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The Rejected Delta’s Secret Pups Chapter 32

Chapter 32
I grunted in satisfaction as the arrow hit the bull’s eye after my many attempts. I had a lot on my mind and it affected my agility and precision.
‘Alpha what should we do about the insistent elders?, Greyson asked me after being silent for a while.
Despite my announcement that Nathaniel would have a trial and careful selection. of the judges to avoid corruption,some of the elders were still being
stubborn,insisting that it has never being done that the zeta elders has always been judges at trials.
Greyson said I was disrespecting them by not seeing anyone of them whenever they came to see me.
‘Do nothing. Leave them, they’re just raving mad dogs who can’t do anything.”
He sighed. ‘you know they’re still powerful, as it has always being, they can remove an alpha,”
‘Are you scared?, you must be scared for your life knowing that if they decide to replace the alpha with whomever they want,maybe my brother, you would go down with me, I said as I released another arrow and smiled as it hit its target.
‘I’m worried they’ll join hands with Rielle and the blood creek. He said and I turned to face him.
‘They’ll join hands with a murderer because I won’t let them have what they want?,” I stared at him incredulously.
‘Alpha these people could do that,no,they’d do that. I know it, I’m sure of it.” He started firmly and I chuckled darkly.
“Well then what do you suggest I do?,’ I questioned, dropping the bow on the table as I shoved my hands deeper into my pocket.
The elders could do that,but I will not let them have what they want. Let them do whatever they want, I don’t care. But then, I cannot let them join forces with Rielle,it would be worse. I haven’t finished dealing with just her,I can’t begin to imagine how it would be when they all join forces.
Just see them at least and maybe talk to them…”
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12:06 Thu, 14 Mar
Chapter 32
I scoffed, ‘talk to them?,what do you think they want to talk about?. It’ll probably be about how they think I’m too young and that’s why I don’t understand and then proceed to advise me on what to do,’ I said and sighed heavily.
I was about to say something when an idea hit me.
“You know what Greyson,I know what to do. You can announce it to them later. Nathaniel’s trial will be held in a fortnight,’ I said and Greyson stared at me incredulously.
‘In a fortnight?,”
‘Yes, that should shut them up for now as they would think of ways to make him not found guilty.
‘Alright Alpha,what about the issue of picking a Luna,have you found one?,Irene?,” he asked,raising a suggestive brow at me and I glared at him murderously. Even if I would take a luna,it wouldn’t be someone like Irene.
She was beautiful,but she just wasn’t…Amara..
‘If you want your head to keep resting on your n*eck,I suggest you stop asking such questions.
‘Relax,relax,it was a joke,he chuckled and I continued glaring at him.
‘But seriously though, you know the elders will not relent, they just won’t give up… he was saying when I cut him off.
‘Yea..,they won’t. I don’t give up either,I won’t, I said firmly,effectively cutting him off as he opened his mouth to speak before clamping them shut.
‘I could help you find Amara..you know..,’ he said suddenly and I clenched my fist.
‘Don’t you ever speak about her.don’t..”
‘I’m sorry, I just thought it was the reason you still haven’t selected a Luna,’ I didn’t say anything.I just gritted my teeth and glared at him in silence.
I walked away.going towards the deliberation room when I saw Eve,staring at me from afar. I muttered curses under my breath. That bi tch was too creepy for my liking. I would tell Greyson to find her a good place outside the mansion for her. I was tired of seeing her creepy a ss face.
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Thu, 14 Mar
Chapter 32
I turned away from her but still felt eyes on me and I turned to look at her again,she was staring at me,her expression unreadable. I thought of our conversations that night and the one with Greyson
Greyson was right,It just felt very unfaithful taking another woman who isn’t her. I sighed. Maybe Eve was right,maybe we judged her too soon.
I would not ask greyson to find her,I had to find her myself.
I walked briskly out of the room,back to the archery room and upon reaching there, I didn’t find Greyson.
Walking back to my room,I realized that she might even still be in silverpine. At her grandmother’s. If indeed she was remorseful, she’ll be here. I saw Giselle,walking towards the kitchen and I called her.
She turned back and upon seeing me, ‘lucy..,’ I growled and glared at her,I was really tired of her calling me that, like a baby.
‘Don’t call me that, I’m still your alpha,’ I growled.
“And my brother,’ she said with a smile. I didn’t want to argue with her so I just
‘Tell your man that i’m off to somewhere,i’ll be back soon.
Her mouth was wide open as she looked at me.
‘What?,’ I asked,clearly surprised.
‘You have finally acknowledged Greyson as my man,this calls for a party,’ she said and I laughed deeply.
‘Well,see you around,’ I said as I made to leave.
“Wait,where are you going?,” she asked and without turning back, ‘you’ll know when I get back,.
Being back in human territory was strange. I had gone to meet the old Mrs. Müller and she told me that Amara left heartbroken,coming to the human territory to start all over again. My heart clenched. I did that. I hurt her. Not once,twice!. The
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Chapter 32
woman I love!.
I went to her house and clenched my fist as a man came out of the house. It took all the willpower in me not to punch him with everything i’ve got,but i’m here to make things right,not increase them. I have to trust her,maybe this man was a patient and there’s nothing going on between them.
*Can I help you?, he questioned and I swallowed hard,trying to stop Kaz from emerging and ripping this little weak human to pieces.
‘I’m here to see jessica,doctor jessica, I declared firmly,calling the name she bears in the human territory
‘Sorry I don’t know who that is,’
Was he playing some kind of joke right now?.
‘She lives here,’ I said and his face lit up.
‘Ohhhh I’m sorry,she must not have informed you,’ he was saying.
‘Informed me?,had she travelled to another country?,’
‘She moved out about two weeks ago, I now live here,’ he said and my heart sank.
“Do you know where she moved to?,; I asked,hoping for something,anything.
‘I have no clue whatsoever, I never met her,’ he said and then continued, “if you’ll excuse me,I have to tend to somethings,’ he said and went inside,
Left with only one option and praying that I do see her there, I drove to the hospital she was working at. It was difficult getting there as I had never been there and only remembered the name when Greyson mentioned it once..
I finally got it as I soon found myself in front of a small white building,the letters, ‘trinity medical hospital,’ were printed in dark blue in front of it and I saw some nurses look at me,hiding a smile,some openly pointed at me and blushed.
I knew I was handsome as i’ve always had that effect on women. When I was a child,some women would urge their children to be friends with me,especially the females and growing up, I was with lots of women,lots of them. I had so many night stands and I sighed when I remembered that I met Amara on one of such
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Chapter 32
‘Hello,welcome to Trinity hospital..,’ I turned and there was a petite blonde beside. me,she was smiling widely,revealing her gap tooth. There was nothing distinct about her and she wasn’t beautiful either,at least not according to Silverpine’s standard.
‘I’m looking for doctor Jessica,’ I said and she stared at me,I could detect suspicion in her gaze.
‘What is it?, I questioned and she beckoned me to follow her.
I hesitated before following her as she walked and I realized she was walking to the back of the hospital..
“Where do you want to take me to,’ I asked as I suddenly stopped walking. I was beginning to get annoyed.
She stopped and turned back to face me. ‘I don’t want anyone to hear. There are some rumours that the director fired some people he heard talking about this.
I scrunched my brows in confusion. What exactly did they do to warrant being fired. What is going on. I was beginning to have a bad feeling about this.
She leaned closer to be and began to speak. The things she was saying was impossible,it couldn’t have happened,it really wasn’t possible. I knew it. I just know.
I thanked her as she finished speaking,realizing that now more than ever, I needed to find her.

The Rejected Delta’s Secret pups Novel by Golden

The Rejected Delta’s Secret pups Novel by Golden

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
Read The Rejected Delta’s Secret pups Novel by Golden After Amara, a seemingly lowly omega is cheated on by her boyfriend, she has a little too much to drink at a party and ends up having a one night stand with the Alpha Lucien of her pack. She discovers that she has found her wolf after the encounter and realises that the Alpha is her mate.


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