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The Rejected Delta’s Secret Pups Chapter 77

Chapter 77
I stood there, in the middle of the room with my hands shoved deep into my pocket as my jaw clenched tightly.
Raven, Tanner, and now,the crone. How many more deaths do I need to allow?
The healer was saying something but I wasn’t listening. My mind darted back to before I met Rielle or Amara. Before I became Alpha, when it was just me and her, before her betrayal.
“Alpha!, Alpha!” Someone was tapping my back and I snapped back to the present, spinning around to see the questionable expression on the healer’s face. A few maids were in the room as well and my eyes darted to the bed. The body was covered-body. That’s what she was now.
I swallowed the painful lump in my throat. I couldn’t allow a moment of weakness or vulnerability, I couldn’t weep, even when I wanted to, but I would mourn in my own way, vengeance. I would avenge their deaths, all of them.
“Where should we bury her?” The healer’s question broke my reverie and I sighed.
“She was a traditional woman. She was a woman of honor, loyal to the traditions of the land. She should be buried accordingly,” I declared and she nodded, a knowing look in her eyes.
Agatha was a firm traditionalist, she was so loyal to tradition to the point that she became disagreeable to others and then earned the nickname, ‘The Crone!
The door suddenly opened and we turned around to see a furious-looking Rielle and her grandfather. She must’ve called him over.
“Is she truly dead?” She demanded and the healer reaffirmed it.
She chuckled bitterly. “And my grandfather came all the way here to see her,” she sighed.
“The st upid old hag! She had to use death to escape her punishment,” she sneered and I shot my head up to look at her.
If there was anything more evil than the devil, then this was it, Rielle. She couldn’t even give some respect to the dead.
Wed, 20 Mar
Chapter 77
“Why is she all wrapped up like this, don’t tell me you’re going to have her buried!
“She will be given a proper and befitting burial. She was an elder of Silverpine,” I snapped, cutting her short. I didn’t think I could survive a few more minutes with her nonsense anymore.
“No!Lucien, No! You’re too soft and I advise that if you still wish to remain as the Alpha, you quit being this weak—-”
It sounded like a threat and I didn’t want to believe she would threaten me like this, so I ignored her words.
“She will be buried and that’s final. She doesn’t have any family members left, so the people of Silverpine will mourn her, therefore I am declaring a three-day break from all activities, in order to mourn Elder Agatha,” I said firmly as I glanced at Nathaniel.
He hadn’t said a word since he entered the room and I clenched my fist tightly. He must think he now has me wrapped around his finger as his daughter had told him that I believed that She was carrying my child, his great-grandchild.
“Elder Nathaniel, you seem to have forgotten who the Alpha is here.”
He clenched his jaw and I raised a brow.
“Alpha,” he said slowly, bending his head a little.
“She’s a traitor!no matter her title! what her offspring did shouldn’t be forgiven. She shouldn’t be buried!” Rielle snapped and I clenched my jaw, grinding my teeth tightly.
“The Luna is right, Alpha. After all, it was you who got me arrested when you suspected the Luna,” Nathaniel interjected and I shook my head.
They would find anything to try to control me and get me to do what they wanted. I failed her when she was alive, I will not fail her in death again. I will not allow any harm to befall anyone I love anymore because of them. I don’t care about anything anymore, I would find another way to find my son, but Rielle will and must be punished,
“Elder Nathaniel,” I called, noting that the healer was now staring at us, waiting for my own command. I put a hand up, beckoning her to wait.
11:19 Wed, 20 Mar
Chapter 77
“Alpha,” he replied and I faced him, our gaze met and I could see in his eyes how much disregard he had for me. He didn’t seem deterred and had a daring look on his face.
“I am the Alpha right?” I questioned as my eyes moved away from his.
He nodded and I glanced at Rielle briefly, she had a confused look on her face, she was probably wondering what was going on.
I had a feeling that she knew that I didn’t trust her, but she was having fun with the fact that I knew she was fooling me but couldn’t do anything about it and only did what she wanted and did nothing to annoy her.
“Well, as the Alpha of Silverpine, it is my order that Elder Agatha be given a befitting burial and there would be a three-day compulsory break to mourn her. Everyone is expected to comply with it, else-,” I stopped at that.
Rielle gasped and Nathaniel held my gaze. If he was surprised, he didn’t show it.
“Alpha, are you sure this is the right choice?” he questioned, his face emotionless.
“Are you questioning me right now?”
“Lucien!” Rielle yelled and I whipped my head to her side.
“Rielle, as the mother of Silverpine, you will be in charge of the funeral preparation.”
“Kai-your son?” She said and I scrunched my brows, wondering why she was suddenly asking about my son.
“Do you know where I can find him?”
“You should think about finding him. You shouldn’t concern yourself with trivial matters such as this,” she stated.
She wasn’t hiding her threats anymore and I smiled softly. This was more like it. I would push her to the wall so that she would make a mistake.
“How does a funeral prevent me from finding him?”

11:19 Wed, 20 Mar
Chapter 77
“You what?” I then moved close to her and whispered.
“What will you do to him?”


The Rejected Delta’s Secret pups Novel by Golden

The Rejected Delta’s Secret pups Novel by Golden

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
Read The Rejected Delta’s Secret pups Novel by Golden After Amara, a seemingly lowly omega is cheated on by her boyfriend, she has a little too much to drink at a party and ends up having a one night stand with the Alpha Lucien of her pack. She discovers that she has found her wolf after the encounter and realises that the Alpha is her mate.


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