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The Alpha’s Obsession with his Ex-Contract Luna Chapter 49

Chapter 49



“Do you remember my best friend, Thomas? He’s here.” Alpha Nick remembered that Thomas had also disappeared on his wedding day, just like Charlotte. What a coincidence?

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Thinking about it, he could not wipe both incidents from his mind.

Charlotte pursed her lips, feeling uncomfortable. Tom had kept to his word, but that was exactly what she didn’t


She stammered a little. “D…Does he sleep over when he comes to visit?”

She already knew the answer to the question but still asked, hoping that Alpha Nick would pick up the hint that

she didn’t want to–see Tom.

“You are so silly. What do you understand by best friend? Of course, he will sleep over. Unless there is something urgent for him to do at his pack. That reminds me. He also relocated to New York a few years ago.”

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He watched Charlotte’s sunken mood, hoping to understand her beef with Tom as she said, “I was thinking that you should sleep early for the long drive tomorrow. Why not let him come after the gala awards?”

Charlotte hoped that Alpha Nick would send Tom away for her sake, but he seemed enthused to see his best


“He’s already here, so why should I send him away? The warriors are escorting him over, and besides, we shall have a few bodyguards with us. I don’t have to drive.”

Charlotte wanted to find a good excuse, but the door opened after a knock, a bodyguard entered, followed by Tom. He looked neat and attractive.

“Nick, long time no see.” Tom heartily went to hug Alpha Nick, who gladly hugged him back. Pulling away, Alpha

Nick faked a frown.

“Tom, you should be reported to the Alpha King for neglecting your pack. You are just lucky that your replacement beta is doing a good job.”

Thomas thought about the beta he recommended to take his place at the Lotus pack. Thanks to his industrious nature, Tom’s absence was not missed.


Emergency calls only

Chapter 49

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“Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’ve been at the pack for a few days, and trust me, he is indeed doing a good job.”

“You’ve been at the pack for a few days without any form of communication?” Alpha Nick couldn’t help being saddened. His only reason for not contacting Tom was because the latter was busy, but if he showed up at his pack, then it meant he had some leisure time.

Tom ensured not to look in Charlotte’s direction as he replied gleefully, “That’s why I’m here. I wanted to surprise you.”

“You did,” Alpha Nick agreed, pulling Charlotte into his arms and making her face Tom. He ignored his wolf coiling back and continued, “You already met my mate at the wedding before her kidnapping, sadly.”

Tom’s teeth clenched a little, judging from their intimacy as he wondered if Alpha Nick had indeed not mated with Charlotte as she had said, but looking closely, Charlotte had still not been marked, so it couldn’t be false.

Also, being friends for years, he never saw Alpha Nick take interest in women, making it all believable. He stretched his hand towards Charlotte with a forced smile. “Yes, Charlotte, right? Beautiful indeed.”

When Charlotte joined her hand to his, she wanted to withdraw it after a second, but Tom tightened his grip. When Alpha Nick saw this, his gaze darkened, and he pulled Charlotte’s hand away.

“I know.”

Tom maintained his well–carved forced smile. “I heard that you married another woman to salvage the situation. I’m sorry I had an emergency and had to leave. I wasn’t there to help you resolve the problem. I’m so sorry,” he said with fake remorse.

“Don’t worry about it. Sheila is an amazing woman, and I can’t believe how big her shoes are. Charlotte is still working hard to fit in,” Alpha Nick replied without any intention to make Charlotte feel less. He was only stating the fact.

Charlotte’s expression was so corrosive, it could burn Sheila at this moment if she was close. The reason why Charlotte was struggling with pack matters was that she had no intention of staying before.

After meeting Alpha Nick again, she was amazed by how attractive he was, wondering how come she was blinded before to have fallen in love with Tom. He was nowhere on par with Alpha Nick in terms of looks, power, and wealth.

“I guess. She has to handle pack businesses too,” Tom tried to make it easy for Charlotte. The pack business was


Emergency calls onlybor

Chapter 49

what would give Charlotte access to the pack’s finances.



“Yeah, but that will be after she masters combat. That is more important. Sheila simplified the departments so it won’t be hard for Charlotte to catch up,” Alpha Nick explained, revealing why he never involved Charlotte in the business aspect so far.

Tom realized that indeed, things were not as easy as they seemed, just as Charlotte had informed him, but also, a woman had contributed to the fast growth of the pack, and that woman was Sheila.

“I’m so glad you are making it. I envy you, though,” he said honestly, but Alpha Nick thought he was joking. “Everything has changed within the last six months I was here for the wedding. The schools, offices, and factories are all looking better.” Tom said as he recalled the view on his way to the pack house.

Alpha Nick could not allow himself to take credit for what he hadn’t worked or. “Don’t congratulate me. It was all Sheila. [had nothing to do with it as I was only searching for Charlotte throughout that time. You can’t imagine how happy I am to have found her again.” His grip tightened around Charlotte’s waist.

She wished he could be like this when it was just the two of them, but Alpha Nick’s hands slowly fell from her waist since Tom hadn’t made another move, saying, “Well, I’m starving, and I believe you are too.”

Charlotte got the opportunity to escape from Tom’s flirtatious glares, some of which were unnoticeable to Alpha Nick.

“I will tell the maids to get lunch,” she said and rushed to the kitchen. Athena returned from a walk with Tedmond and stared at Tom.

Tedmond went up the stairs, being so tired and sweaty. He needed a bath.

“You. Where have you been? You weren’t there for my son in his hardest moment and claim to be his best friend.” Athena could not hold back her anger at the sight of Tom.

Tom felt attacked, but being Alpha Nick’s mom, he responded in a humble tone. “I’m very sorry, ma’am. There were emergencies that needed my attention.”

Athena seemed prepared for him and subtly revealed, “Well, I don’t like you anymore. Friends make sacrifices.”

She was about to say more, but her phone rang, and when she checked the caller ID, she smiled. “You are lucky that my Sheila is calling. I wouldn’t have let you off so easily.”



Emergency calls onlyOF

Chapter 49

Hearing Sheila’s name, Alpha Nick was curious. “Sheila? Do you have her number?”

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Sheila’s heart skipped a beat when she heard the sound of the Rolls Royce pulling into the car park of the packhouse. The Dark Moon Pack had one of the most luxurious pack houses, requiring the services of omegas all the time. The Alpha had been away on an important journey and no one knew how long it was going to take. His sudden arrival caused the omegas to hasten about their duties as if walking on eggshells as Sheila spoke to her most trusted friend with a heavy heart. “You have to go. Alpha Nick is back. Please use the back door so he doesn’t see you. He is quite sensitive so don’t let him catch your scent.” Seated on the curvy kitchen stool, her most trusted friend, Goldie, felt an inexplicable pain in her chest. “Why should you be afraid of your husband? You even call him by his title.”


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