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The Rejected Delta’s Secret Pups Chapter 79

Chapter 79
“You really didn’t tell her-the both of them,” Rolan said and he was right, I saw a puzzled expression on Eve’s face before she quickly masked it with an indifferent expression.
“Well-what happened?” I questioned, eager to know what was so serious that he had to hide it from even Eve.
Rolan chuckled loudly again and I saw a muscle in Norman’s jaw tick, he looked pis sed, and that made me all the more curious. I wanted to know what exactly he wanted to hide so much.
“We had an issue-
“Yes!, what issue?” I snapped, cutting him short.
“Oh, patience!, be patience!,” he said with a smile and as much as I wanted to punch that smile away from his face, I wanted to clear Norman’s suspicion. Perhaps if I heard whatever secret he was hiding, I’d trust him more.
Giselle stood up and I realized that she had been nonchalant to the conversation going on around her.
“See you later, Gis,” he said and she nodded, leaving without a word.
He turned to Eve, who was now eating in silence, no expression whatsoever on her
you curious?’
She raised her head to meet his gaze. “No. Why would I be furious about what I already know?”
But even as she said so, I knew she wasn’t telling the truth. She was curious. She knew that this issue was different from what Norman had said to her.
“Okay, since you say so. Amara!, my person!!
“What exactly happened!” I snapped and he chuckled.
“You’re impatient,” he noted and burst into laughter and Norman glared at him as he stood up.
Chapter 79
“It was a woman-that year, I and Norman were best buddies. There was a beautiful girl we both liked, I think he liked her at first, but I was faster and more persuasive and I had more charm. I’m sorry, Norman, she actually liked me more,” he said with a smug smile and I could see Norma’s fist clenched to his side.
I wondered which woman it was for him to have kept it from Eve and still hold a grudge towards Rolan.
“This woman…is it someone I know?” I questioned and he shook his head.
“No! Women like that do not exist in Silverpine. This woman was a goddess, In Fact, I’m beginning to think she’s the moon goddess herself-
I hissed, whichever woman it was was none of my concern, I was beginning to read meaning into everything and suspect even the slightest thing and it was annoying, I had to get myself back together and go find Selene Deforte and get back my children.
“She should’ve been my mate-,” Rolan was still saying and something clicked. I didn’t know Rolan’s mate. I had no idea if it was someone I knew or not and I wanted to know why he never announced her.
“Who’s your mate?” I questioned suddenly and he stopped talking and looked at me, his eyes widening a bit before regaining his composure.
“Why do you want to know all of a sudden?” He scrunched his brows and I shrugged.
“I just realized that I don’t know who your mate is.”
He sat down and began to chew his sausage quickly, making a loud noise and I saw an unrecognizable expression on his face before it was quickly replaced by a small smile, he was back to his nonchalant attitude.
“I don’t know-I don’t even know if she exists. I’m starting to believe that some people were born without mates. I have never met her or even perceived the faintest smell of her,” he chuckled loudly.
Eve gave me a questionable look and I shrugged. She must’ve been wondering what exactly I was doing.
I narrowed my eyes on him. “Are you sure?”
Chapter 79
“Am I sure I’ve seen my mate or what? You’re so funny. If I see my mate I’ll know, but right now, I haven’t met her.”
I sighed, wondering what exactly he was hiding. I knew he was hiding something:
“What about any woman you fancy right now? any girlfriend?” I questioned and he looked at me with a straight face.
“You seem so obsessed with my private life-relationship-wise. You don’t trust me too?”
“I have never claimed to trust you. I don’t. Of everyone here, you are the last person I would trust,” I replied firmly and he threw his head back and laughed.
“It’s nice to know that. But anyway, you can trust me on this one, I don’t have any woman in my life right now.”
I nodded. Wondering who the hell the woman he had been talking to was. At that moment, Norman stood up and Eve followed.
“You’re both leaving! come on let’s talk!” He flung his arms.
“This house is so boring, everyone prefers to mind their business than to have fun,” he lamented and I rolled my eyes.
“Those two are going to argue a lot today,” he whispered to me and I couldn’t help but smile.
He was right, there would definitely be arguments and I still couldn’t explain why he would keep that from her. Or he didn’t think it important enough to tell her? But then, the look on his face was as if he didn’t want anyone to find out.
I wondered why everyone was just lying or hiding things. Both Norman and Rolan.
I had caught him on his first night here on the phone with someone, he was talking slowly and mentioning how much he loved her. From their conversations, it was obvious how much love he had for her.
It was suspicious because I was sure of what I had heard and it wasn’t just that first night, it was every night, the same time. He was always going out to talk to her. It was as if he was hiding her from everyone and I wondered why.
I knew he would talk to her today and a confrontation might be harmful but I

Chapter 79
needed to start trusting people, so I would find him today when he would be having a conversation with her and then I’ll get him to explain who she was.

The Rejected Delta’s Secret pups Novel by Golden

The Rejected Delta’s Secret pups Novel by Golden

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
Read The Rejected Delta’s Secret pups Novel by Golden After Amara, a seemingly lowly omega is cheated on by her boyfriend, she has a little too much to drink at a party and ends up having a one night stand with the Alpha Lucien of her pack. She discovers that she has found her wolf after the encounter and realises that the Alpha is her mate.


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