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The Joy of Revenge Novel Chapter 65

CHAPTER 65 The But cher’s Wife
Cynthia McDowell
“Good evening ladies and gentlemen! I would like to welcome everyone to the Buzzed Pub. Tonight is a special night, full of beauty, charm and wit as we search for New Salem’s Miss Honey Bee!”
The pub broke out in whistles and applause as our surroundings grew dark and the lights on the stage grew bright.
One by one, young ladies dressed in their yellow and black casual attire began walking up and down the middle of the vertical ramp connected to the center of the main stage. The
bees against ramp was adorned with artificial flowers while the stage was decorated with toy a backdrop of an image of a honeycomb surrounded by various colorful flowers.
“You should be up there,” Bo whispered in my ear. “You would make a perfect Miss Honey
s so sensual. Bee.” I knew he was teasing me, but the way he said it was
“You think so?”
“I do.” His reply sounded like a promise.
Every time he spoke, his low husky voice sent a shiver up and down my spine. The way he looked at me left me breathless while his breath on my face made me yearn for his kiss.
My pu ssy was already dripping wet even without him touching me. That familiar ache of desire throbbed incessantly…
Whatever he was doing was tantric. Slow, intimate and erotic….
Mmmmm… It has been a very long time since I felt this
I felt giddy inside.
Like a young girl in love.
Yes, I have flirted with other men, but I desired Bo, I wanted him passionately…
I also wanted him to fall in love with me.
“More champagne for my sweet,” Bo murmured as he filled my glass. Beth, the pub’s waitress,
CHAPTER 65 The B utcher’s Wife
had left a tray of appetizers before the pageant began, but the food remained untouched. “If you want anything else, all you need to do is ask.
“Can I have you?”
“Don’t you already have me?” He purred.
1 sighed and nodded my head as I peered into his gorgeous brown eyes, the color of dark caramel. My dead husband’s eyes also had the same kind of hue… maybe a bit lighter than Bo’s eyes, but caramel all the same.
Ever since I first saw Bo, I tried almost everything to grab his attention, but he always acted aloof towards me… polite, yet aloof. Then, all of a sudden, last Saturday, something changed. Bo paused to chat with me and share a few laughs.
And now, a week later, we were on a date.
My friends and I had thought Bo would take an interest in the newcomer, the tall beautiful blonde who moved into the Old Taylor House. I had actually considered killing her, but had shrugged off the idea knowing my son, who had a penchant for raping and killing gorgeous women, would do the dirty deed for me.
Unfortunately, Liam Cohen had taken an interest in her too and asked my son not to touch her. Pete may be underboss, but the Cohens ran this town. Since the Cohens had a good standing within the organization, they were also given preferential treatment by the ‘Big Boss of the Angels of Darkness.
Well, just as long as she didn’t sink her nails into my Bo Xavier, then, she won’t be a problem.
Honestly, I had my doubts when Bo asked me to meet him tonight, but when he looked at me as if I was the only woman in the world to ever exist, I began to believe that wishes could come true.
Norma, although jealous, helped me prepare for tonight. She called her favorite spa Bismarck and set an appointment for me: nails, scrub and wax. It was my first time to go Brazilian; I was bare down there and utterly vulnerable.
“Norma, what if he doesn’t want to see me after tonight? I don’t know if I could continue doing my grocery shopping at Bo’s,” I whined. We were inside a private room at the spa, laid flat on our stomachs, getting a well-deserved full body massage by two young men.
CHAPTER 65 The B utcher’s Wife
Norma’s giggles abruptly stopped after I voiced out my insecurities.
“Cynthia, this isn’t about love. This is about sex and pleasure!” Norma exclaimed sternly. “Get what you want out of the relationship, then when it is time, let him go. If the both of you are meant to be, he will come back. But if it isn’t, well, you’ll have many erotic memories to fill your lonely nights. By the way, you should go lingerie shopping.”
“Lingerie shopping? Already?” I spat out as my masseur rubbed the kinks out of
my back.
“Well, what are you going to wear tonight? You can’t wear yellow… the honey bee girls will be wearing yellow. You’ll look like a total cliche, Norma said. “I think you should wear red. It has always been your color.”
“Isn’t that too much?” I asked. I heard Norma groan in frustration.
“Honestly, Cynthia, what the hell is your problem? You weren’t this insecure at Bo’s early this morning. What happened from there to here?”
I’m just scared I might say something wrong, spill something or get something stuck in between my teeth,” I said.
“Oh, I get it, Cynthia, Norma said, sighing. “You’re hoping he falls in love with you. Honestly,
I hope Jimmy falls in love with me too, but I’ve accepted the inevitable. I know when he graduates college, he’ll leave this town… with me in it… without ever looking back!”
After hearing Norma’s confession, I realized, she and I, we were on the same boat. We were both single, middle-aged women, still hoping for a forever, still wishing for a happily ever after. Yet, we didn’t want to be with men our age. We wanted to be with young, virile studs, half our age, who could f uck us to kingdom come. There lay our dilemma.
But Norma was right. I shouldn’t expect. Yet, there’s no harm in trying.
After Norma had someone wax my nether regions, she dragged me to a boutique to purchase a dress and some skimpy lingerie to match it. I bought a red batwing sleeved one shoulder minidress with matching red laced lingerie. For tonight, I paired the dress with my favorite black high-heeled pumps with red soles while around my neck I wore my fa
favorite gold necklace that had a gold but cher’s knife pendant dangling on it. It was a necklace my dead. husband, Rafael ‘The Bu tcher’ Cadena, gave me when we began formally dating. It was a symbol that I was the only person who had his heart.
At twenty, we both married, making me become the Bu tcher’s Wife, a title I both loved and hated. At twenty-three, I had Peter. We tried to have more children, but I guess Go d had
CHAPTER 65 The B utcher’s Wife
other plans.
I wa
el that toying with our rivals was a bad idea, however he wanted to prove to
e West and the Grim Reapers of the East that he and the Angels of be reckoned with. When one of the three bosses of the Blood
im there was a mistake regarding one particular shipment of ours it, Rafael said he felt disrespected. He said the offer to fix the problem even consulting him was insulting and arrogant. I advised him to keep his cool, but Always, he never listened.
he shipment came via one of the Blood Disciples’ cargo ships, but instead of sending the Blood Disciples a ‘thank you’ note, Rafael and his men killed the crew and took the ship as payment for the disrespect shown to him by the Blood Disciples.
I didn’t expect the Blood Disciples to exact their vengeance so quickly. It was Pete’s ‘Quince” when I got the call that Rafael’s uncle, who was the ‘Big Boss’ of the Angels of Darkness at the time, had made a deal with the Blood Disciples. I had thought it would take a day or two before their assassins made their way to Texas, but I was wrong. When I stepped outside to rejoin the festivities in our backyard, a loud cracking sound from a distance caught my attention and before I could react, Rafael was laying on the ground with a gaping wound in his head, his brain matter splattered all over a stunned teenaged Pete..
I took Pete and ran to New Salem, North Dakota where one of Rafael’s capos had already taken refuge when the FBI got too close. The town appeared to be squeaky clean, but in reality, it housed the main laboratory of crystal meth laid hidden at a cabin near the park.
I found the profits to be too small and decided to build one huge laboratory underground near the lake. While Pete dealt with the trauma of his father’s death, I focused on expanding operations to bring in more money, so I could one day get my retribution.
But things are easier said than done.
George Taylor didn’t want to sell me his land, so I had my son deal with it. It wasn’t an ideal solution to have George Taylor’s only daughter raped and left for dead, but it worked. I got the land and built a massive laboratory underground while the Cohens saw the last of the Taylors leave New Salem.
As for the Blood Disciples, no one could tell me which among the Blood Disciples’ assassins. killed my husband. Before I could confront Rafael’s uncle, he mysteriously died and Veronica, his sister and Rafael’s aunt, took his place. I begged Veronica for assistance, but she said if I avenged Rafael’s death, it would create a bigger problem. Instead, she offered Pete his
CHAPTER 65 The But cher’s Wife
unorthodox ways, my nephew dedicated his life to the organization.
my appreciation, I will bestow his title to your son. Pedro just has to worthy,” Veronica said when she finally allowed me audience. I stood in front
desk at a club she owned in Houston.
nd how do you propose Pete proves his worth?” I asked.
Simply by following our motto… ‘Our loyalty is bound by blood and money.’ All Pedro has to do is kill someone I despise or bring in the wealth. When he does, the title of Capo Ba stone. will be bestowed upon him at a ceremony I myself will head.”
So, I brought in the money for Pete, praying it will be enough. Thankfully, it was. Now, he was the Capo Bas t one of the West North Central States, but the trauma of losing his father had made him cold and cruel. He didn’t care about keeping allies… he just wanted people to follow orders.
One time, I tried speaking to him about his fondness for kidnapping women, but he told me to stay out of his way.
“You can meddle and call the shots on everything else, Mom, just not my sex life. I like how they cry and scream. It excites me,” he said after I suggested he seek professional help. “I can’t kill you, Mom, but I can definitely throw you on a deserted island and leave you there.
“Cynthia, everything okay?” I felt Bo’s hand on my knee. I didn’t notice I had spaced out.
The contestants were already in their swimsuits walking up and down the ramp, all smiles, following the rhythm of the music.
I smiled warmly at Bo and inserted a hand through the opening of his shirt, caressing his smooth chest.
It was time for me to let go and be happy for once.
“Just as long as I’m with you, Bo, everything’s okay.”
“Okay isn’t enough,” Bo replied. “I want everything to be perfect… just for you.”
He kissed me tenderly on the cheek.
I think I’m in love.
CHAPTER &5 The Bu tcher’s Wife

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