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The Scarred Luna by Laura Rave Chapter 39

Chapter 39

Chapter 38 of the scarred Luna-

Derrick arrived at the place the auction was being held. He and Alexander had arrived in the pack three hours. earlier and had used the opportunity to speak to Alpha Hillary.

“I didn’t know it was going to be this crowded.” Alexander voices as they walked towards the entrance. Derrick snorted, looking around the place. Alpha Hillary certainly built this place just for auctions.

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“I saw Orji earlier and was surprised.” Alex says as they walk into the place.

“Well rumors has it that he and Alpha Hillary haven’t been in good terms.” Alex says, looking around the place. Other alphas were sitting already, waiting for the bid to starts. Derrick sighed internally, knowing all of these was actually unnecessary but then again, he is here for Alpha Hillary as he is sure some were only there for that.

“Come on, let’s sit somewhere.” Derrick says and Alex nods, they attempt to walk only to be stopped by the man of the night. Alpha Hillary.

Derrick turns back to face the man but is surprised. He manages to keep the smile on his face intact though.

“Ah, Alpha Hillary. The venue is quite nice.” He tells the man who bristles under the compliment.

“Thank you very much, I know you’ve never attended any of my auction but I’m pleased that you attended this.”

Derrick opened his mouth to speak but is cut off by the voice that calls out the alpha’s name. He felt Alex go rigid beside him on seeing the person who has just called on the alpha.

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Alpha Hillary tuned to see Liam and Melissa behind him. Liam smiles, it’s wide and very fake. Anyone could tell it was very fake, well everyone except Alpha Hillary whose smile widen on seeing the alpha of the blue moon pack.

“This is such an honorable day. To have Alpha Derrick of the dark moon pack and Alpha Liam of the blue moon pack as guests in my pack. I’m beyond honored.”

“The honors is ours, Alpha, Myself and my Luna couldn’t miss the chance to be a part of this wonderful event.” Liam says and just then did Derrick notice the woman beside him. Liam had snaked his arm around her waist, pulling her even closer to him.


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Chapter 39

Luna? Did Liam really take another as his Luna after Erin?

“It’s certainly pleasant to see you, Luna.” Alpha Hillary takes Melissa’s hand in his lightly.

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“The pressure is all mine.” Melissa replied, eyes falling to the man opposite them or rather the men.

Alpha Derrick stood tall and broad, he has a grey suit on and a white shirt peeking out of it, the second man who Melissa would consider his beta stood beside him fiercely. She glanced at her alpha whose jaw was locked tight. She could feel the anger emitting from him and swallows hard.

“Alpha Liam, it’s good to see you attending an event such as this.” Derrick says, stretching his hand forward for a shake.

Liam looks at Derrick’s outstretched hand, feeling even more insulted. He remembered the humiliation he had to face the past weeks when they found out the dark moon pack had taken what they considered theirs from the beginning.

Melissa nudged Liam in the ribs light to take Derricks outstretched hands and just then did he realize he has left him hanging. He musters up a smile and shook his hand.

“I always try to retain my good relations especially one with alpha Hillary.” He replied, eyes hard and unwavering.

“The event is about to start, I hope to see you bidding, Alpha Derrick.” Liam says, a ghost of a smirk on his lips. It ticks Derrick off wrongly. He knows what Liam is driving at and if that’s what he want, he would gladly accept the challenge.

Derrick stands up even straighter and smiles, “Of course, excuse us, Alphas.” He walks away with Alexander.

“What was that? It was obvious he was trying to rile you up.” Alex says, anger seeping into his voice as they slid into their booth. From where they were sitting, it was quite easy and direct to see the bidding.

Derrick unbuttons his suit jacket and removes it, he carefully rolls his sleeves up to his elbows and crossed his legs, leaning back against the chair,

“Oh look, we’ve got audience.” Alex murmurs just as Alpha Liam and Melissa take the booth opposite them. He quirks an eyebrow up when his eyes meets Liam’s own.

“I bet he is salty we won the title and he lost.” Alex says and Derrick chuckled. Honestly, he wasn’t even after The


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Chapter 39

Blue moon pack title but was he supposed to reject it when it came?

“I have a feeling he is here for something else.” Alex says again.

“Whatever he is here for, I’m here for it too”

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From his seat, he watched Derrick and his beta speak, their eyes on the stage, the room has gone dark as they waited for the dancing performance.

“Did you know he would be attending?” Melissa asked, leaning closer to Liam.

“I had an idea. That’s why I decided today was better to see him than the festival. I don’t want to see his face. twice in a month. Once is enough already as it is.” He grumbled, lifting his cup so she could pour him some of the drink that had been served.

The dancing performance starts and it’s teals Liam’s attention for a moment. He chugs down another of the drink.

“Do we leave tonight after the auction?” Melissa asked and he nods. The dancing performance ended and it had everyone clapping likely for them. Finally they got into the course of the night. He could feel the adrenaline in his veins. He wanted to defeat Derrick by all means necessary.

A man climbs up the stage and begins the auction. The first thing to be auctioned was a wall clock, a vintage one that was used in the early 80s and it was sold to some alpha.

Derrick glanced at Liam and chuckled “He hasn’t bid a thing” he tells Alex who chuckled beside him.

“He’s very predictable.”

A couple of other things were auctioned, some were sold and some weren’t but it didn’t bother Derrick. He didn’t want anything in particular.

He leans back against the chair as Alex poured him a drink, he lifts it to his lips and gulps half of it. A break was taken and the same dancers came back to perform some hit song.

“Do you have any plan of buying anything?” Alex asked, already bored of the event.


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Chapter 39

“For now, no. Maybe later.” He replied casually and took a sip of the alcohol.

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“Aren’t you going to get anything for Vanessa?” He asks and watched as Alexander smiles instinctively.

“I haven’t seen something I want for her yet.” He replied,


The auction begins again and still none of the alphas were bidding. Melissa felt bored out of her mind, sitting there and trying to coerce Liam into bidding for something that caught her eye only for him to refuse. She gave up and sat there as the eye candy she was brought to be.

Three hours had passed and now it seemed to be nearing the end of the auction with only one piece left to be auctioned.

Melissa perks up at the sound of the last piece. She would give anything to leave and just take a rest. It’s been boring enough as it is. She watched as two ladies bring out a covered mannequin, placing it by the speaker.

“This last piece is a vintage, pear marquise Diamond bridal necklace, with twenty handpicked diamonds and was made in the year 1709, the only one of its kind. Alpha Hillary has been able to acquire it with great difficulty and now it’s being auctioned.” The veil was finally lifted off the mannequin and there it was.

The one thing that caught Melissa eyes. She leaned towards Liam whose eyes was on the necklace. No one had dared to make a bid yet.

“I want that.” She whispered but he doesn’t say a thing, instead looking at the Diamond crafted necklace while the details was being shown throughly. It was truly befitting for a Luna,

“100,000” Someone from the crowd bids after some minutes of silence. The speaker looks around, sighting the card that has been raised.

“Anyone else?” He says, looking around.

Derrick takes gulps the remainder of the alcohol and sets the glass on the table, he leans back against the chair and finally lifts his card up for the first time that night.

“Two hundred thousand.” The speaker says, smiling widely.

Derrick eyes meet with Liam who smirks, finally getting what he wanted. He lifts his card for the first time that night.


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Chapter 39

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“Four hundred thousand.” He says, eyes locked with Derrick, unwavering. Melissa bristles with excitement. Her fingers trailing the nape of her neck.

“We have four hundred! Anyone else? Anyone?” The speaker says

“Six hundred thousand.” Derrick raised his card again, he quirked an eyebrow at Liam who only looks excited to say the least.

“One million.” Liam raises, series of gasp could be heard in the hall, everyone surprised he would bid that high. Melissa snaps her head at him, surprised and excited at the same time.

Derrick smirks, pouring himself another drink, he brings it up to his lips and takes a sip.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Alex whispers but he ignores him.

“1.5 million.” He lifts his card again and just as he sets it down,

“Two million-” Liam bids higher, he looks at Derrick as he chugs down his drink.

“We have-”

“Three million.” Derrick bids even higher, eyes stuck on Liam whose smile wavers a bit.

“Derrick, are you sure?” Alex whispers beside him but he ignores, enjoying the first look of uncertainty in Liam’s eyes. The entire hall went silent.

“We have three million! Anyone? Anyone bid higher? It’s going for three million..”

“3.5 million” Liam bids higher, not willing to back down. Derrick could see his face growing red and it gave him a lot of satisfaction seeing his calm facade crumble.

He smirks, taking a gulp of the wine and raise his card again. He glanced at Liam who was intently looking at


“Five million.” Series of gasps could be heard in the hall. Even the speaker went apple for a second.

“Derrick? What are you doing?” Alex snaps but he ignores him again.

It’s worth it to see the defeat in Liam’s eyes. There is no way he would bid higher.


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Chapter 39

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“It’s going for five million? Five million? Any more bidders?” No one dared to speak up, even Liam who sat there boiling in anger.

“It’s sold to Alpha Derrick of the dark moon pack for five million dollars. The hall erupted in series of claps. They were finally done with the auction.

Derrick takes gulps the last leg of the alcohol, watching Liam and his Luna stand up, both in anger.

“I hope you realize what you’ve done, Derrick.” Alex says as they stood up to welcome the sore losers.

“Alpha Liam, that was such a good bid but unfortunately you couldn’t keep up.” He says, dipping his hand into his pockets.

“It’s alright, we win some, we lose some. That’s how life plays, right?” Liam says, his tone is anything but gentle.

“You of all people would know that.” Derrick says knowing he’s taking shot at the alpha and damaging his feeble. pride even more.

-Excuse us. Alpha Liam but I still have to pick up the necklace I bought today. I hope you have a pleasant evening.” Derrick says, picking his suit jacket and moves to walk away. He halts when he gets to Liam’s side.

“It’s nice to see your Luna. She’s a real eye candy. I look forward to seeing you in my pack for the festival.” He walks off with Alexander behind him, knowing he just insulted Liam and his bimbo of a Luna. No man calls another man’s Luna an eye candy.

Liam inhaled sharply to calm himself but instead freezes in his stead. That scent. He knows that scent. He can identify that scent in the midst of thousands of people and right now, that scent just…He turns softly to see Derrick walking off.

He just perceived Erin’s scent on Derrick. It’s faint but it’s there, her scent is on him but how?

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The Scarred Luna Novel by Laura-Rave

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Erin is deemed worthless. An orphan and also an omega, she’s considered the weakest wolf in the kingdom. However, Erin is bethroted to the pack alpha’s son. Four years down the drain, she is unable to provide an heir for the kingdom.Enters Melissa, The Alpha’s mistress.A tussle between them both has Melissa meeting her doom. Erin is blamed, thus the beginning of Erin’s nightmare.Enters, Alpha Derrick. He is the perfect example of dark, ruthless and merciless. He takes a liking to the scarred Luna but soon finds out that all things comes at their own peril.


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