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The Scarred Luna by Laura Rave Chapter 15

Chapter 15

2016% 15:49


A shudder ran down Erin’s spine as she remembered the man she had seen in the pack house before leaving with Amelia. She couldn’t help but remember his face from the picture she had seen on Liam’s phone. She’s heard too much about him not to know that he is the alpha of the Crystal pack. The same one Liam has tried his utmost best to conquer their pack all to no avail.

Erin remembered how frustrated Liam would be after another unsuccessful attempt at getting the pack. Seeing the same man in the dark moon kingdom had her mind running up and about.

What does he want? Does he know her? Can he recognize her? Too many thoughts was running through her mind that she doesn’t notice when they arrive at the hospital.

“Hey, are you good.?” Amelia asks, eyebrows knitted in something Erin identifies as worry.

“I’m sorry for stressing you this much but yes, I’m okay. I just had a little rough morning and that’s it.” Erin replied, unhooking the seat belt strapped around her body.

Amelia stared at her for some seconds before nodding, although Erin could we the doubt in her eyes, she chooses to ignore it. She gets down from the car, waiting for Amelia to get down too. Less than two minutes

later, Amelia and her walk into the hospital.

Erin is ushered into the same room she was in when she was unconscious, she sits on the chair, Amelia beside

her as they waited for the doctor.

“Derrick asked me to bring you here, right?” Amelia asks suddenly. Erin tensed up, wondering if she shouldn’t have mentioned it. Did she make a mistake? The cautious and wondrous tone Amelia used had her thinking hard. Amelia seemed to notice the wheels going on in her mind and sighed, placing both her hands against Erin’s


“Relax. I’m just asking.” She winks as though to help relive the tension in Erin’s body.

Erin opened her mouth to speak but is cut off by the door to the room creaking loudly, a man in his middle Forties stepped into the room, clad in a white overall, a large book in his hand, a black pen between his fingers. A transparent glasses sat on the bridge of his nose. He bows his head as soon as he sees Amelia.

“Your Grace.” He greeted humbly.





Emergency calls only M

Chapter 15

*三四16% _1 15:49

“Alpha asked that she be taken care of. She would tell you how she’s feeling so just do your job and make her better.” Amelia replied in a monotone voice. If there is one thing Erin had come to notice about about the lady, it’s the fact that she doesn’t sugar coat things. She could be a ball of energy but also be your worst nightmare. She doesn’t back down and will always stand her ground.


The doctor nods, walking towards Erin. “Good morning, Miss Erin. Would you mind telling me how you are feeling ?” He asks. Erin couldn’t help but fidget at the question, feeling the heavy presence of Amelia behind her. She opens her mouth go speak but shuts it again.

“I’ll step out to give your privacy. Take your time, Erin.” Amelia voiced out, smiling softly at Erin before walking

out of the office, leaving the doctor and Erin alone.

Erin felt grateful towards her, she was able to sense her slight discomfort and left even when she could have stayed if she wanted to.

Erin inhaled deeply, and slowly exhaled, the nerve in her body slowly disappearing, she sat there fiddling with her fingers “I feel burned. Like there is this constant burn and ache in my chest that makes it difficult for me to breathe. I’m scared because my wolf has been dormant for the longest of time and it’s affecting me greatly. I feel weak and drained but today it feels worse.” Erin rushed out, unable to stop once I opened my mouth. She could

feel her face heating up the more she spoke but couldn’t find it in her to stop.

The doctor stood behind the table, listening to every word that left her lips. He nods once she was done, adjusting the glasses on his nose. “If I am not mistaken, you recently got unmated.” Erin’s jaw fell open, of course he would know, he is a doctor and would know. She felt embarrassed. How many wolves get unmated after being mated? Not much, that’s it.

–*|– |”

“You don’t have to give me the details but I can see your wolf is taking it harshly and it’s taking a toll on your health. It’s doesn’t look good. You are an omega and a pregnant one at that. Your wolf cannot and shouldn’t stay too long from you. The burn and ache you are feeling would stem from the mating bond. When

you were

brought in, you were severely wounded, your neck was covered in blood. The burn you feel comes from the bond that was broken. If your ex mate was a beta then the burn would be minimal, for a beta, you would be able to share the pain but if your ex mate was an alpha then I’m afraid the burn and ache would get overwhelming and serious as times goes on. That is very risky for you especially since you are carrying.”

It felt like Erin’s entire world was crumbling. Erin hoped the broken mating bond wouldn’t affect her much but



Emergency calls only***

Chapter 15

this. This isn’t looking good.

2016% 15:49

It took Erin a minute to realize the doctor was waiting for her reply. She swallows the pile in her throat “My-‘ she’s unable to complete her words. Her palms was getting clammy, “H- He is an Alpha.” Erin says.

“Okay, I will be prescribing some drugs to you so please use them. “Erin is grateful the doctor doesn’t ask questions, she’s sure she won’t be able to keep it together anymore.

“They should help with the burn you would be feeling. Try and call out to your wolf. Your wolf is attune to you! and now it’s just a break in transmission. Once your wolf understands that you need it’s help, it would open the void. You just need

to keep calling out to your wolf and use the drugs I will prescribe. You will be getting injected once every three days starting from today. Your wolf is very important to you now and frankly you don’t have the luxury of waiting. We would have to force it out if necessary, although I hope we don’t have to force it out.” The doctor tells her, getting up from his chair.

“I’ll ask a nurse to see through what you would need and also ask her to pass you the prescription. She would be injecting you too.” He tells Erin and she nods, bowing slightly at him.

The doctor walks towards the door but paused before he could open the door, turning to face her.

“When was the last time you got scented?” He asked out of the blue. Erin is caught unaware. She opens her

mouth to speak but is unable to say a word. She closes her mouth again, finally dawning on her that she can’t remember the last time she was scented or has scented someone. A knot rises up her up throat, she fiddles with

her fingers

“Erin, scenting is a must for omegas. Please tell me you know that?” The doctor asks, calling her by her name.

Erin looks away, unable to find it in her to tell the doctor Liam hadn’t cared much to scent her. She knew, she knew scenting was a necessity for an omega but Liam, Liam didn’t care and she didn’t want to be rejected. She didn’t want to face want to face rejection again and so she didn’t ask to be scented or scent.

“How many months has it been?” The doctor asks. Erin’s eyes stung with unshed tears. She looks down at her

hands folded on her thighs. “Three years.” She whispered.

It’s been three years since she was last scented. Three whole years.

“W–what? That’s so dangerous Erin. How could you.” The doctor began to babble, unaware of turmoil boiling


Emergency calls only MO

Chapter 15

inside of Erin.

*016% 15:49

She was totally left to dust in the blue moon pack. Everyone and their mother knows that an omega thrives off

scenting and attention but Liam, Liam didn’t want her to smell like him. He didn’t like Erin’s scent. Not once did

he offer to scent her and when it was extremely needed that he be scented, she made do with stealing a shirt of his just to rub his scent over her body. Oh, Erin was treated like dirt but she stayed. She stayed even with all of


“You need to be scented and also have someone scent you.” The doctor says and she thinks of Amelia. Amelia

could scent her.

“You need an alpha to scent you.”

This does it for Erin. “What?”

“If we need to draw out your wolf, you should know that you would need an alpha to scent you. You need your wolf way more than you realize right now and your wolf is used to having an alpha’s scent. I’m afraid if you use another other wolf, it might backfire.” He says.

Erin gulps nervously but nods, how is she supposed to find am alpha to scent her?

“Your wolf is scent starved. You are scent starved and dare I say, touch starved too.” The doctor paused, heaving deeply as though mincing his words so it doesn’t hurt Erin.

“Please excuse me.” He walks out of the room swiftly, leaving Erin to battle with the thoughts plaguing her head.

rself get so w

How did things get so bad that she didn’t even realize it? How did she let herself get so wasted? How did she?

A tear falls to her cheeks and she wipes it as fast as she could. She would rather cry in the comfort of her room than here where anyone could see her. She had too many things to think about now.

How Is she supposed to find an alpha to scent her? Scenting isn’t something to be taken lightly especially with what is happening to her. She needs to find an alpha she can trust but who? She doesn’t trust anyone.

Erin sighs and just at the moment the door creaks open, the nurse Erin had met here earlier stepped into the room, she had a purple trouser and shirt on, her hair tied into a ponytail and a nose mask under her chin.

She smiled warmly at Erin, walking towards her, she placed the small basket she had in her hands on the table, dipping her hand into it and took out a syringe.



Emergency calls only

Chapter 15

016% 15:49

“Welcome to the pack.” She says just as she drops the syringe back into the basket and then took out a cotton wool. She cleans the part she would be her injecting in and finally took out the syringe again,

“Thank you.” Erin whispers after a beat, realizing the nurse had welcomed her into the pack. She squeezed her eyes close as the needle pierced into her skin, thankfully it doesn’t take long and she’s done with it.

“Here are the drugs you would need. You need to come back three days from now.” She says, passing the nylon

to Erin.

“Thank you, I’ll be sure to do so.” She replied, watching the nurse gather her things to leave. Erin seats in the room for some extra minutes, still thinking of her predicament.

How does she get an alpha to scent her? She wonders just as the door creaks open again, this time Amelia stood

by the door, eyebrows raised impatiently.

She supposes Amelia would be able to find someone that could scent her and perhaps she can do it herself. She just has to beat this ‘curse‘ and being her wolf back to her. Just like the doctor said, she has to reach out to her wolf any which way.



The Scarred Luna Novel by Laura-Rave

The Scarred Luna Novel by Laura-Rave

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
Erin is deemed worthless. An orphan and also an omega, she’s considered the weakest wolf in the kingdom. However, Erin is bethroted to the pack alpha’s son. Four years down the drain, she is unable to provide an heir for the kingdom.Enters Melissa, The Alpha’s mistress.A tussle between them both has Melissa meeting her doom. Erin is blamed, thus the beginning of Erin’s nightmare.Enters, Alpha Derrick. He is the perfect example of dark, ruthless and merciless. He takes a liking to the scarred Luna but soon finds out that all things comes at their own peril.


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