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The Hockey Star’s Remorse by Riley Above Story Chapter 158

Chapter 158

The early morning sun bathed the city in a soft, golden glow as we all piled into Lucas’s car, bound for a spa resort located just an hour away. The tension between Aria and me was still present, like an invisible wall that separated us. Lucas, ever the mediator, sat in the driver’s seat, casting worried glances in our direction.

Lucas had arranged this day trip to the spa in the hopes of mending a hard couple of months, but I couldn’t shake the unease that had settled in my stomach. Aria had been avoiding me around the apartment for days, and the wounds from our argument still felt fresh.

As we drove down the winding road toward our destination, the awkward silence was broken only by the hum of the car’s engine. Lucas finally spoke up, his voice filled with a mixture of frustration and concern.

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“Listen, you two,” he began, his eyes darting between us in the rearview mirror, “we’re here to relax and unwind. This trip is supposed to be fun, so can we please

go of any grudges and just enjoy it?”


Aria and I exchanged tense glances before nodding in reluctant agreement. The promise to keep things civil hung in the air, but I couldn’t help but wonder if it was too little, too late.

When we arrived at the spa resort, the lush surroundings and serene atmosphere momentarily lifted our spirits. We were greeted by a friendly staff member who handed us a schedule of activities for the day.

Our first activity was an aquatic cycling class, and we eagerly made our way to the pool area. Aria and I parted ways with Lucas as we headed to the ladies locker room to change. I kept my back toward her as I switched into my black one–piece and tied up my hair.

Aria didn’t even ch*ck to see if I’d finished before walking out of the room, letting the door slam behind her. I followed behind her, trying not to let the obvious. abrasiveness get under my skin. I drew my attention to the landscape before us.

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The clear pool water sparkled in the sunlight, inviting us to dive in. I sat on the other side of Lucas, keeping my distance from Aria. Lucas quickly took notice as we adjusted our bikes in the waist–deep water.

The instructor, Jessica, waded over and greeted us all with a bright smile. “Are we



Chapter 158

ready to rock this work–out?”

We cheered in anticipation, mounting our bikes along with her as checked her smart watch for the time. After a few taps, she cast us a daring look. “We’re going to start with something simple, like a casual ride in the park.”

As we pedaled through the lesson, the water resistance providing a challenging workout, Aria and I couldn’t help but exchange strained glances. It was as if the peaceful surroundings had done little to quell the turmoil within us.

Aria was the first to break the uneasy silence. “What are you staring at?”

I sighed, my frustration bubbling to the surface. “Aria, you stared at me first?”

But Aria was relentless, her voice edged with anger. “Maybe because you’ve been lying to me about your problems for weeks, so I’m having a hard time relaxing.”

I could feel my own anger welling up, my voice growing sharper. “Well, maybe if you didn’t treat me like I’m incapable of handling my own life, I wouldn’t feel the need to lie.”

Lucas, who was pedaling between us, sighed heavily. “Hey, you two, let’s not do this now. We’re in the middle of a class.”

But the argument had gained momentum, and neither Aria nor I seemed willing to back down. We continued to exchange heated words, our voices rising with each. passing moment.

Lucas finally intervened, his tone firm. “Guys, enough! This is supposed to be chill.”

The instructor herself chimed in, her voice stern. “I’ll have to ask you two to leave if you can’t maintain a peaceful atmosphere.”

Exchanging glares, Aria and I both had the idea of just leaving entirely. We dismounted our aquatic bikes and made our way to the edge of the pool, chastened by the reprimand.

We decided to put the heated exchange behind us and focus on somewhat enjoying the rest of our day. After all, we were at a spa resort, and there were plenty of activities to indulge in that didn’t require talking.

Next on the agenda was a session of back massages. Aria and I were led to a serene, dimly lit room where two massage tables awaited us. As we lay there, our bodies


Chapter 158

slowly relaxing under the expert hands of our respective massage therapists, it gave us the time to reflect.

Once again, Aria was the first to speak, her voice filled with regret. “I didn’t like that you felt you couldn’t come to me.”

I turned my head to look at her, my anger giving way to a sense of relief. “I’m sorry for lying to you, Aria. I do trust you, but I feel like a burden a lot of the time.”

Aria’s eyes met mine, her expression sincere. “Girl, please. We’re allowed to burden each other sometimes.

I sighed, shutting my eyes. “Even if I’m a dangerous burden?”

“Even if,” she confirmed quickly. “We’re not just ‘friends. We’re sisters.”

The word “sisters” hung in the air, a reminder of the bond we had shared for so long, a bond that had been strained by recent events. But in that moment, it felt like a lifeline, something to hold onto as we navigated the challenges of our relationship.

I offered Aria a small smile, our unspoken grievances finally beginning to fade. “I never had a sister before.”

As we regressed into a thoughtful silence, our massage therapists began their work. The soothing music and the skilled hands of the masseuses worked wonders, melting away the knots of tension that had accumulated in our muscles.

With my eyes closed, I couldn’t help but reflect on the recent turmoil in our lives. Aria and I had always been there for each other, through thick and thin. But the past weeks had tested our friendship in ways I could never have anticipated.

Maybe it was the release of tension in my b*dy, but I felt tears welling up in my eyes. “I’m telling Timothy. About everything.”

With her face lying flat against the table, I thought she’d fallen asleep. However, she adjusted herself so that she was facing me with a look of concern. “You’re sure?”

“I am,” I said, and strangely, I began to smile. “It’s the right thing to do.”

She smiled back, looking more content than ever. Even then, I could tell she was still his biggest fan, and I hated that I’d cut her off from that.





Chapter 138

When the massages were finally over, Aria and I emerged from the dimly lit room. feeling lighter, both physically and emotionally. Lucas was waiting for us in the hallway, a knowing smile on his face.

“Are you two okay now?” he asked.

Aria and I exchanged smiles. “Yeah, we’re good,” Aria replied, taking my hand and giving it a squeeze.

With that, we continued our spa day, determined to make the most of the time we had left. We decided to hang out in the sauna, allowing the soothing heat to envelop us and wash away the toxins.

As we sat there, the steam swirling around us, I couldn’t help but feel grateful for this unexpected moment of reconciliation. The spa had brought us back together, fitting for a place known for healing.

When we left the spa resort that evening, the atmosphere in the car was markedly different from the morning. The tension had given way to a sense of camaraderie, our laughter filling the car.

Lucas glanced at us in the rearview mirror, a smile playing on his lips. “See, wasn’t that a great way to relax? Now, thank your Uncle Lucas!”

Aria and I groaned sarcastically, “Thanks, Uncle Lucas,” before falling into a fit of laughter.

We couldn’t deny that the spa day had worked wonders. For once, my mind had been cleared off all my worries. Unfortunately, a day could only be so long, and what awaited me back home would effectively reverse it all.


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