but not you to have another child.” Sheridan confirmed her suspicions of her daughter. There was just something about her that she could not understand before. “She doesn’t want a sibling?” Athena explained it with seriousness. “It’s not her, but the powers. You just have to understand that she doesn’t want to share her parents’ love from that angle with anyone. In retrospect, she would manifest the greatest of powers and do great things for a lot of people without any weakness.” Athena bore the powers but could not use them, making her sick all the time. This was the first time she felt so strong and yet would have to begin training all over, Moreover, she was also an only child because of it. Compared with Daisy, the girl was more blessed than her. Also, Daisy could have as many children as she wanted in future, but they would all bear a bit of her powers. The only problem would be that they would have to share depending on the number of children but, not as wholly as Daisy would. Sheridan was saddened. “You mean that because of Daisy, I won’t have another child?” Athena did not know how to feel about her saddened tone but could not also lie to her. “Sometimes, one child is enough, but Daisy is the one to really manifest these powers, and she would enjoy all the benefits there are, including having a lot of children if she so desires. You are the ones paying the rest of the price after me.” Alpha Nick knew how much his mother suffered because of her powers, but Daisy was enjoying it even as a baby. The emerald bracelet on her wrist would glow from time to time. Sheridan was suddenly at ease. For as long as they were going to have grandchildren, she was still happy and would be glad to take care of her grandchildren for Daisy to assume heavier responsibilities.

“If that be the case, I don’t think Sheridan minds. Do you?” Alpha Nick asked seriously. For as long as Sheridan was okay, he was fine. After having to contend with the likes of Charlotte, it would not be wrong for one to have some special • powers “No. For as long as our daughter is happy, I’m also happy.” “Finally, I feel fulfilled. I have all the people I need right here. It’s a perfect family for us,” Alpha Nick smiled and said. Athena remembered something and said to Sheridan. aisy might not have it easy in terms of her love life, but in the end, she would be happier than you.” Sherry, Daisy At this point, both Alpha Nick and Sheridan did not know whether to be happy or sad. Alpha Nick, for causing Sheridan so much emotional trauma and Sheridan, for enduring it all. “I won’t forget the last part. I’m happy now, and for as long as she’ll be happier than me, then it would be all worth it.” Athena only hummed. The rest, she would not be able to say, except it happens. The next day, the party began for three continuous days. Daisy was dressed in the most beautiful baby dress there was. Chapter 1 3 5 The pack members showered her with various gifts and well wishes, having turns to carry Daisy in their arms. Everything was so joyful with great music, and enough to eat and drink. “This is the happiest I have seen the pack,” Alpha Nick said with a smile on his face. He was dressed in a white tuxedo, looking ravishing Sheridan and Goldie, both dressed in white luxurious dinner wears from Sherry’s Couture and Glamour. Beta Dustin wore a white tuxedo as well, and it was the most memorable day in the life of the pack and its members. With a joyful celebration like this ongoing, no one expected anyone to harbor evil intentions, but there was. A middle-aged woman stared at Daisy and her mother with a blend of envy, jealousy, and bitterness. Ever since her daughter was banished by Tedmond twenty years ago for cheating on her mate and trying to set him up, bitterness settled in her heart like Venom. Nothing has been able to make her happy. Seeing Sheridan, she reminded her so much of her daughter and saddened her that Alpha Nick got a good woman and was happy. On her face, a smile lingered with her bitterness unnoticed. “Indeed. I can’t be happier, and I can’t wait for Bree’s coronation,” Sheridan said with equal excitement. “Yeah, that girl got it soft. She never had to work hard for anything.” Alpha Nick said in annoyance, recalling what a perfect life Bree lived. Sheridan refrained from telling him about Abilene since Bree did not want him to know. “I am happy that she’s happy. Alpha Ansaldo loves her to bits.” “And I love you to death and back.” Alpha Nick kissed her in front of the pack members before announcing, “Our Luna’s coronation would be in two weeks.” The excitement only continued. He ensured to host Daisy’s introduction separately, so as not to expose her to danger on the coronation day since there would be a lot of people attending. Athena finally took Daisy to her room as the pack members continued to have all the fun they wanted. Alpha Nick could equally not keep his hand to himself, dragging Sheridan to their bedroom. “Are you ready for another round?” Smiling flirtatiously, Sheridan responded, “Do you ever get tired?” “You already know the answer to that. You are just too sweet,” he said, lifting her to his arms and onto the bed. A week passed, and preparations went on for Bree’s coronation. Every pack member wanted to be there, but it was impossible. Most of them had to work during the event to make it successful and also for the guests to beContents belong to NovelDrama.Org

comfortable. Bree woke up on the morning of her coronation with a pleasant surprise. “Luna, somebody sent you a gift.”

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The Alpha’s Obsession with his Ex-Contract Luna by Glorious Eagle

The Alpha’s Obsession with his Ex-Contract Luna by Glorious Eagle

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Sheila’s heart skipped a beat when she heard the sound of the Rolls Royce pulling into the car park of the packhouse. The Dark Moon Pack had one of the most luxurious pack houses, requiring the services of omegas all the time. The Alpha had been away on an important journey and no one knew how long it was going to take. His sudden arrival caused the omegas to hasten about their duties as if walking on eggshells as Sheila spoke to her most trusted friend with a heavy heart. “You have to go. Alpha Nick is back. Please use the back door so he doesn’t see you. He is quite sensitive so don’t let him catch your scent.” Seated on the curvy kitchen stool, her most trusted friend, Goldie, felt an inexplicable pain in her chest. “Why should you be afraid of your husband? You even call him by his title.”


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