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The Rejected Delta’s Secret Pups Chapter 68

Chapter 68

“We have been unable to find Norman,” my right–hand man revealed and I clenched my fist.

“What do you mean you have been unable to find him? It’s been almost two weeks!” I yelled, banging my hand on the table.

Rielle would be disappointed in me with the way things were going. She made a huge sacrifice for us, but things were becoming worse each day.

I wasn’t counting on Norman leaving, since we had his mother. It was Rielle’s idea to bring his mother since she would be of great assistance to us and also as a way to make Norman never betray us.

She said she caught him sneaking out and secretly followed him. That was when she discovered that he was having an affair with the other Müller sister. I had an investigation done and to my surprise, they were mates.

He must have found out for a long time and had been playing double agent. It was a good thing that the oath prevented him from doing anything. I can’t begin to imagine what would happen if he revealed my identity.

Norman was a good soldier and I had recruited him when I was at Redvine pack, he was among the first set of people to join my order. I had known him since we were children. We weren’t exactly friends but we played together occasionally. I had convinced him to join me and find a purpose in life again.

I remember coming back from the mansion, tired and frustrated and wanting nothing more than to just drink and sleep. The sight of Lucien and Rielle k*ssing kept replaying in my head and it annoyed me.

I know she did it for me, but I was hurt.

“Where’s Norman?” I asked the guy standing by the door. I believe it was Rielle- who placed him there as a b*dyguard, not that I needed one anyway.

“He hasn’t been back since yesterday,” he replied and I scrunched my face in confusion, and then I curled my fist into a ball. The little bastard! Had he run away? forgetting that his mother was in my custody.

“Why didn’t you tell me since?!” I yelled.


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11:44 Fri, 15 Mar u G

Chapter 68

“He said you sent him on a confidential errand, that’s why I didn’t bother informing you,” he admitted and I clenched

my fist.

“And how’s the crone?”



“She’s fine, I checked on her myself, this morning,” he stated and I decided that I was going to pay her a visit.

I walked briskly to the refrigerator and pulled out a beer. I was just about to pour it into a cup when one of the soldiers stationed outside rushed inside, with an envelope in his hand.

“Alpha!!,a letter from Silverpine mansion.”

I grabbed it from him and waved him away. I opened it and scowled as I read it. I inhaled deeply, thoroughly annoyed.

The letter said that Norman was being held in a cell in Silverpine’s mansion. He had come to the mansion with the Müller women and was instantly arrested at the gate. According to the letter, he had to be eliminated quickly as he might have found a way to break the oath.

It was handwritten, by Rielle herself. She said she might’ve found a way to get rid of both Müller sisters quickly and that she thinks Lucien was beginning to trust her. I smiled at that. At least everything was going well and the sacrifice was worth it.

The next few days were like torture, watching Rielle and Lucien act all lovey dovey and my heart kept clenching at the sight. It was horrible and what was worse was that I couldn’t do anything. I felt helpless and powerless and I had to keep reminding myself that it was just an act, she was doing it for me, for us.

I got another letter from Rielle that she would take down Giselle as it seemed that she would become an obstacle to us. I wove my hand through my hair as I thought of what to do if it was even going to be the right decision.

I loved Giselle, but I had to listen to Rielle. She after all knows what the best course of action would be.

I only hoped that we could do this quickly before she gave birth. I couldn’t bear the thought of another man carrying my son as his, Lucien especially.


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Chapter 68

It came as a surprise to me, when I received a letter to send a surprise box containing the boy’s finger to the mansion. The letter had said that she wanted

Amara to learn.

The Rielle I know would never hurt a child. She had been furious when she first learned that the children had been kidnapped.

“Are you sure this came from the Luna?” I had asked the soldier who brought it.



“I received it through the normal route and it doesn’t seem to have been tampered with,” he replied and I glanced at the envelope.

If it had been tampered with, I’d have known but that didn’t seem to be the case.

Our letters were normally exchanged in an old coffee house on the outskirts of Silverpine. If I wanted to send her a letter, I would go to the house or send someone there to drop a letter with the barista there. He was secretly our man. If Rielle wanted the letter, she would go there or send someone to get ‘ April’s special‘.

It was our code word. April’s special. To avoid someone suspecting us, April’s special was hidden in the cash we paid and to collect it, April’s special would be hidden in the change given back to us.

She said we couldn’t contact each other on the phone because Lucien might have bugged her phone.

“You may go,” I said as I rubbed my forehead. The letter couldn’t have been intercepted. It came from Rielle herself. I don’t know what was going on with Her, but she had changed. She wasn’t that compassionate woman I used to know.

In fact, she must’ve really ordered this because I had seen how she humiliated Amara in front of her son. She didn’t care about the boy’s mental health.

I beckoned to my right–hand man to come closer and he did.

“Chop off a finger from that boy’s left hand. He’s right–handed right?” I questioned, deciding that I should show the boy some compassion. If he was left–handed, then a finger from his right hand should be cut away.

“Sir!” He blinked rapidly and I growled at him

“Get out!, and make sure you find a nice shiny box to put the finger inside,” I


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Chapter 68



ordered and turned around, chugging the bottle of vodka hurriedly as I wondered what the hell was going on with Rielle.

I had told her to make sure Amara got exiled. Instead, she had said it was out of the ‘mercy‘ in her heart. That she wanted to pardon her and let her stay in the mansion. I knew it was to humiliate her, but we didn’t have any time.

We had to make sure she was gone from Silverpine before the blood moon, or else all our efforts and sacrifices would have been in vain.

The more she stayed in Silverpine, the more her powers grew! Rielle just wanted to have fun humiliating her, but that won’t help our cause.

It was as if she was jeopardizing the whole mission and it annoyed me.

To make matters worse, she was yet to secure the artifact needed! That was the most important reason for her going to meet Lucien. She kept making excuses about not finding the key and Lucien not trusting her yet.

Norman and Eve had escaped and we’ve been searching for them with no success. Amara had claimed to not even know where they fled to and according to Rielle, she was telling the truth.

Everything was just going wrong and I didn’t know what to do about that.

“Alpha!!,” one of the soldiers ran towards me and I dropped the bottle on the table as I stared at him. Every one of them now called me ‘Alpha‘ and it made me happy to know that they saw me as an Alpha.

Even before he spoke, I knew that something was wrong. His expression betrayed him and as I gazed at him intently,l realized why he looked very familiar.

I had so many soldiers that some of them, I didn’t even recognize. I recognized this one because of the scar on his forehead.

He was one of the guards looking after the prisoner, the crone. I clenched my fist, trying hard to conceal the sudden fear I felt.

“What is it?” I demanded as I clenched my jaw.

“Alpha it’s about the prisoner…”

We had two prisoners. Lucien’s boy and the Crone, but I already had an idea of


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11:44 Fri, 15 Mar

Chapter 68

which prisoner he was talking about.

“Is she dead?” I asked. She hasn’t been eating for a while according to what I was told and when I questioned her, she said if she ate anything that came from me, then she’d feel like she owed me and she would never join my cause.

He instead said something that really shocked me.

“No, Alpha. She has escaped…alongside the boy.”


The Rejected Delta’s Secret pups Novel by Golden

The Rejected Delta’s Secret pups Novel by Golden

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
Read The Rejected Delta’s Secret pups Novel by Golden After Amara, a seemingly lowly omega is cheated on by her boyfriend, she has a little too much to drink at a party and ends up having a one night stand with the Alpha Lucien of her pack. She discovers that she has found her wolf after the encounter and realises that the Alpha is her mate.


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