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The Joy of Revenge Novel Chapter 153

CHAPTER 153 Granny Panties
I waved goodbye as Dom’s car drove off with Virtue inside. If I didn’t have more to do, I
would have invited her to sleep here.
I’ll be seeing her tomorrow morning anyway. We can spend the whole day tomorrow after I
bury my father. I decided to do away with the post-funeral reception to spend time with her.
I could hear Jack behind me ordering the remaining deputies at the station to pacify the mob
at Highland Oaks until he and the Sheriff were done with more pressing matters.
According to Dan, there were about twenty or so of Pete’s loyal drug dealers who rejected our offer. Tonight, those men and women were going to die.
No loose ends. No more people under Pete. ALL WILL BE UNDER ME.
Once I’ve secured this town, I’ll search for Pete and finish him off too… That I swear.
After a relaxing dinner with Virtue and her friend, I didn’t expect a scandal to happen at my
father’s wake.
But Sarah was right. I did invite everyone living in New Salem. I just didn’t anticipate her coming here.
Link and I were in the middle of discussing a negotiation with the Martins when Jack unexpectedly knocked on my office door. When he told me Noah and Sarah were having a row outside, I thought he was joking. I had assumed Sarah’s earlier humiliation was enough.
for her to leave.
Was I wrong.
Yes, I did ask Noah to woo Sarah for me, knowing she had a crush on him, to divert her focus from campaigning. She was starting to gain supporters from all the charity work she was doing and that worked against me. I needed to distract her. And so, I asked Noah for a favor.
“If I do this for you, I want to become an appointed town officer just like Dan, Liam,” Noah negotiated. Honestly, it surprised me. I never knew he wanted to work at town hall.
“The best I can do is appoint you as a town assessor,” I said.
12.10 Thu, Apr 49
CHAPTER 153 Granny Panties
“Deal,” Noah agreed, quickly accepting my offer. “It so happens Sarah asked Pete to ask me if I could fix up her campaign headquarters and renovate her tiny home on her parents’ property. I think I should give her a call then.”
Sarah and I were rivals ever since we were kids. During high school, I ran against her for student body president. Fortunately, for her, she won, using the “Liam raped Joy Taylor” card. I vowed I would never lose against her again.
There is no love lost between us Cohens and the Hughes. The same holds true with the Taylors. My great-great grandfather died of a heart attack after he was accused of raping and killing a young woman from the Taylor Clan.
incident, the Cohen mantra became “Death to all Taylors.”
er that une
At that very moment, the memory of a terrified young girl with chestnut brown hair and aquamarine eyes strapped to a bench press burned through my head. I rubbed my forehead, hoping to wipe the horrible image from my mind.
“Death to all Taylors!” I shouted at the young girl as I raped her, plunging my d ick inside her slippery p ussy. “You hear me! Death… to… all… Taylors!” I came inside her, pushing down on her thighs, squeezing her flesh while my fingernails dug into her skin. I remember laughing triumphantly as I pulled my limp di ck out of her and watched my come drip out from her swollen p ussy.
I closed my eyes tightly, shuddering at the horrid memory. If Virtue ever found out about Joy Taylor and what I did to her, I knew she would call me a monster.
At the hospital, barely alive, Joy underwent a sexual assault examination. Sarah’s mom, New Salem’s lead forensic pathologist, was assigned to conduct and deliver the sexual assault kit to the Sheriff for evidence, but it magically disappeared. As a result, Dr. Hughes was blamed for the kit’s disappearance.
“I know your father had something to do with Joy’s missing sexual assault kit,” Sarah whispered in my ear while we were standing in line for lunch at the school cafeteria. “You’re a rapist, Liam. You make me sick.”
I decided to turn the tables on her.
“No, Hughes, I will not f uck you even if you pay me money,” I said loudly, so the whole student body would hear. “I don’t f uck men.”
“You’re a pig, Liam,” Sarah muttered, her eyes flashing with a cold fury in their depths. “I don’t ever want you to ever touch-”
12:10 Thu, Apr 4 dh
CHAPTER 153 Granny Panties
“Stop lying, Hughes,” I scoffed. “You just said you weren’t wearing underwear underneath your hideous skirt.” I quickly lifted her plaid skirt to reveal a pair of pink granny panties.
“Geez, Hughes. Did you steal your grandma’s underwear?” I exclaimed, laughing hysterically. Dan, Cris and Jack took one look at the gigantic pair of underwear and howled with laughter.
Upon seeing the huge pair of underpants, everyone at the cafeteria poked fun at her… to her utter humiliation. As a consequence, I was called to the Principal’s office and given detention, but it was worth it.
ng our senior year, to Sarah’s disdain, she was referred to as President Granny Panties.
Noah was f ucking President Granny Panties… It was both extremely hilarious and disgusting
at the same time.
I gotta give Noah some credit though. He went way beyond the call of duty and f ucked President Granny Panties. I didn’t know he had it in him. Well, as men say, “In the dark, women feel the same.” Yet, Sarah was built more like a bony man. She was flat-chested with no hips, not even a nice as s to hold on to. How he was able to stomach f ucking her was a wonder. Maybe Noah had to drink himself to a stupor before even touching her. Maybe he had a vivid imagination and pictured himself f ucking some hot girl.
But of all the nights Noah and Sarah could pick to make a ruckus, it had to be tonight. Sarah was obviously drunk and Noah didn’t have it in him to keep her in line.
Right in front of everyone, he broke up with her. That was enough for her to explode.
“You and I are over, Sarah,” Noah said, his face red with fury. “You are a jealous, stalking
little bi tch. I know you hide behind that big tree on the Old Taylor property. I, for had enough of your antics. It’s over. You hear me? Over!”
“I’m a jealous bi tch? Well, I wouldn’t need to follow you around if you were faithful. You think I didn’t know you were seeing Nicole on the side? You two-timing ba stard!” Sarah spat
at him.
The people around us didn’t seem to want to stop the two. Some of them were laughing while others were biting their lips in anticipation, hoping they would disclose more about their relationship.
On the bright side, I will no longer be plagued with questions regarding my relationship with Nicole. It was irritating to constantly tell people Nicole and I were just friends. Nicole and my father… Well, they were a different story, but no one needed to know that.
12:10 Thu, Apr 4 D
TED 153
CHAPTER 153 Granny Panties
As the dutiful mayor, I had to put a stop to this, although watching Sarah’s downfall was extremely satisfying.
“Noah, I think it would be better if you two discussed this privately. You guys are causing a scene,” I pointed out, trying to diffuse the situation, but they ignored me.
Well, I tried.
“I wouldn’t have to see Nicole if you knew how to suck di ck, Sarah. I mean, you aren’t a virgin. I know you had sex with Pete McDowell in high school. I saw the both of you in the locker room,” Noah threw back at her. Gasps escaped from the lips of the townsfolk, me
of them together made me included. I didn’t know she had sex with Pete. Imagining the t
feel sick.
Sarah quickly raised her hand and struck him in the face. Before she could scratch him with her long polished fingernails, Jack intervened, grabbing a hold of Sarah by her waist.
That’s enough or I’ll arrest the both of you for alarm and scandal,” Jack yelled, as he struggled with Sarah. For a thin woman, she gave him quite the fight.
By the time Jack was able to subdue her, he had a couple of scratches on his arms. She was like a feral cat, untamed and improper.
“I should lock you up for assaulting an officer, Sarah. You’re lucky I’m friends with your mother,” Jack told her after she had calmed down, placing her back on her feet. “What is wrong with you, Sarah? You’re a candidate for mayor. You shouldn’t be doing sh it like this. is so… unbecoming of a future public ser vant.”
You tell her, Jack.
I smirked noticing that some of the townsfolk were recording everything on their smartphones. Not even her social media managers could undo this. It was all on video.
mayor. I was It was at that very moment I realized Sarah was out as the forerunner for assured another term… all I had to do was keep the status quo. I’ll have Lisa spread the video, so she’d remain the crazy as s bi ch all throughout the campaign period.
“Liam, I’m going to head on home too,” Lisa said, interrupting my thoughts. She had just come from the bathroom.
ny word on Cris?” I asked. She shook her head
12:10 Thu, Apr 4 d
CHAPTER 153 Granny Panties
“It’s like he vanished into thin air,” Lisa answered. “I’m going through CCTV footages from places he might have gone to. I can’t seem to find anything. Jack told me Bismarck Police found his car on Elk Cliff. He doesn’t even go there, Liam.”
“He’s somewhere. He’s definitely somewhere with Pete,” I said. “The campaign period starts in a couple of weeks. If the election is really important to him, he’ll pop up.”
“Y-you think so, Liam?” She asked. I was taken aback at the hesitation in her voice.
“You don’t sound too happy,” I remarked.
“Liam, Cris and I, it’s been years since we shared a bed, she admitted sorrowfully. “Our happy marriage… it’s a sham. Sure, I have problems conceiving, but Cris… he has deep rooted issues that I can’t even fix. I love him, I do, but I don’t know if I can continue being married to him for four more years.” She wiped a tear from her cheek. “I can’t believe I’m actually talking to you about this.”
Cris was an as shole. I thought Lisa could talk some sense into him. Truth be told, she was good for him. Unfortunately, there was a man named Pete who kept Cris on a tight leash.
“Lisa, if you want to divorce him, then maybe you should. You deserve to be happy,” I heard myself saying. I couldn’t believe I just said that. Maybe because I was happy. I was going to marry a wonderful woman soon. I guess I wanted people around me to be happy too…. especially my friends.
“You think so?” Lisa asked, shocked.
“Yes. You have Link’s number right? Maybe he can point you to a good divorce lawyer. The one in town really stinks,” I pointed out. And I meant that literally.
She paused, staring at me like she was looking at a different person. Then, all of a sudden her expression changed. She smiled.
“I’ll give Link a call then,” she said. “Thanks, Liam. I really appreciate you being a friend.” She kissed me on the cheek.
“I need bridesmaids,” I suddenly said. “You think you can wear a yellow dress for me?”
“Of course!” Lisa answered excitedly, clapping her hands. “To be part of your wedding is an honor, Liam. Gosh, I can’t wait!” She practically sk ipped to her car, giggling the whole way.
drive out when another car entered through the gates.
12:10 Thu, Apr 4
CHAPTER 153 Granny Panties
S hit! The Sheriff was here.
“Isn’t the Sheriff suppose to meet us at the Ol’ Barn?” Jack asked from behind me.
“Yep,” I answered. “This means we have problems.”
What now?!

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The Joy of Revenge Novel by Sheila

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*I didn’t know that night would become my worst nightmare. * It was my junior year in high school. After two years of being bullied, I was now finally accepted by my peers. I had finally blossomed into a lady and now everyone wanted to become my friend. But… the thing happened. I will never forget what happened to me that night. I will never forget that I wasn’t given the justice I deserved. I want revenge. I want them dead… So do my three lovers. The Underbosses of the Blood Disciples. * I knew Xavier was in love with Joy the moment he met her. However, it didn’t stop me or Cristos from falling in love with her too. “I doubt an empire will come crushing down because we love the same girl,” I said. De Luca looked at me, shocked. * “Do you guys steal money from other people?” I asked, completely shocked at his revelation. I knew Cristos was good with computers and encryption, I just didn’t know how far it went. “Sometimes. Sometimes we manipulate, troll, steal incriminating evidence. The usual.” “Our fake ID’s…did you make them?” I asked. I was impressed because they looked so real. “Judging from the monitors, it looks like a call center. How could you have the capital? The security to work without even being scared of law enforcement?” “Sebastian, Xavier and I were born into this kind of life. Since we were little, we were trained to work as a unit just like our fathers. Mama Rose isn’t just a simple housewife. She is also part of the organization and sits as a third high ranking official,” Cristos explained. “Sebastian, Xavier and I are underbosses of the Blood Disciples, the ruling party of the West Coast Mafia. Our fathers are the bosses while our mothers and sisters are consiglieres. We are in training to become the bosses once our fathers retire. Sebastian is in charge of merchandise, ports, and businesses while Xavier handles the trash. I, on the other hand, am in charge of the virtual world. Anything digital goes through me.” * After leaving her small town, Joy Taylor gets a second chance at life and love when she crosses paths with three handsome young men in college. Now, she’s happy, prosperous, and in love with three beautiful men who think the world of her. It seems there’s nothing else she could ask for. Her life felt complete. However, she could never let go of the pain of her past. Especially when she discovers the four boys, who raped her during their junior year in high school, have done it again. This time, the young girl wasn’t so lucky. Her b*dy was found floating in a lake near town. Now, Joy is back in New Salem, seeking her revenge. Ten years may have gone by, but revenge has no expiry date. Unfortunately for Joy, things are not always what they seem.


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