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The Rejected Delta’s Secret Pups Chapter 92

Chapter 92

The way Rolan kept trying to stop me from going to Silverpine was suspicious and I even felt like he knew

I something that I didn’t and I questioned him. He smiled, claiming that he just wanted to protect me from being

I hurt.

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He pointed out that I would be in pain to see Selene with Lucien and there was a high chance that he wouldn’t believe me and have me thrown in the cell. He urged me to stay back until we figure out a way to break the spell

I had no problem with staying back, but I had to find my son quickly. I figured that I’d meet her discreetly and beg her to find Kai quickly.

Rolan didn’t agree, he kept insisting that I stay back and let Eve and Giselle meet her instead. In the end, I had no choice but to agree with him as the rest of them agreed with what he said.

It was sad as I had to stay back in the house with Norman and Rolan while the others went back to Silverpine.

Norman and Rolan were still at loggerheads I noticed that Norman totally avoided Rolan, he wouldn’t even stay in the same room with him.

I didn’t care about either of them as I kept pacing, waiting for Eve’s call to tell me that I could go to Silverpine.

I felt my heart shatter as I imagined Selene with Lucien. It hurts so much. I thought the only enemy was Rielle and the Blood Creek, now the enemy was Selene and I felt a pang of guilt as I realized that it was my fault. If I hadn’t gone to look for her, I would be in Silverpine right now.

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“Earth to Amara,” Rolan’s voice broke my chain of thoughts and I spun around, heaving a sigh.

“It feels so strange calling you Amara with that face,” he walked towards me and began to examine my face.

I pulled my head away from his grasp, shooting him a glare.

“She still looks so beautiful,” he murmured and I rolled my eyes.

“You’re thinking about Selene and Lucien being together,” he pointed out, his eyes liting up with mischief and I hissed.

“Don’t worry, Lucien isn’t stupid enough to be deceived by mere appearances.”


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Chapter 92

I shook my head as I smiled sadly. If only it were mere appearances.

She had my appearance, memories, and the bond I had with Lucien. She even had the ache I had, the ache the healer had said could be cured by mating with him.

She was going to efficiently utilize that opportunity.

“I just hope she eventually gives me back my face,” I said with a sigh.

He smiled.

“I have to go somewhere later, I will see you whenever I see you,” he said as he made to leave.


He looked taken aback by the question as he scrunched his face.


“Where are you going to?”

He chuckled and I raised a brow.

“Why? You want to come with me?”

It was my turn to be taken aback and he chuckled as he noticed my expression. He patted my back.

“Don’t worry, you can’t come with me. I lied the other night, there’s this lady I’ve been talking to. I promised her a date tonight, I’ll introduce you guys one day okay,”

“When you’ve gotten back your real face,” with that, he chuckled as he walked out and I sighed.

I wondered why he had to lie about talking to a woman.

My eyes fluttered open and I yawned as I stretched my legs.

I groaned as I realized that I had fallen asleep On the couch.

The house was silent and seemed empty. Norman always kept to himself, it was Rolan who made the house.


Emergency calls only

Chapter 92

lively and I wondered if he had already left, It was already sunset anyway.

I stood up and decided to fix a light meal for myself. I ate in silence and grabbed a bottle of beer, deciding that! needed fresh air.

I stepped out of the room, muttering a curse silently as the harsh wind suddenly enveloped me.

I walked further into the woods behind the house and it felt good that I didn’t have to worry about someone grabbing me and taking me back to the cell in Silverpine.

The night sky was beautiful as the full moon glowed, revealing the beauties of the night.

I suddenly had the urge to sing as the sky reminded me of my father–Eve’s father, how she’d tell us stories about the history of Silverpine. I felt sad as I remembered what Eve had told me. He knew I wasn’t his biological daughter and tried to have me killed.

I was singing softly when I heard voices. I furrowed my brows. This place was literally abandoned, I didn’t know there were people there.

I stood still, suddenly curious to know who was In the woods at such a late hour and what they were talking about.

“-Redemption for you!” The person yelled.

“Never—t-,” It was difficult to hear them even as I strained my ear.

I tiptoed further into the woods, engaging Nova’s sensitive ear. I wanted to hear as I had a gut feeling that whatever they were talking about was important.

“You have to-”

“-she’s dead! No!”

I furrowed my brows, the voice sounded familiar. I was suddenly scared to go further, but I felt that I had to listen to what they were saying.

“No way,” it suddenly felt like they kept quiet and a breath hitched in my throat as I realized that they might have found me out.


Emergency calls only

Chapter 92

I stood rooted to the spot as my heart began to race heavily.

My hands flew to my mouth as I realized why the voice sounded familiar.




I was sure of it. It was Norman’s voice.

Before I could turn around, I heard a voice and I swallowed a painful lump in my throat as our gazes met.



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