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The Joy of Revenge Novel Chapter 38

CHAPTER 38 Breakfast
I pushed the uncomfortable exchange I had with Noah to the back of my mind and drove to Lisa’s office to sign my lease papers. I was surprised to find her already there before office hours, fresh, fashionable and perky.
After signing the papers, I invited Lisa for coffee. She politely declined saying she didn’t have time because she needed to go see a potential client. She did promise me she would personally pick up my building permit later in the morning and would call as soon as she had it. So, I decided to grab some coffee for Xavier and Sebastian and head to Dom’s
Unfortunately, Dom’s was still closed when I arrived. There was a small group of people gathered outside talking amongst themselves, wondering why Dom’s was still closed.
I decided to go see Xavier instead.
He was running late too. After telling the store manager I needed to order something very specific from Bo, he pointed me to Xavier’s office which was at the very back of the store.
When my dad owned the grocery store, it was much smaller and his office used to be near
oduce section. I used to do my homework there after school, then I would help stock elves before going home.
This whole commercial property used to be Taylor property, but most of it was sold after my great grandfather died and was subsequently divided among the children. My grandfather took the grocery store because he had always wanted it while his two other siblings took the money from the sale of the property, invested it and were scammed. One brother drank himself to death while the other took a gun to his head. They were both single with no heir, leaving my grandfather to inherit what little they had left.
The four other houses along Taylor Loop were houses built by my great grandfather for his children. When my grandfather’s siblings died, my grandfather sold the four houses and moved into their ancestral house which people know today as the Old Taylor House.
When I was old enough, I asked my father why there was an extra house. He told me my great grandparents had a fourth child, their only daughter, but she had died at a young age. He didn’t know the circumstances of her death nor did he ever ask. He believed her death
was a result of an illness.
CHAPTER 38 Breakfast
My grandparents died in a freak boating accident on the lake at New Salem Park. My dad was in the middle of his junior year in college when it happened. He quit school and went on to take care of the grocery store. The grocery store was important to my grandfather and my dad wanted to honor his memory by keeping the business running.
He met my mother during one of his trips to Bismarck. She was a nurse who he bumped into while in line at a popular fastfood joint. My dad, who had kept to himself after the death of his parents, was given a second chance to live his life when he met my mother. When I was born, their lives became complete.
I stopped in front of Xavier’s office and knocked. The door swung wide open, allowing me to enter. I knew he already saw me through the CCTV cameras sc attered all over the store.
The door quickly closed to reveal a half naked Xavier behind it. He only had pants on and his hair was still damp from taking a shower. I bit my lip, not expecting to see his bare muscular chest.
I quickly placed the coffee, donuts and my tote bag on one of the empty chairs in front of his desk.
“Mmmmm… coffee delivered by my girl. Does a kiss come with it too?” Xavier asked, his voice husky with desire.
e and get it,” I murmured provocatively, licking my lips.
He locked the door and quickly walked towards me, wrapping his arms tightly around my waist. I ran my fingers on the smooth skin of his pecs and felt his muscles contract underneath my hands.
“I’ve been waiting so long to have you all alone, Xavier said, lowering his head to kiss me.
It was a passionate kiss. The pent-up desire from all the months we had spent away from each other… all the longing and yearning…was poured into this one kiss.
He suddenly lifted me to sit on the edge of his desk, quickly hiking my skirt up while his hands stroked my inner thighs all the way to my lace panties.
“I’ve told you… you shouldn’t wear panties when you come and see me. It’s one piece of clothing that just gets in the way of us f ucking, he growled, ripping my panties off and throwing them on top of his desk. “Now spread those gorgeous thighs of yours, sweetheart. It’s time for breakfast.”
CHAPTER 38 Breakfast
I obeyed, spreading my legs far apart. He knelt down and began to eat me, sucking and nibbling while inserting a finger into my already wet pu ssy. Because he knew where to suck and what to touch, I quickly came. I bit my lip and stiffled a scream. I didn’t want anyone to hear us.
Xavier hurriedly pulled down his pants and slammed his delicious hard coc k into me, not wasting any time. I held on to him tightly, my eyes rolling in the back of my head. It felt so good to feel him inside me.
“Oh G od, yes,” I whispered, biting on his ear lobe.
He thrusted hard and deep, faster and faster, f ucking me so hard it felt like heaven… and I wanted it to last forever…
But I desperately needed my release.
I felt his finger on my c lit while his hard c ock moved in and out of me. After a few strokes of his fingers and a few more thrusts, I arched my back and came, digging my fingernails into his back.
“Bo!” I gasped, throwing my head back, as I rode the waves of my o rgasm. He thrusted inside me one more time, finally coming, his body shuddering with his release.
kissed me tenderly. “Oh, thank G od. I thought I was going to go insane without you,” he murmured against my mouth. I hugged him tightly, rubbing my hands against his smooth
I thought we were going to stay that way just a little bit longer, but he suddenly pulled out of me and quickly zipped his pants up, leaving me utterly disappointed. He then pointed to the monitor beside us, irritated at what he saw.
“Nicole’s here, babe. You can use the bathroom and fix yourself up while I distract Nicole,” he said, putting on a shirt and his apron. Then, he took a tissue from his desk and wiped my lip gloss off his lips.
“Dom is running late too. I passed by before coming here,” I told him as I gingerly walked to
the bathroom.
“No wonder she’s here. Wait for me okay? I’ll just take her to Dom’s, Xavier said, grabbing his phone and dialing before leaving his office.
I cleaned myself up, retouched my make-up, fixed my hair and straightened my clothes.
CHAPTER 38 Breakfast
When I came out, Xavier was already back, drinking the coffee I brought him. He winked at me and smiled wickedly.
Hmmm… I felt myself go wet. I wanted him to do me again, but from behind. Oh, how I wished we were back in California.
“Why are the both of you running late, Bo? Where did you guys go after leaving my house?” I asked as I sat down in the empty chair in front of his desk.
“We did some surveillance work,” Xavier answered. “Dom placed a tracker on Dan’s car and we decided to check it out before going home. Dan and Nicole apparently went to the new residential area near town. We found them walking from a newly built house to the clubhouse where Dan’s car was parked. There was someone with them, someone with a black sling bag. We’ve noticed a lot of people here have the exact same bag.”
“I see,” I said, trying to remember if I’ve seen anyone with a black sling bag. “Could be coincidence, could be something else. Anyway, can you tell Chip I’ve placed the bug he wanted me to put in the diner and I’ve also placed the bug Dom gave me on one of the book
shelves in Noah’s house.”
“I’m impressed,” Xavier said, nodding his head appreciatively. He grabbed my panties and placed it in one of his drawers for safekeeping. I’ll tell him when I see him.” He let out a
rated sigh. “I want you to stay here with me, love, but we have to keep up appearances.”
6d up from my
my chair, took my brown tote bag and the coffee I bought for Sebastian and olew him a kiss. “I’ll be at Dom’s if you need me. Enjoy the donuts.”
I left Xavier’s office light on my feet. After Dom’s, I’ll ask Cristos to accompany me to Bismarck so we can pick up Lou. I’ll also ask him about some documents my dad gave Old Man Eugene before my family left New Salem.
I was about to exit the grocery store when someone tall blocked my path. He was wearing a nicely tailored dark blue suit and smelled of expensive cologne.
“Good morning, Virtue! Fancy seeing you here!”
I glanced at the cup of coffee in my hand, then at the tall man standing in front of me.
It would be such a shame to ruin that nice suit.
CHAPTER 38 Breakfast

The Joy of Revenge Novel by Sheila

The Joy of Revenge Novel by Sheila

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
*I didn’t know that night would become my worst nightmare. * It was my junior year in high school. After two years of being bullied, I was now finally accepted by my peers. I had finally blossomed into a lady and now everyone wanted to become my friend. But… the thing happened. I will never forget what happened to me that night. I will never forget that I wasn’t given the justice I deserved. I want revenge. I want them dead… So do my three lovers. The Underbosses of the Blood Disciples. * I knew Xavier was in love with Joy the moment he met her. However, it didn’t stop me or Cristos from falling in love with her too. “I doubt an empire will come crushing down because we love the same girl,” I said. De Luca looked at me, shocked. * “Do you guys steal money from other people?” I asked, completely shocked at his revelation. I knew Cristos was good with computers and encryption, I just didn’t know how far it went. “Sometimes. Sometimes we manipulate, troll, steal incriminating evidence. The usual.” “Our fake ID’s…did you make them?” I asked. I was impressed because they looked so real. “Judging from the monitors, it looks like a call center. How could you have the capital? The security to work without even being scared of law enforcement?” “Sebastian, Xavier and I were born into this kind of life. Since we were little, we were trained to work as a unit just like our fathers. Mama Rose isn’t just a simple housewife. She is also part of the organization and sits as a third high ranking official,” Cristos explained. “Sebastian, Xavier and I are underbosses of the Blood Disciples, the ruling party of the West Coast Mafia. Our fathers are the bosses while our mothers and sisters are consiglieres. We are in training to become the bosses once our fathers retire. Sebastian is in charge of merchandise, ports, and businesses while Xavier handles the trash. I, on the other hand, am in charge of the virtual world. Anything digital goes through me.” * After leaving her small town, Joy Taylor gets a second chance at life and love when she crosses paths with three handsome young men in college. Now, she’s happy, prosperous, and in love with three beautiful men who think the world of her. It seems there’s nothing else she could ask for. Her life felt complete. However, she could never let go of the pain of her past. Especially when she discovers the four boys, who raped her during their junior year in high school, have done it again. This time, the young girl wasn’t so lucky. Her b*dy was found floating in a lake near town. Now, Joy is back in New Salem, seeking her revenge. Ten years may have gone by, but revenge has no expiry date. Unfortunately for Joy, things are not always what they seem.


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