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The Joy of Revenge Novel Chapter 44

CHAPTER 44 The View
The cold wind was blowing, making Virtue wrap her cashmere sweater tightly around herself.
Oh, how I wanted to wrap myself around her naked body and touch every inch of her…
“Welcome to my humble abode,” 1 exclaimed merrily, gesturing at my two guests to follow me inside. “This is the entry hall. Everything you see is original from the hand painted ceiling to the paneling as well as the chandelier. We’ve done a few minor improvements, but it’s mostly for entertainment.”
They surveyed the interior of the house, marveling at the shiny hardwood floors, the walls. decorated with old paintings and the white birch paneling touching the painted ceiling above. They both paused to admire the chandelier hanging in the middle.
“It’s absolutely stunning, Liam,” Chip said, disentangling himself from Virtue. She scoffed at him and backed away, raising her hands.
I took the opportunity of the little scuffle to offer her my arm instead. She smiled and wrapped her hand around the crook of my elbow. A shiver went though me, delighting at her
“So simple, yet so beautiful,” I whispered into her ear. “I’d take your sweater and hang it, but we’ll be going out to see the view overlooking the town and there’s a chill in the air. I wouldn’t want you to catch a cold,” I said. She smiled at me.
“You have a beautiful home, Liam. A remembrance of the 1920s art deco era,” Virtue said.
“Please, continue with the tour.”
“Yes, please,” Chip said while peering through the glass cabinets filled with porcelain-
figurines antiques and rare vintage finds here must cost a fortune. Virtue, look. They
have a Lladro 18th Century Coach sculpture. That piece alone is priced at fifty grand.”
“That’s my grandfather’s collection. Some people collect cars, my grandfather loved. collecting-figurines,” I told him, then pointed to a doorway to our right. “Right through there is the formal living room.”
The heels of her sandals made a clickerty clack sound as she walked, her face full of admiration. I could tell she was impressed which made my heart swell with pride..
13:35 Mon, Mar
CHAPTER 44 The View
Chip followed us into the formal living room which featured an Italian marble hearth and a painted ceiling just like the hallway. The furniture were antiques while a few paintings covered the walls.
I placed my glass on the small rectangular table behind the sofa and led her through two double doors which led into the formal dining room where another set of double doors led outside to the view deck.
“I promised you the view of the town and I keep my promises,” I said as I led her to the double doors. Unfortunately, Claire, my maid, emerged from the door to the kitchen.
“Sir, dinner is ready,” she announced.
“We’ll go outside after we’ve had dinner. The steak won’t taste as good cold,” I said. Virtue smiled and nodded her head in agreement. “Would you like me to take your sweater? We’ll just hang it on the coat hanger by the door, so you can put it on later.”
“That’s okay. I’ll do it,” she said, letting go of my arm.
I frowned. I felt crestfallen without her touch.
She shrugged out of her cardigan revealing the white short sleeved dress that hugged every
ve of her body. The neckline was low enough to show her cr eamy skin and the cleavage of breasts. I stared as the twin mounds moved ever so slightly as she removed her cardigan. idn’t matter what she did or how she did it…every move she made was so sensual, sultry and seductive…without her even knowing it.
Even the simple act of hanging her sweater made me go hot with desire. I watched how her. cute as s moved as she walked towards the coat hanger.
I bit my lower lip and groaned… there was no visible pantyline. I felt myself go hard.
I just wanted to grab her b uttch eeks and rub myself against her. Unfortunately, Chip was in the same room with us. For now, I had to keep myself in check.
“I hope everything is to your liking,” I said as I quickly assisted Virtue with her chair. Chip took the seat across from hers while I sat in front of the dining table.
“I won’t be drinking tonight, Liam.” Chip covered his empty wine glass with his hand, prohibiting my maid from filling it with red wine. “I’m the designated driver.
“I can have Henry drive you home, Chip,” I offered. He shook his head.
CHAPTER 44 The View
“I need my car tomorrow morning, Liam, Chip reasoned. “I have to clean the pub, so I can
open on Monday. The new ceiling is already up. Next weekend, I’m having the walls done.”
“Finally the pub is going through an overhaul,” I said after sipping a spoonful of my soup. “I love the place, but the floors need a good polish, I don’t know why Old Man Eugene never
took the time to have the floors done.”
“Well, even if the pub looks awful, people still come to drink,” Chip said. “So, who lives with
you here? Just you and your dad?” I nodded.
“Yeah, my mom died when I was young.”
“You should get married and fill this place up with kids. Are you dating anyone? Or are you and Nicole a thing?” Chip asked. I coughed and glanced at Virtue who stopped sipping her soup. She was interested at what I had to say.
“Nicole and I aren’t a thing and that’s the truth, I answered. “We were…back in high school, but it didn’t work out. Now, we’re just friends.”
“You sure about that? Because Nicole still seems to think of you as hers,” Chip argued.
“I thought Dom and Nicole were dating,” Virtue countered. Chip looked up at the ceiling, thinking.
bes seem that way, but I’m not too sure. I’ll ask Dom,” Chip said. “So, Liam? Are you
ating anyone?”
“Well, right now, I’m hoping… even wishing for someone,” I replied, trying to be vague. I
didn’t want to scare Virtue away.
“Hoping? I was hoping to get a yes or a no to my question, but I’ll settle for that,” Chip said, his eyes widening at the steak in front of him. “Filet mignon.” He took his steak knife and sliced through the meat. “Medium just how I like it.” He took a piece with his fork, placed it in his mouth and sighed blissfully. “I want to have dinner here every night.”
“Since you asked about my love life,” I said, “how about you, Virtue? Are you dating anyone?”
“Like you… I’m hoping. Mmmm…,” she purred blissfully at the piece of steak in her mouth. “My compliments to the chef. This is cooked perfectly.” I smiled. I love a woman who eats.
“Has anyone in town asked you out?” I asked, thinking of Dom and Bo. They were pretty attentive to her the other night at the pub. I felt a tinge of jealousy when Dom touched her
CHAPTER 44 The View
hand. I didn’t know what they were talking about, but the way he touched her looked like a
“Aside from you? Yeah, someone has asked me out. He stood me up last night,” she said to my shock.
“Who?” I asked, trying to sound nonchalant.
“Jack!” Chip answered for her. I paused, swallowing the piece of steak in my mouth, and
looked at him, urging him to say more. “He asked Virtue to have a drink with him at the pub, but he didn’t show up.”
“He did, did he,” I mumbled before drinking some wine. “And Noah?”
“Oh, he helped me with groceries, so I decided to buy him dinner,” she answered casually.
So it wasn’t a date. It was just her way of thanking him. And here I thought it was a dinner date. F ucking Noah… waving and smirking at me the other day.
I should have known Jack Emery would try to ask Virtue out. S hit. There must be something wrong with him. He couldn’t even get to first base with Abigail, but now he thinks he and Virtue can become a couple?! I smirked while I sliced through my steak.
e and him…undersheriff, a has been injured high school wrestler…. they weren’t a good While Virtue and me, the mayor of this town, a Cohen… we were perfect together.
Cris, as much as he wanted to get into Virtue’s pants, couldn’t afford a scandal before the elections. He had to play it safe. I doubt if Virtue wanted a relationship with a married man. Someone as beautiful as her deserved to be the queen of her home, not some mistress.
After finishing our steaks, I asked Claire to serve us coffee at the view deck. I wanted to end the night romantically, hoping Virtue would see me more than just a friend.
After she put on her sweater, I opened one of the doors and took Virtue’s hand in mine, assisting her onto the view deck.
She gasped seeing New Salem below us, its lights tw inkling like stars.
“You weren’t joking, Liam. This view is AH-MAY-ZING!” Chip exclaimed, patting me on the
“When I have enough money, I’m going to purchase land overlooking the town and build a house. I can already imagine myself at night with a glass of red wine. You will need to yank me away from my house.” He
back. He took out his phone and began taking picture
CHAPTER 44 The View
suddenly paused, shivering. He didn’t have a jacket. “It’s so cold. Uhm, I’ll have my coffee inside, thank you. By the way, can I use your restroom, Liam?”
“Sure,” I replied. “Ask Claire for directions.” Chip quickly left us, sashaying back into the
My luck! Some alone time with Virtue.
I stared at her. The moonlight kissed her gorgeous face, her blue eyes shining like sapphires.
“You’re right. The view is breathtaking,” she murmured.
“You’re breathtaking,” I said, lifting her hand and kissing it. I thought she was going to pull her hand away, but to my relief, she didn’t.
“It must be wonderful to see this during the day she murmured, shyly. Her eyes glanced at me while a small smile played on her luscious pink lips.
“It gives me a wondeful feeling sharing it with you. Honestly, having you here beside me has made this already spectacular view very special to me. I will never forget tonight,” I said, squeezing her hand.
le cheeks suddenly turned a bright red. I caressed her cheek, marveling at the beauty
bod beside me.
hat is so sweet of you to say, Liam,” she murmured. “Tonight is special for me too.”
Her face was so close to mine I could feel her warm breath. I lowered my head. I wanted to taste those sweet lips. I wanted to feel her softness against my body and cradle her in my
But the sudden sound of a phone ringing interrupted my intentions. She backed away and
pointed to my pocket.
“That must be important,” she said.
I rolled my eyes, frustrated.
Who the f uck is calling me anyway?
I took out my phone from my pocket and saw ‘JE’ flashing on the screen. Did-Jack know I was. with Virtue? Was he on his way here?
CHAPTER 44 The View
I excused myself and moved to the end of the view deck, keeping her within my sight. I didn’t want to leave her, but I had to take the call.
“What do you want?” I asked, ready to give him a tongue-lashing if he was on his way to get in the middle of my date. “I’m busy at the moment.”
I heard the unmistakable sounds of a siren in the background. What was going on?
“Liam, sorry to disturb you,” he said sarcastically. “But there was an accident on I-94.”
“And? What does that have to do with me?”
“Can you stop being an as shole just this once and listen to me?!” Jack roared through the phone. “I’m calling you because the person in the ambulance is Abigail. She was in an accident. She’s alive, but it’s bad Liam. I don’t think she’s going to make it.”
I could hear the fear and regret in his voice. I, myself, was taken aback at the news.
I-I’ll head to the hospital now,” I said, hanging up.
What happened?
verything okay? You look like you’ve seen a ghost,” Virtue said. I didn’t notice she
towards me.
o go to the hospital. Abigail…” I couldn’t say it out loud. It would make it real.
What happened to Abigail, Liam? Why is she in the hospital?” I heard the alarm in her
“S-she was in an a-accident,” I whispered.
“Oh my G od!” Virtue exclaimed, quickly embracing me.
I let her comfort me. It felt good to be in her arms… she gave me hope.
“Let’s go. We’re coming with you.”
CHAPTER 44 The View

The Joy of Revenge Novel by Sheila

The Joy of Revenge Novel by Sheila

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
*I didn’t know that night would become my worst nightmare. * It was my junior year in high school. After two years of being bullied, I was now finally accepted by my peers. I had finally blossomed into a lady and now everyone wanted to become my friend. But… the thing happened. I will never forget what happened to me that night. I will never forget that I wasn’t given the justice I deserved. I want revenge. I want them dead… So do my three lovers. The Underbosses of the Blood Disciples. * I knew Xavier was in love with Joy the moment he met her. However, it didn’t stop me or Cristos from falling in love with her too. “I doubt an empire will come crushing down because we love the same girl,” I said. De Luca looked at me, shocked. * “Do you guys steal money from other people?” I asked, completely shocked at his revelation. I knew Cristos was good with computers and encryption, I just didn’t know how far it went. “Sometimes. Sometimes we manipulate, troll, steal incriminating evidence. The usual.” “Our fake ID’s…did you make them?” I asked. I was impressed because they looked so real. “Judging from the monitors, it looks like a call center. How could you have the capital? The security to work without even being scared of law enforcement?” “Sebastian, Xavier and I were born into this kind of life. Since we were little, we were trained to work as a unit just like our fathers. Mama Rose isn’t just a simple housewife. She is also part of the organization and sits as a third high ranking official,” Cristos explained. “Sebastian, Xavier and I are underbosses of the Blood Disciples, the ruling party of the West Coast Mafia. Our fathers are the bosses while our mothers and sisters are consiglieres. We are in training to become the bosses once our fathers retire. Sebastian is in charge of merchandise, ports, and businesses while Xavier handles the trash. I, on the other hand, am in charge of the virtual world. Anything digital goes through me.” * After leaving her small town, Joy Taylor gets a second chance at life and love when she crosses paths with three handsome young men in college. Now, she’s happy, prosperous, and in love with three beautiful men who think the world of her. It seems there’s nothing else she could ask for. Her life felt complete. However, she could never let go of the pain of her past. Especially when she discovers the four boys, who raped her during their junior year in high school, have done it again. This time, the young girl wasn’t so lucky. Her b*dy was found floating in a lake near town. Now, Joy is back in New Salem, seeking her revenge. Ten years may have gone by, but revenge has no expiry date. Unfortunately for Joy, things are not always what they seem.


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