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The Alpha’s Obsession with his Ex-Contract Luna Chapter 57

Alpha Nick couldn’t understand who the biggest liar was, his mate Charlotte or Sheila. His body had been present at the event, but everything that had happened since last night with Tom kept his mind under constant suspicion.

“Will you start talking?” Alpha Nick growled lowly. Charlotte’s words caught in her throat, but when she realized that Sheila’s identity was unknown, she spoke, hope fueling her lies.

“She works for me, but I didn’t know she had entered the company into the contest.”

Alpha Nick was shocked; it was an insult to his personality. “Really? Sheila works for you?” Mockery laced his tone as he couldn’t understand why lies were being thrown in all directions at him.

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“That is not Sheila,” Charlotte shivered at the words. How could Sheila, who appeared to be a goddess at the event and donated so much money, be the same pauper she knew? Something must be wrong, but Charlotte

couldn’t believe it.

“She might look different, but it’s indeed her,” Alpha Nick confirmed, stunning Charlotte. Her eyes widened in


“Sheila is just a pauper,” Charlotte murmured, her breath catching in her throat. Alpha Nick was about to retort when a familiar female voice interrupted, dispelling all doubts and confusion in Charlotte’s mind.

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I started Sherry’s Couture as a teenager. It was a passion I inherited from my mother,” she said with a confident smile, which only enhanced her attractiveness, capturing everyone’s attention.

Alpha Nick recalled the emerald necklace Sheila had given Athena. Things were starting to make sense. Sheila could argue that she hadn’t lied to him, as she had dropped hints. He either didn’t want to believe it or chose to trust her words over her actions.

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She had claimed to be an orphan with nothing, but her actions and personality revealed her as a strong, wealthy woman. Plus, a sexy one at that.

“Sherry’s Glamour started off bigger and overtook Sherry’s Couture because it was more diversified. I’m grateful to you all for helping me showcase my hard work, but all this would not have been possible without my industrious employees. I dedicate this trophy to them. They are the ones who truly deserve it.”


Emergency calls only

Chapter 57



Goldie was jumping with excitement from behind. Sheila had only intended to showcase Sherry’s Glamour, but it

had also won an award.

Alpha Ansaldo walked Sheila back to her chair, and Alpha Nick didn‘ Charlotte, she was terrified by the darkness in his eyes, rising to her feet.

hear the rest of the awards. Turning to

“I think I have to use the bathroom again. I will explain everything when I get back.”

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She needed to see Tom for help. Alpha Nick didn’t stop her. Sheila had also lied to him, so he wanted to talk to her.

He hadn’t touched any drinks or food, the MC’s voice fading slowly from his mind. Time passed as Alpha Nick remained in a stupor. Suddenly, he saw people moving towards Sheila’s direction.

It meant that the awards part of the event was over, giving way to the business aspect. His wolf roared inside him, and Alpha Nick panicked. Titan was jealous of the men around Sheila, trying to take control.

“You know she’s not our mate. You can’t do this, Alpha Nick rebuked him. It wasn’t right to cause a scene; he just wanted to speak to Sheila. Titan’s response surprised him.

‘Reject our mate.‘

‘I will never do that. I just want to have a word with Sheila. You better behave, or I’ll lock you out.”

Titan recoiled despondently as Alpha Nick marched towards Sheila, who was addressing a group of businessmen from the human world as well as Alphas.

“My managers are here, so I would like to introduce them to you for further discussion,” Sheila said, about to beckon one of the managers over when one of the businessmen asked,

“Why? Can’t we finalize everything here?”

Sheila knew the man wanted something else. If not, her suggestion was the best way to deflect pressure from herself.

“You are aware that this event is only for making acquaintances. Now that I have your card, one of my managers will contact you,” she said seriously, exuding confidence in her words.

One of the Alphas was mesmerized by her display of dignity, intelligence, and beauty. He asked her, “Do you


Emergency calls only

Chapter 57

dream of expanding your collections?”



Sheila maintained eye contact, speaking professionally, “I do, but I have someone in charge of it.”

Balancing the pack’s roles with her personal business was not easy. Even during her time in college in New York, it was the same, but having people with the same vision and talent made it easier.

“Miss…” One of the businessmen began, but Sheila corrected him,

“Just call me Sherry.” It was better for them not to get used to her surname, as that would only raise suspicions about her identity as the Alpha King’s daughter. Most of them had no idea until now.

“If you don’t mind, gentlemen, I would like to have a word with my wife,” Alpha Nick said behind them, his gaze lingering on Sheila, who paled. She never expected him to recognize her.

The men around her were stunned by the revelation, and Sheila gritted her teeth, turning to meet Alpha Nick’s solemn gaze. He had no regrets for what he had just said. Alpha Ansaldo was boiling with rage.

“Alpha Nick, need I remind you…”

Sheila knew what he was about to say and cut in. “Excuse me, sir, do I know you? If you are interested in a partnership, I would like to hear it,” she said to Alpha Nick in a professional tone. Alpha Ansaldo suddenly understood his role as her fake date. Sheila did not want anyone to know about her marriage to Alpha Nick.

‘Is this how you

you want it to be?‘ Alpha Nick thought to himself, smiling bitterly. Sheila not only looked different but also pretended not to know him. Taking a deep breath, Alpha Nick stared into her cold eyes and said,

“Why don’t we move away? I don’t like the crowd.”



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The Alpha’s Obsession with his Ex-Contract Luna by Glorious Eagle

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Sheila’s heart skipped a beat when she heard the sound of the Rolls Royce pulling into the car park of the packhouse. The Dark Moon Pack had one of the most luxurious pack houses, requiring the services of omegas all the time. The Alpha had been away on an important journey and no one knew how long it was going to take. His sudden arrival caused the omegas to hasten about their duties as if walking on eggshells as Sheila spoke to her most trusted friend with a heavy heart. “You have to go. Alpha Nick is back. Please use the back door so he doesn’t see you. He is quite sensitive so don’t let him catch your scent.” Seated on the curvy kitchen stool, her most trusted friend, Goldie, felt an inexplicable pain in her chest. “Why should you be afraid of your husband? You even call him by his title.”


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