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The Rejected Delta’s Secret Pups Chapter 25

Chapter 25

With Lucien’s rejection once more,I walked away from the mansion and walked with no direction in mind until I came face to face with my Grandmother.

Somehow, I had found my way to her house,my home, The house I grew up in.

“It’s alright my dear. It’s alright,” she kept saying as I sobbed,after explaining everything to her.

“It hurts..it hurts..it hurts,” I kept repeating in between sobs and she pulled me into her embrace.

“The Alpha would soon realize what he’s lost.” She bit out firmly and I pulled out of her embrace. I didn’t want her huge bracelets to crush my spine.

It felt nice to have at least one person on my side.

It was heart wrenching to see disappointment etched on Lucien’s face as he looked at me. I couldn’t take that off my mind.

Even Eve!,my own Sister!. The way she looked at me held nothing but disgust and contempt. Giselle and Greyson looked at me the same way too.

“There’s no better way to cheer yourself up than having plum wine.” My Grandmother said as she retreated into the inner room.

I brought out a picture of Rick and Kai and my memories of the three of us came flooding back.

“The Alpha will get your children back. Trust him on that,” I didn’t know when she came out of the room.

But she was indeed right. If there’s one thing I was sure about,it was that Lucien would find the children. But the problem was that he might not keep to his promise.

If He claims that I am incapable of taking care of the children,using those pictures as proof,there’s nothing I could possibly do. The children will not be given to me. My own children!!.

“Now child,don’t think about anything. Just have a drink and get lost in the moment,” She said as she poured the wine into a cup.




Chapter 25

“Grandma,I’m worried about the kids..”

“They’ll be fine Amara,they’ll be,” She said as she handed the cup to me,stopping me from stating my worries.

“This wine is so good that I don’t just give it out to anyb*dy. It has been stored for more than one thousand days and you know me and my wines,”

I chuckled. Of course My grandmother was a wine connoisseur of some sorts. She was known in Silverpine for making the best wines.

I gulped the drink down,allowing the sweet and sour taste to engulf me.

“He won’t send them to me,” I stated,taking another swig from the cup.

“You don’t know that,” She said, taking a seat in front of me.

“I’ve lost everything. Everything!,” I chuckled bitterly as I took a sip of the wine again.

“You haven’t,stop saying that,” She chided and I shook my head in disapproval. “No Grandma,it’s true. Mother’s gone,My children,my world!,they’re gone. Lucien hates me!. Eve looks at me as if she’s better than me. She who murdered our father!‘ I chuckled bitterly again.

“Everyone hates me!. They think I cheated on Lucien!. Me who’s supposed to be Luna soon. Me who was so happy that my world was coming back together,that I’ll have my children and get to be with my true mate,” I continued,noticing Grandma’s sigh.

She leaned over and held my hands tenderly.

“Amara my dear child. You know how I have always taken a liking to you since you were a baby. You’re a strong one you know,stronger than you think you are.” She paused and peered into my face.

“You’re a Müller. You will survive this. See think about it,when you were first rejected years ago you thought your life was going to end,but it didn’t. If you could survive that,then there’s nothing you possibly can’t survive,” She said, nodding her head.

“Right?,” she asked and I nodded,sniffing,




She poured the wine for me again and handed it to me.

“Now consider yourself special to have been given my special thousand years old plum wine,”

I chuckled as I took a swig off it and thought of something I had taken off my mind for a while.

“Grandma can I ask you a question?,”

“Sure Child. Ask away,” she replied.

“Do you know why Eve murdered our father?,”

She looked startled. She wasn’t expecting that question. She probably was expecting a question related to my children or Lucien’s rejection.

“Child..why..why are you asking about that right now. I thought you’ve forgiven her,” She stated,leaning back down on the sofa.

“I just..”

“Is it because she didn’t believe you?,” She questioned.

“No no,it’s not that. It’s just that I’ve always thought about it,” I said,taking another swig of the wine.

“And have you spoken to her about that?,” she took a sip of her drink.

“She said she’ll tell me when the time is right,” I announced.

“She said she wanted to confirm some things before letting me know,something about getting solid proof so I can understand,” I stated, remembering when I had asked Eve and she spoke in a calm voice,letting me know that she wanted me to see why she had no other choice.

When Eve murdered our father,she had simply walked out on all of us,she left the house and according to tradition got the exile sentence and left Silverpine.

What was confusing was the fact that Mother did not seem to hate Eve.





14:48 We 13 Mar

Chapter 25

“Mother Mother!!,” I yelled and ran to meet her with tears in my eyes.

“What is it Amara?,” she questioned.

“Father……Eve…..dead..dead…ohhh,” I stuttered before bursting into tears again.

“Who is dead?,what happened?,”

“Father!!,oh father!!,” I said in between sobs.

“Where is Eve?,” she questioned as she began to walk briskly to the room,the room where my father’s lifeless b*dy lay.

“She killed father!!,l yelled.

Mother entered the room and bent down. She put her fingers over his n*eck and removed it after a while.

“He’s dead.” She announced and I broke out in sobs again.

Of course he’s dead,there’s no way he would’ve survived those many stabs. She stabbed him severally on his chest,one going directly to his heart. She did mean to kill him.

Our poor father who did no wrong but to love his children.

“Where’s Eve,” she asked as soon as she stood up.

“I don’t know. She just walked away,like that. She wasn’t even remorseful,” I bit out as I began to wipe the tears from my eyes.

“Alright,” she said as she walked away,leaving the b*dy like that in the room.

After that day she never spoke about Eve or father.

It was I who reported the incident and got Eve banished, it was I alone who buried my father.

Mother acted like something didn’t happen and whenever I brought the matter,she’d stop me. She had only said one thing, that I shouldn’t blame Eve.

Grandma’s voice broke my chain of thoughts.

“What are you so lost in thought about child?,”


Chapter 25

I stared at her blankly,had she been talking to me?.

“What?,” I questioned,my brows scrunched up in confusion.

“I said maybe you should trust her. There must be a good reason for her to murder your father,”

“I doubt it. Father was a good man,perhaps the last good man in Silverpine. She probably murdered him because he was trying to stop her from doing something. bad,” I shot out.

“And what of your Mother?,”

“Mother probably didn’t want to hate her child. I don’t know.” I shrugged.

“Whatever the reason is, I’m sure you’ll find out soon enough.” She said and I sighed.

I would never believe Eve,father was a good man and she murdered him.

I took a sip again,letting the wine swirl around. My tongue danced to the rich taste. it gave.The wine was indeed soothing.

“Grandma,” I said as I dropped the cup on the table.

“Yes child,” she answered,inching closer towards me.

“I think I have to go back to human territory,” I declared and she looked at me in surprise.

“You sure you want that?,” she asked,her voice laced with concern.

“I do, I’m sure. When I thought my life had ended, it was being in the human territory that helped me, I found my passion and I was good at it!“” I said beaming

with smile.

I love being a doctor. It is the only thing I have left now and I’m going to go back to it. I’m a good doctor.

Lucien will get the kids and he’ll take care of them. Even if he doesn’t give them to me, I’ll be fine with knowing that they’re safe with him. They’re his pups,he won’t let anything happen to them.

“I’m sure Grandma,I’m Sure,” I said with a smile.

The Rejected Delta’s Secret pups Novel by Golden

The Rejected Delta’s Secret pups Novel by Golden

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
Read The Rejected Delta’s Secret pups Novel by Golden After Amara, a seemingly lowly omega is cheated on by her boyfriend, she has a little too much to drink at a party and ends up having a one night stand with the Alpha Lucien of her pack. She discovers that she has found her wolf after the encounter and realises that the Alpha is her mate.


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