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The Luna Is Gone by Angelique Quinn Chapter 46

Chapter 46

Diana’s pov

I saw Nathan’s hand holding Avia’s waist with veins exposed.

After a few seconds of stalemate, he slowly lowered his arm.

I didn’t hide the mockery in my eyes, and suddenly felt a lot better in my heart. I walked past Nathan and Avia proudly.

After lunch, Victor and I tried several more events

The sky gradually darkened, and a crescent moon hung in the sky.

Unlike in the daytime, the amusement park was now illuminated with colorful. lights, making it even more vibrant and lively.

At this moment, Victor and I were queuing up to take the Ferris wheel. However, to my surprise, Nathan also brought Avia to the Ferris wheel. I still remember my birthday two years ago when I was with Nathan.

I invited Nathan to the amusement park because I heard that two lovers kissing on the highest point of a Ferris wheel would receive the blessing of the Moon Goddess.

How did Nathan reply to me at that time?

Oh, he said he hated boring things like Ferris wheels. If I wanted to go, I could go by myself. Don’t waste his time.

Then he turned around and left with his new girlfriend in his arm.

That day, I went to the amusement park alone.

Then, because he had s e x with another woman, which triggered the mate bond pain. I was almost hurt to death.

I really didn’t expect him to come to this place that he evaluated as boring.

I guessed what was really boring was not the Ferris wheel, but me who had no attraction to him.

The queue reached its end. The staff began to urge everyone to quickly get into the compartments.

The people behind me began to crowd, and a couple standing around me suddenly started arguing.

I didn’t know what the boy said, but it completely angered the girl.

The girl gave the boy a hard push, and the boy had to step back and collided in the direction where I was.

I instinctively took a step forward to avoid the boy, but fell head–on on Nathan’s back.

I rubbed my forehead to stand still, but before I could open my eyes, I felt someone pushing me Hard.

“Hurry up. The Ferris wheel is about to start! If you want to make out, then do it up

there,” the staff shouted.

“What Before I could react, I was pushed into the closest compartment. And Nathan was in the same compartment with me!

turned around and found that Victor and Avia were still standing outside.

I wanted to go out, but the glass door closed at this moment.

One hand grabbed my waist from behind and led me back. Then, I bumped into a hard and broad chest.

I heard Nathan’s slightly urgent voice ringing in my ear.

Are you crazy? Don’t you know it’s dangerous to go out at this time?”

The Ferris wheel has already started and was slowly moving upwards.

I broke free from Nathan’s embrace and turned around to watch him cautiously. After staring at each other for a long time, Nathan sat expressionless in a chair. “Whether you want it or not, you can only stay here with me until the end of this round.”

I gritted my teeth and glanced outside again.

The people standing on the ground were getting farther away from me and were increasingly blurred.

I let out two breaths angrily, turned my back, and didn’t want to take another look at


However, the Ferris wheel suddenly shook twice.

I didn’t stand steadily and fell backwards, falling onto Nathan’s leg.

Nathan once again held my waist and asked with a smile, “Are you throwing yourself at me?”

“You’re crazy! Let go of me!” I yelled.

“You took the initiative to sit on my lap,” he squinted.

I suddenly felt goosebumps all over my body, and even the hair on the back of my neck stood up

I couldn’t help but recall the feeling of sitting alone in the Ferris wheel last time.


Extreme pain!

And that kind of pain was exactly brought by the man behind me!

I didn’t want him to touch me at all!

“I said, let go of me!” I yelled again.

“Wat if I don’t let go?” Nathan tightened his arm with a hint of laughter in his tone.

I pursed my lips, no longer struggling, but calmly asked him, “Do you think it’s proper to flirs now?”

I could clearly feel Nathan’s body stiffening

I took the opportunity to leave his embrace and sat opposite him.

Nathan was unhappy, his eyelashes drooping. I didn’t know what he was thinking.

I averted my gaze from his face and turned to look out the window.

For me, the best situation was that we didn’t pay attention to each other, waited for the end of this journey, and then said goodbye.

But just a few seconds later, Nathan’s voice rang out again.

Compared with the teasing tone just now, it has become much more calm and composed.

“How did you know about my relationship with Avia?” he asked.

I fell silent and said, “Secrets cannot always be secrets. As long as I want to know, I will always find out.”

Nathan looked up, his eyes full of exploration, “Do you care about my relationship. with Avia?”

I frowned and didn’t understand why Nathan asked such a question.

But soon, I realized it.

Nathan only told Healer about Avia being Nathan’s sister.

And naturally, I couldn’t reveal Healer’s identity, so I just casually made an excuse to evade Nathan, but I didn’t expect him to misunderstand me.

“You overthought it,” I sighed.

Nathan didn’t intend to let me go, “But if a secret is exposed, someone must want it exposed. It proves that you still care about my relationship with Avia, otherwise why

did you investigate it?”

I didn’t know how to answer Nathan. Thinking about what happened today and Nathan’s inexplicable behavior, I simply threw the question back to him-

“Why do you care so much about if I care about your relationship with Avia? Nathan, don’t tell me Avia guessed it right. After a year, you really fell in love with me.”

I thought Nathan would immediately refute me and mock me, just like before. But what shocked me was that he fell silent again, just like Avia asked him not long


I suddenly felt a little nervous and cleared my throat, saying, “Forget it, you don’t need to answer. I know that’s impossible.”

There was eerie silence in the compartment.

The Ferris wheel was still rising. As it was about to reach its peak, a series of firecrackers suddenly rang in my ears.

I turned my head and looked out the window. Countless fireworks were blooming in their, bursting with dazzling light.

he night was shrouded in dazzling brilliance, as if a meteor shower had fallen.

I looked at the scene before me with shock.

Suddenly a powerful hand passed through my long hair and pressed down on my

Samutiny, a punt neck

Jatni passtu

ariny ang iii ait presstu uuwi

Before I could react, my body leaned forward because of the external force.

Immediately after, a cold fragrance rushed into my nose. My lips pressed against

another one.

Nathan kissed me!

I was stunned. For a moment, I forgot to struggle and allowed Nathan to deepen the


It wasn’t until I was about to suffocate that he released me.

I was panting heavily. My head was dizzy, and my heart was beating violently.

It took me a while to recover from this sudden kiss.

I looked at Nathan in shock, my lips trembling lightly.

“Are you crazy?” I heard myself asking in a hoarse voice.

Didn’t Nathan hate me, the useless Luna the most?

Wasn’t he always saying that I was dull and uninteresting?

Why did he suddenly kiss me?

However, Nathan just silently stared at me and didn’t answer anything. The Ferris wheel was slowly descending, but I felt as if time had frozen. After a long time, the Ferris wheel finally came to a stop.

The heavy door was opened, and I heard Victor calling my name.

I finally realized it and hurriedly stood up from my seat and walked outside. At this moment, Nathan finally spoke.

His voice was as hoarse as mine.

He said –

“What if I say ‘yes‘? Diana, what will you do?”

The Luna Is Gone by Angelique Quinn

The Luna Is Gone by Angelique Quinn

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