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The Brilliant Mrs. Windsor Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Alexander’s


“Ms. Sterling, even I am at a loss with Master Windsor’s condition. You…”

Mr. Hawthorne’s tone was polite, considering Isabella was personally brought by Alexander.

Though he served as Master Windsor’s personal physician, he was still, in

essence, a servant.

“Your inability to cure him only shows a lack of skill on your part,” Isabella retorted sharply.

She had intended to keep her medical knowledge a secret, but her conscience wouldn’t allow her to ignore someone in need

By not intervening, she felt it would be akin to condemning Master Windsor to death.

Chapter 235 Alexa Threat

Mr. Hawthorne, having practiced medicine for many years, had never had his expertise challenged, especially not by someone as seemingly inexperienced as Isabella.

“Ms. Sterling, I understand you’re a distinguished guest brought by Mr. Alexander, but I have been managing Master Windsor’s health for years. I am most familiar with his condition. If we continue with my treatment, Master Windsor could live for a few

more years. But if you proceed recklessly and prescribe the wrong medication, causing complications, can you bear that responsibility?”

Mr. Hawthorne, having served Master Windsor loyally for years, placed Master/Windsor’s life above his own and would not tolerate any risks from an outsidek,

Isabella took a deep breath and

glanced at Master Windsor. His



Chapter 235, Alexantici: Threat

complexion had worsened since coughing up blood.

Isabella, maintaining her composure, patiently responded, “Continuing with your old methods, Master Windsor might indeed survive for the time being, but it would merely be a matter of clinging to life. Master Windsor is a general who has made significant contributions to our country. Do you really want to see him spend his remaining years bedridden?”

Master Windsor, observing from the sidelines, was subtly impressed by Isabella.

Despite her youth, her words were not those of an ordinary young girl. He found himself increasingly fond of her.

Isabella understood him well. Having spent a lifetime in military service, he had always been strong–willed.

11:10 WX

Chapter Alexant Threat

The thought of spending his final years

in a state of mere existence was worse

than death to him.

“Let’s do as Isabella suggests,” Master Windsor finally said, his voice growing increasingly hoarse.

At his declaration, Mr. Hawthorne hesitated before cautioning, “Master Windsor, your status is paramount. Should anything go awry, it could lead to chaos!”

“Barnaby, you’ve worked hard these

years, and I appreciate your efforts. But I know my own condition. Let Isabella try. I’ve lived through many storms; I’ve had enough.”

Master Windsor’s tone was remarkably

calm and measured.

Isabella was moved by his trust. It was their first meeting, and logically, someone of Master Windsor’s stature shouldn’t have trusted her so readily.


Chapter 25. Alexander Threat

Yet, he did.

Master Windsor gently patted

Isabella’s hand in a comforting gesture,

like a caring elder reassuring a

younger family member.

“Go ahead with confidence, and thank


Aware of his dwindling time, Master Windsor was ready to take a chance. He had sensed an inexplicable kinship with Isabella from the moment they met, believing she wouldn’t harm him.

As Isabella stood to leave the hall, Alexander followed and stopped her. Looking up, Isabella met his dark, penetrating gaze, her brow furrowing slightly.

“Mr. Alexander, do you also doubt me?”

Alexander’s response was a cold laugh. Should he trust this woman, whose very identity remained a mystery to him?


Checer a Alexane Threat

“If anything happens to my grandfather, I will make sure you

regret it.”

The Brilliant Mrs. Windsor by Jasmine Joy

The Brilliant Mrs. Windsor by Jasmine Joy

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: ,
In a delightful twist of fate, Lady Isabella found herself inadvertently ensnared by Riverdale’s most powerful magnate, Alexander Windsor. Rumors swirled, predicting her doom, yet she effortlessly transformed into the cherished wife he seemingly couldn’t bear to part with for even a moment, as if wishing to keep her in his pocket or tethered to his side at all times. Isabella Sterling quirked a l*p, “A mere two billion, I shall return it then…” The man leaned in, his charm palpable, “And how do you propose to repay? With your heart, or something more tangible?” Since taking residence at The Windsor, Mr. Alexander’s incurable condition miraculously improved. He ate well, worked tirelessly, his demeanor blooming like spring peaches, heart swelling with joy, capable of sleeping soundly for three days straight without a care. Until one day, someone unwittingly stumbled upon the lady’s secrets. The top hacker shaking the core of Caloria was her! The financial tycoon whose name echoed around the globe was her! The prodigious healer with the golden touch was her, her, and again her… The elite ladies of high society wept, their makeup smeared, as they faced a fearsome rival. “You go first, I’ll retreat!” In Riverdale, where a mere stomp of Mr. Alexander’s foot could cause a tremor, he famously said, “A king does not live off his wife, unless she is overwhelmingly beautiful!”


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