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The Hockey Star’s Remorse by Riley Above Story Chapter 150

Chapter 150

The evening at the restaurant had been long and tiring. The clattering of dishes, the hustle and bustle of the kitchen, and the demands of the customers had left. me drained. As I stepped out into the cool night air, all I wanted was to get into my car and drive home, away from the chaos of the day.

I walked down the dimly lit street, the soft glow of street lamps casting a warm and comforting light. My mind was a whirlwind of thoughts, a jumble of emotions that I couldn’t quite untangle. The events of the past weeks had left me feeling adrift, caught in the crosscurrents of my own emotions and the tangled web of the Hayes family.

As I walked, I passed by the jewelry store that had always caught my eye with its sparkling displays and gleaming treasures. It was a place of dreams, a place where love was celebrated and promises were made. I had often wandered past, lost in the romantic allure of the window displays, imagining a future that seemed impossibly distant.

But that night, something caught my eye, something that made my heart skip a beat. I paused, my steps faltering, as I looked through the glass and saw them- Timothy and Stella. They stood at one of the displays, bathed in the soft light, their silhouettes etched against the glittering backdrop of diamond rings and gold bands.

Stella was pointing excitedly at one of the rings,

s sparkled with the joy of anticipatio her face lit up with enthusiasm.

Her and she seemed lost in the possibilities that lay before her. But Timothy, by Her side, appeared jaded, his expression distant and detached.

I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the scene that unfolded before me. It was a tableau of conflicting emotions, a snapshot of a love that was anything but simple. Stella’s excitement contrasted sharply with Timothy’s apparent resignation, and I couldn’t help but wonder what lay beneath the surface of their relationship.

As I stared, lost in my own thoughts, I didn’t notice that I had captured Timothy’s attention. He turned his gaze toward me, and for a moment, our eyes met across the distance that separated us. In that fleeting moment, the world seemed to stand still, and all the unresolved emotions that had simmered beneath the surface came rushing to the forefront.


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Chapter 45

I saw a longing in Timothy’s eyes, a yearning that mirrored my own. It was a silent plea, a recognition of the pain and confusion that had come to define our

relationship. In that moment, we were both prisoners of our own choices, bound by the consequences of our actions.

But as quickly as it had begun, the moment was shattered. I couldn’t bear the intensity of his gaze, the raw emotion that it conveyed. With a quick, almost panicked movement, I ducked away and turned to run, my heart pounding in my


I ran around the building, desperate to stay out of sight, as if the mere act of seeing Timothy had opened old wounds and exposed the raw edges of our shared history. The familiar rush of anger and frustration washed over me, and I cursed myself for allowing him to affect me so deeply.

As I caught my breath in the shadows. I watched as Timothy walked through the shop doors, his expression haunted by the encounter. Stella emerged from the store moments later, her face lit up with excitement, oblivious to the turmoil that had passed between us.

“Tim? What’s wrong?” she asked, her voice sickeningly sweet.

“Uh…” Timothy looked around, the tension in his expression dramatic beneath the street light. Eventually, he forced a smile.

“Nothing. I thought I saw a friend he said finally.

It was a simple explanation, and it set her at ease almost immediately.

I couldn’t bear to watch any longer and I turned away, my footsteps echoing in the silent streets as I headed back to the apartment. My mood was shattered, and the encounter had left me with a sense of regret that gnawed at my heart.

As I arrived at the apartment, I expected to find it empty, a quiet refuge. As I stepped inside, that wish was quickly dashed as I spotted Aria on the couch, locked in a passionate embrace with Mike, her new boyfriend.

I cleared my throat loudly,/causing them to spring apart, their faces flushed with embarrassment. Aria’s expression was guilty, while Mike looked sheepish.

“Evie, hey!” Aria said, her face flushed and her voice strained as she tried to regain. her composure.


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Chapter 150

I couldn’t help but feel a surge of anger, the events of the evening having left me on edge. “Wow…”

Mike attempted to diffuse the tension with a weak smile. “Sorry, Evie. We lost track of time.”

Aria’s apology tumbled out in a rush of words. “Evie, I’m so sorry. We didn’t realize you’d be back so soon.”

I waved a dismissive hand, my frustration still simmering beneath the surface. “Don’t worry about it, guys. It’s your lives; you can do whatever you want.”

Once in my room, I closed the door behind me, seeking solace in the familiar confines of my space. The events of the evening had left me feeling emotionally drained, and I needed a moment of solitude to gather my thoughts.

I headed to my desk and noticed the remnants of a gift that had once held a special place in my heart. It was the porcelain figurine that Timothy had given me, now shattered into pieces. I had attempted to glue it back together, but my efforts had been in vain, and the figurine appeared crooked and irreparably damaged.

I hesitated for a moment, debating whether to toss it out and be done with it. But as I held the broken figurine in my hands, I couldn’t bring myself to part with it. It was a symbol of a past that I couldn’t forget, a past that was filled with both joy and pain.

I cradled the figurine gently in my hands, tracing the delicate curves and contours. with my fingers. It was a tangible reminder of the emotions that had once bound. Timothy and me together before tearing us apart.

With a heavy heart, I set the broken figurine aside and headed to bed. I crawled beneath the covers, and cradled the shattered gift in my hands, its jagged edges a painful reminder of the love that had slipped through my fingers.

As I closed my eyes, I could still see Timothy’s face, his eyes filled with longing and. regret as our gazes had locked through the window. The moment had stirred. something within me, and I wondered if he would be so certain if I showed him Stella’s unfaithfulness.

I heard a knock on my bedroom door. It was Aria, her voice tinged with concern. and guilt as she called out to me.


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Chapter 150

“Evie, are you alright?” she asked, her voice soft and tentative.

I remained silent, my anger and frustration still simmering beneath the surface. I wasn’t necessarily angry with her. This was her home just as much as it was mine.

Still, I had no desire to engage in a conversation with her at that moment.

She knocked again, more insistently this time. “Evie, please. Let me in. I’m sorry.”

But I couldn’t bring myself to respond.

Eventually, Aria’s footsteps receded, and I heard her retreating down the hallway. Guilt gnawed at me, the knowledge that I had pushed her away when she had come to apologize. But I needed time to collect myself.

The night stretched on, and eventually, exhaustion overcame my restless thoughts. I drifted into a fitful sleep, hoping that this one night would guarantee a peaceful sleep.


The Hockey Star’s Remorse by Riley Above Story

The Hockey Star’s Remorse by Riley Above Story

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When you’re a nerd and had a juicy night with the notorious bad boy. You’re 💔 to find out the night was a game. He’s dared to take your v card. Yrs later, you saw him, the rising hockey star, on a national tv show. When he’s asked why he’s always single, Him: I’m waiting for my girl to accept my apology. Then he looked straight at the camera. You heard your name “Evie, I’m sorry. ” In less than an hour, #foundevie is the hottest hashtag on social media…


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