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The Rejected Delta’s Secret Pups Chapter 12

Chapter 12

I landed the first blow and Greyson grunted. We were boxing because I needed to think and sports like these makes me feel better.

I grunted and dodged when Grayson attempted to punch me. We moved away,apart from each other.

“You’ve gotten sloppy,” I said and He smiled.

“There’s been no one to practice with for a long time now. Raven said he’s scared of kicking my ass” he scoffed and continued “and the others are just too weak”

“I still can’t figure out why Rielle would do that to me. I knew she was a manipulative b*tch,but killing?,kidnapping?,blood creek? I’m surprised” I said and He threw down his gloves.

“I did warn you. If you remember well. But you chose to throw away your soulmate for that crazy b*tch!”

“You did. I thought it was because you liked her” I said and he glared at me.

“Don’t let Giselle hear you”

“I’m still mad at you for being with my sister. Don’t ever talk about her like that in my front,” I cautioned,pointing my finger at him.

“I love her…”

He didn’t complete the sentence before I punched him. He should know better than taking my sister as his mate.

He spat at saliva and chuckled, “but I did warn you about Rielle. I’ve known her since we were children. She loves power and she is highly spiritual”

“What are you driving at?”

“Rielle had the power she wanted by being your Luna,the highest position a woman could ever have. It wasn’t enough because she was defying the moon goddess……” he was still talking when I interrupted him.

“You mean,she is helping her soulmate?,her fated?”


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Chapter 121

He nodded, “if you think of it,that’s the only reason she could do what she did.”

“If we’re to believe the müller girl,then she really loves this person. For her to become a rogue just to make him an Alpha.”


“And that puts your children in danger“, he was stating the obvious and I sighed.

The fact that I haven’t gotten my children has been making me uneasy. I needed them in order to win back Amara. I made a mistake with Rielle and I must rectify that.

“Who is her fated mate?” I asked Grayson and he stared at me blankly.

“How am I supposed to know that Alpha?”

“Who is your fated mate?”

I knew Giselle wasn’t his fated.we haven’t spoken about it before. I had always thought that he never met her.

He stared at me,he wasn’t expecting that question.

“Alpha,why the sudden interest in that?”

I stared back at him incredulously, he was questioning me!.

“Is it Rielle?”

He seemed shocked and opened his mouth to talk but closed it back and sighed before speaking.

“It’s not Rielle. It’s…someone else“, the hesitation in his voice told me it was

someone I knew.


“Eve Müller”

My eyes widened in surprise and I burst out laughing.

“The Müller lady?,the one who murdered her father?” I said in between laughter as he glared at me murderously.

“At least I didn’t make the mistake of marrying her,unlike someone I know”




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Chapter 12


“You must’ve murdered babies in your past life to have been given a murder as a mate” I said as I made to sit.

“At least I didn’t reject my fated mate to end up with a murderer”

I pushed him and we began to wrestle each other,our muscles straining as we grappled for control. I pinned him to the floor and was about to deliver a powerful punch when Raven’s voice startled us.

“Alpha,You need to see this.”

I stood up,extending a hand to Grayson who quickly took it and sprang up eagerly.

“What is it?“” I questioned as I dusted dirt from my back.

“It’s uh…a package”

“From?” Greyson asked this time.

“I don’t know. But it was sent to you and when I..I looked into it.I think you should see it”

I walked briskly and Greyson trailed behind as we followed Raven.

Raven was a delta and a deadly assassin. I first met him when he was brought in as a criminal,apparently he murdered someone and when I asked him why he said he only did what he was told without asking question as long as he got paid.

When I recruited him,Greyson complained saying that Raven belonged in the cells not as a guard. But I grew to trust him and his skills.

We stopped in a room that was used for deliberations and a box was in the middle. with a note. I picked up the note and read.

“Hello Lucien, there’s no need mincing words, you know we have your children and you know what we would do to them. In this box contains Alpha’s blood,extracted from little Rick. He’s such a crybaby,I wonder how someone like that could become an Alpha. You have a week to relinquish the title to me or face. the consequences.”

There was no details of the sender. I scoffed and crumpled the paper into a hall and flinging it.



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Chapter 12

I opened the box and sure enough, there was a bottle filled with blood. I sighed, curling my fist into a ball.


I’ve had no success with searching for them. Amara was on my n*eck,she wanted me to find the children before something happens to them. I fear that the people of Silverpine are already talking about how incompetent I am.

I don’t know how the news about Rielle’s escape reached the ears of the people,but now everyone knows about it and I’m faced with pressure from the elders.

I stomped into my room,leaving the others behind when I saw the crone by the corner. She lit up a cigar and was about to take it to her mouth when I called her.

“Rielle’s associate sent me a note. They want me to leave silverpine and relinquish my title to the. Perhaps they’ll be merciful enough not to kill my children” I said to her as she threw the cigar on the floor,decisively lifting her foot and bringing it down,crushing the cigar.

I watched as the embers flickered and faded, I viewed them as my problems as they came and would finally leave.

“Mmhhh,” she grunted.

“What should I do?”

I have grown used to asking Agatha for advice and I did find her advice helpful. Contrary to what the others said about her being cunning and notorious,her guidance has been wonderful.

“Mhhhh..I heard they want to eat your child”

“Not eat,drink their blood. The blood moon ritual”

“When’s the next blood moon?” She questioned and my face lit up.

The blood moon wasn’t until about 6 months. My children would be safe for now. Drinking their blood now would be a waste.

“Don’t get excited. If they have the sadex,they could do that,” she said again and I paled.

The sadex is an ancient staff used for blood rituals. There were some rumours about it being used to make an Alpha. It has been locked in the vault alongside


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Chapter 12

other materials that were considered dark objects.

“It’s locked in the vault. They can’t get their hands on it” I stated matter of factedly.

“If you say so,” she said and began to walk away. I followed suit. Climbing stairs. after stairs,I needed to see her,my heart yearned for her,I wanted her!.

I hadn’t seen her for about a week. I couldn’t face her after failing to find our children.

I was about to knock when I paused after hearing her on the phone. A part of me wanted to leave, to give her privacy. But another part, the very inquisitive and nosy one wanted very badly to stay back and listen.

I decided on the latter,I stayed and listened.

As I leaned against the outer wall of the room,my brows perked up when I heard the one sided conversation that was taking place.

At first I couldn’t figure out who it was,but later I found out that it seemed to be someone she was in love with. From my point of view,it was clear that she missed him and I clenched my fist as she said those words.

I was hurt. I knew 7 years was a long time,but it still hurts. To know that she had someone she loves and it wasn’t me.

She was in love,I heard it in her voice, I heard it in the words she spoke.

“Mine!” Kaz growled and I seethed with anger as I fought to stop it from taking


I will figure out something, I thought as I walked down a spiral of stairs,stopping in front of the vault. I took out the key from my n*eck.

It has always been there,never leaving my n*eck so there was no way anyone. would’ve taken it.

I opened the vault and right there in the middle was the purple box that contained the sadex.

The Rejected Delta’s Secret pups Novel by Golden

The Rejected Delta’s Secret pups Novel by Golden

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
Read The Rejected Delta’s Secret pups Novel by Golden After Amara, a seemingly lowly omega is cheated on by her boyfriend, she has a little too much to drink at a party and ends up having a one night stand with the Alpha Lucien of her pack. She discovers that she has found her wolf after the encounter and realises that the Alpha is her mate.


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