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The Scarred Luna by Laura Rave Chapter 41

Chapter 41
Chapter 40 of the scarred Luna-
Melissa sits on the chair, legs crossed, a cup of coffee sitting on the table as she waited for Liam to join her for breakfast. Soon the alpha joined her, he looked more relax than he did yesterday and she definitely didn’t miss the slightly delightful aura clouding him. She swallows hard, remembering the encounter she had in the middle of the night.
She manages a smile, nodding at the beta, ga mma and other who joined them for breakfast, leaving close to
“I trust you had a great night, Alpha.” She says, watching as he quirks his eyebrow up, lifting his head so he could look at her. He looks at her so unimpressed.
“What do you mean?” He snaps although she hadn’t even said a word.
Melissa smiles like it doesn’t matter. Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t after all she will be getting that girls pup
once it has been born.
“Just an observation.”
“That’s true, You seem lighter today.” Uncle Peter voiced out, finally joining them at the table. A frown settles on Melissa’s face as soon as she heard the man’s voice. She still doesn’t understand Liam’s deal with him.
“You weren’t in the pack yesterday.” Liam stated as Peter drag a chair out for himself.
“Ah, yes. I had business to attend to.” He replied, smiling but it only ticks Melissa off the more. Liam looks at Peter, eyebrows coc ked up questioningly. He had way too much trust and faith in the man and knows he would never betray him.
Peter nods at Liam subtly and they got started on breakfast with Liam ignoring everything Melissa was saying. It shouldn’t hurt as much as it does right now but that’s the thing. It does hurt Melissa.
An hour later after breakfast, Liam sat in his office, Peter sitting opposite him.
“You think Erin might be alive?” He asks, bewildered and unable to keep the sarcasm in his voice.
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Chapter 41

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“I know but think about it. That lady was weaker than a chick born yesterday and you’re telling me she survived in that huge fire grazing and even went as far as what?” When you say it out loud like that, it seems even
preposterous to Liam’s ears but right now, he’s gone through every possibility in his head and has yet to come up with one that seemed logical.
“So tell me, how is it possible that Erin’s scent is draped all over Derrick?” He asks just as his uncle scoffed.
“I think your hallucinated or something. Erin cannot be alive and you wouldn’t have heard a single thing about. it, come on. Everyone in our region knows of the Luna’s death. Do you think anyone would actually believe such? That Erin ran out of here in that fire and survived. Not only that, Derrick of the dark moon pack would willing accept her into his pack to the extent that he would have her scent cling into him?” It sounded even more weird
“I- I don’t know.
“Let me tell you something, I think you’re just projecting here. Maybe a part of you missed Erin and you just happens to have perceived her scent. I promise you, if that lady was alive and out there, she would be using scent blockers and would definitely not be that bold to leave her scent the way it is.” Peter says with so much certainty. He leaned back against the chair, watching as Liam thought about everything he just told him. He could see the wheels wiring inside of his head.
“You’re right” he clicks his tongue.
“There is no way that happened. I probably got it all mixed up.” He says, trying to convince himself of what he perceived that night.
“I got news.” Now this has Liam jolting out of his reverie. He co cked his eyebrow up, bottom lip trapped between his teeth.
Peter leaned closer to him “I got in touch with Dimitri and he’s willing to see.” A smirk makes it way to Liam’s lips. This is good news. For three years, he has been trying to get with Dimitris pack but has been unable to. He did his best to make sure he would’ve gotten this before Derrick had his hand over the Crystal pack but then again, it’s better late than never.
“That’s great new, Uncle. How were you able to do that?” He asked and the man shrugged although pleased to see Laila reaction. His smile falters for a second
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Chapter 41
“You should attend the annual festival.” He says and Liam leans back against the chair.
“So I’ve heard.” He mutter uninterestingly.
“Dimitri has a surprise planned for that day especially so go for it.” A smirk made its way to Peter’s lips and this had Liam curious.
“What’s going to happen?” He asked curiously.
Something that would have the Dark moon pack panicking.” He says and this had Liam chuckling. He will always be available when it comes of the dark moon pack destruction.
“Fine. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” He says, watching as his uncle got up and walked out of the office after saying his goodbye.
He ponders over what his uncle me just told him again and figures the man is right. It had to have been a mistake and there’s not other explanation for the scent that night and with the new and current development, he would certainly not miss the festival this year. With that he sent a message to Melissa telling her to come. Melissa being Melissa showed up fee minutes later.
“You asked to see me.”
“Yes, prepare things for our journey to the dark moon pack. We will leave tomorrow.” He ordered, ignoring her gaping openly as though she never believed he woke cabbage his mind, especially after Derrick winning the auction sale yesterday and usually, he have minded it a lot. A whole lot but if it involves the downfall of the dark moon pack then Liam us always available for it.
Erin smiles, pulling the sweater over the pups head, finally wearing the clothe for her.
“Can I?” Ana asks, her round for eye staring at Erin like she held the weight of the world. Erin giggled, leaning down and kissed the child on the nose.
“You’re so cute, Ana,” She says, cradling the child’s face in her hand.
“Ana wan si Wick.” She manages to say a full sentence that seemed even more acceptable. Erin chuckled, glaring at the time. Derrick should be back now.
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Chapter 41

“You wanna see Derrick?” She asks, carrying the child on her hip as flana changed Derricks name.
099% 11:14
“Come on then, baby.” She makes her way out of the room only to collide with someone by the hall way. By the bitter scent and irritated grumble that left their lips, she didn’t have to be told who it was. Her grip on her child tightened a bit.
“Samantha,” She murmurs as Samantha finally flicks the hair on her face away.
“Can’t you watch where you are going to now?” Samantha snaps angrily, eyes flicking between mother and daughter before she stomps away angrily.
Erin sighed as Ana giggled, definitely not realizing Sam wasn’t being a playmate. She walks down the stairs, trying to look out for Derrick but instead finds Amelia.
“Hey baby, good morning. Have you been a good girl?” Amelia cooed, her arms stretched out to carry Ana who wasted no time in throwing herself at the lady whose smile only grew wider.
“Guud girl.” Ana replied and Amelia kissed her cheeks, taking a step closer to Erin.
“I need to-” She doesn’t get to complete her words as they’re interrupted by a man, a young man to be precise. His brown hair was sleeked back, he was at least 6’3 ft, eighty percent legs.
“What is-” she trails off unintelligently when she sees Amelia and the man staring at each other like they are in some sort of trance. The man’s face growing redder with every second and Amelia just stood there dumbfounded while Erin looks at them confused.
“Hippe!” Ana’s squeal had them jolting out of their reverie. Well, it had Amelia snapping out of whatever trance
she was in.
“Excuse me.” She says and rushes off with Ana on her hips, leaving Erin with the stranger,
“What just happened?” Erin muttered confusedly to no one in particular, watching Amelia’s retreating figure.
“My mate.” The young man whispers after a beat, after Amelia was out of sight, Erin’s eyes widen dramatically, turning to look at the young man again.
“She’s your what?!”
The man winces at the tone of Erin’s voice, his entire face was as red as a tomato. He rubbed the nape of his neck.
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Chapter 41

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    “She’s my mate. That’s my mate.” He says, a little more confident and shocked.
    “Umm..” Erin is very surprised. They’re the mates. True mates that found each other. She looks backs to where Amelia just basically ran off and back at the man who seemed to be overthinking.
    “S-she doesn’t want me?” He stuttered, lips jutted out in a pout. Erin doesn’t think he knows he’s pouting.
    “Let’s not jump into conclusion. I’m sure she’s just shocked as you are.” Erin says, already comforting the man.
    “She didn’t look surprised. She didn’t look shocked but instead her face was filled with disbelief.”
    “I don’t think that’s-
    “Please excuse me.” The man rushes off just like Amelia had done, leaving her to wonder what the f uck just happened? One minute she’s with Amelia who was cooing over Ana and the next she met her mate and ran
    Erin sighed, bringing her hand to the bridge of her nose and gently massages it. It’s still so early.
    “Ana troubles?” Derrick’s voice had her eyes snapping open. She smiled at him, unable to keep her eyes off his body. He looked radiant as ever as usual.
    “I think Amelia just met her mate and maybe blew him off.” Erin mutters, watching how Derrick’s eyes widen dramatically.
    “Oh sh it, she did already?” He asked and she nods.
    “How did it go?”
    “She blew him off, she literally ran away.” Erin replied, not missing the ‘coward’ Derrick muttered under his breathe.
    Is there something she isn’t getting from the whole thing? Is there?
    “Is there anything I don’t know?” She asked and Derrick looks at her but shrugs.
    “I would’ve gone to check on her but I’m a little caught up with work-”
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    Chapter 41
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    “I’ll check on her, you don’t have to worry.” She says, already moving to leave but he stops her.
    “Erin.” She turned to see him looking at her and quirked her eyebrows up.
    “Thank you.” He says and she smiled, turning and walked away.

The Scarred Luna Novel by Laura-Rave

The Scarred Luna Novel by Laura-Rave

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
Erin is deemed worthless. An orphan and also an omega, she’s considered the weakest wolf in the kingdom. However, Erin is bethroted to the pack alpha’s son. Four years down the drain, she is unable to provide an heir for the kingdom.Enters Melissa, The Alpha’s mistress.A tussle between them both has Melissa meeting her doom. Erin is blamed, thus the beginning of Erin’s nightmare.Enters, Alpha Derrick. He is the perfect example of dark, ruthless and merciless. He takes a liking to the scarred Luna but soon finds out that all things comes at their own peril.


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