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The Alpha’s Obsession with his Ex-Contract Luna Chapter 7

Alpha Nick woke up very early for training because he had been away from the pack. When he reached the ultra- modern gym where training usually took place, most of the pack members were yet to arrive, leaving him to have some time to train on his own.

It wasn’t long before a mindlink kicked in. “Nick, your mother has had another heart attack.”

Alpha Nick panicked and began heading out when some of the pack members were reporting for training. Rushing back to the pack house, Tedmond was already carrying his mother to the pack hospital, so he tagged along while mind–linking Beta Dustin.

‘My mom has had another heart attack. Take charge of training, but I hope to join you later at the office.

As the doctor was taking care of Athena in the emergency room, Alpha Nick and his father waited at the waiting


“How did it happen?” Alpha Nick asked with a frustrated sigh, his fingers combing his short, dark, curly hair.

His mother hadn’t had a heart attack for over six months now, so this was alarming.

“You can only have yourself to blame. I advised you against marrying that girl, but you went ahead. See what you

have caused.”

Nick frowned imperceptibly, not liking where his father was going with this.

“What has my marriage got to do with mom’s heart attack?”

As an Alpha with great respect for the mate bond, it was understandable that his contract with Sheila was wrong, but looking back at the way things would have turned out if Sheila hadn’t appeared at the moment, he still could not feel guilty about it.

“Your mother overheard the maids talking, saying that Sheila left. She came to ask if it was true, and after confirming it, she began to feel tightness and squeezing in her chest.”

Tedmond blamed it all on the love Athena had for Sheila, which to him was not fair.

Nonetheless, he was happy for things to have ended between her and Nick.


Emergency calls only

Chapter 7

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Nick saw the attack as a result of the shock of hearing the news. It was just a matter of time before Athena would begin to accept that Sheila was no longer Luna and a member of the Dark Moon Pack.

“She will get used to it. Once she gets to know Charlotte better, she will forget all about Sheila.”

His father was satisfied with the response but still went on to chastise him, making him upset in the

his harmless remark.

process with

“You should have never brought that girl.”

“Enough, Dad. She saved the face of the pack. What was I supposed to do when my bride was kidnapped on her wedding day?” Alpha Nick ran his fingers through his dark curly hair in frustration.

It was painful that his father still found it hard to forgive him for contracting Sheila.

Alpha Nick was not offended but just felt that the past should be kept behind them.

His father had accepted his mother as his mate even when he knew that she had a heart problem and wouldn’t be able to perform the duties of a Luna.

Keeping to his mate all these years earned him his son’s respect, but Nick’s situation was different as it wasn’t his fault that his bride was kidnapped.

Also from what Charlotte recounted, she was able to kill off her kidnappers before being able to escape and was found by Beta Dustin and his warriors,

“We should have found another way. Now she’s gone but equally took your mother’s heart with her.”

Tedmond felt bitter about everything, feeling that Athena loved Sheila more than even her own daughter, Bree.

Nick was rendered speechless with the hope in the atmosphere dulling. Gratefully, a feminine voice spoke, bringing back the light.

“Nick, what happened? I heard that ma’am isn’t well,” Charlotte rushed in, panting. How is her condition?” She asked nervously.

This was her chance to shine and gain the favor of Athena; therefore, she put on a pitiful look..

Alpha Nick wrapped his arms around her comfortingly. “We don’t know yet. Let’s wait for the doctor.”


Emergency calls only

calls only re

Chapter 7

It felt like a century before the door of the emergency room finally opened.



“We have been able to stabilize her condition, but we can’t guarantee that it will last. Ma’am is still anxious,” the doctor announced.

Charlotte frowned deeply, knowing it was all because of Sheila. How could the middle–aged woman develop such profound love for Sheila within this short time?

Charlotte was determined to make the pack forget about Sheila.

Her well–crafted innocent look was already on. “Can we see her?” She asked the doctor.

“Of course, but please don’t say or do anything to irritate her,” the doctor warned. He was equally pained when he heard the rumor this morning that Luna Sheila had left the pack.

Though Charlotte being the Alpha’s mate was not a secret, it was just hard for him to like her, due to her cunning personality.

Sure the Alpha would not know because of the mate bond. As such, the doctor was helpless in this situation.

“Noted,” Tedmond said before the three of them rushed into the ward. The doctor followed closely behind, just in case Athena lost control.

Knowing about her love for Luna Sheila, the doctor was sure of it.

Athena had her eyes closed but opened them as soon as she heard the sound of the door.

“How are you feeling?” Tedmond sat beside her on the bed and asked worriedly.

Athena smiled a little, about to say she was fine when Alpha Nick entered. Closely behind him was Charlotte.

The light in Athena’s eyes dimmed, and her anger soared.

“I don’t want to see you. Get out!”

She yelled, already feeling a tightness in her chest. Both Alpha Nick and Charlotte were confused as Alpha Nick approached his mother.

“Mom, why are you sending me away?”


Emergency calls only=800

Chapter 7



Athena began to cough, speaking through sobs. “I mean her,” she pointed at Charlotte, adding, “I want to see Sheila.”

Charlotte’s gaze darkened as the doctor began to attend to Athena. “I’m sorry, Charlotte, but you have to leave

for now.”

Charlotte fumed, but the moment she turned to Alpha Nick, her pitiful look was back on.

“They are sacking me. Should…”

The ringing of Alpha Nick’s phone interrupted her voice. When he saw that it was Sheila, remorse covered his


He had forgotten to inform her about the changes. His finger quickly slid the answer button.

“I’m sorry, Sheila, but mom has had a heart attack,” Alpha Nick spoke breathlessly into the phone as soon as he

answered it.

Sheila panicked from the end of the line, worry nudging her.

“What? How did it happen? Where is she?” Sheila was already headed back to the car when asking all those


“This morning. She’s at the pack hospital and insists on seeing you.”

Alpha Nick spoke without having a second thought. His mother’s wellbeing was his main concern at that


“Let me talk to her,” Sheila requested, and he passed the phone to Athena.

“Sheila wants to talk to you.”

Athena stared at the phone, flung with another wave of worry. What if Sheila decides not to come after speaking on the phone to her?

She rejected the call. “I want to see her in person, not just hear her voice.”

Before Alpha Nick could convey the message, Sheila spoke. “It’s alright. I’m already on my way.”


Emergency calls only

Chapter 7



Charlotte was fuming and stepped out as soon as Alpha Nick ended the call since she had heard Sheila’s last words.

She was about to mindlink Bree before remembering that she wasn’t a pack member and called the latter on the phone.

“Bree, we have a problem.”

The Alpha’s Obsession with his Ex-Contract Luna by Glorious Eagle

The Alpha’s Obsession with his Ex-Contract Luna by Glorious Eagle

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Sheila’s heart skipped a beat when she heard the sound of the Rolls Royce pulling into the car park of the packhouse. The Dark Moon Pack had one of the most luxurious pack houses, requiring the services of omegas all the time. The Alpha had been away on an important journey and no one knew how long it was going to take. His sudden arrival caused the omegas to hasten about their duties as if walking on eggshells as Sheila spoke to her most trusted friend with a heavy heart. “You have to go. Alpha Nick is back. Please use the back door so he doesn’t see you. He is quite sensitive so don’t let him catch your scent.” Seated on the curvy kitchen stool, her most trusted friend, Goldie, felt an inexplicable pain in her chest. “Why should you be afraid of your husband? You even call him by his title.”


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