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The Scarred Luna by Laura Rave Chapter 47

Erin stood in the corner, watching as the procession began. This is her first time watching something like this, the annual festival. Her eyes strayed to Derrick who stood tall and confident on the podium. He has a blue full regalia on, his crown sat elegantly on his head. A wide smile on his face as he watched the dancers perform. To his right is Alex, also smiling widely at the performance and his left the gamma, Dylan. One could see the pride in their faces. The entire place was full and crowded. Everyone showed up for the ceremony.

Erin’s eyes meets with Derrick’s wandering one, a smile taking over his lips as their eyes meet. Erin looks away, cheeks coated in a hue of pink, her wolf purring Inside her.

“Erin, why are you here?” She is snapped out of her reverie, turning to see Vanessa standing behind her, hands akimbo. She had the same color of clothe the beta had on. Couple things, Erin thought to herself

“Nothing, I’m just observing.” She smiles at the lady. Vanessa nods, grabbing Erin’s arm. “I need you, two guards are injured, I don’t know what they were doing exactly but they’re bleeding.” She rushes out. Erin’s eyes widen.

“What? Today of all days?”

“I know, please just come with to treat them.” She says, tugging on Erin’s arms. Erin hesitates for a slight second, bottom lip caught between her teeth. She looks back to where Derrick stood but sees him speaking to an alpha of the neighboring pack.

“Alright. I just have to check on Ana. I think she’s still-”

“She’s with Amelia. They’re dancing with the procession.” She points at the main podium and truly Amelia was there, holding Ana’s tiny hands and dancing.

Erin smiled at the sight and nods, “Let’s go.”

“Alpha.” Alex begins, Derrick leans closer to him, letting the beta speak.

“Some of the men in training are injured.” Derrick snaps his eyes at him, eyebrows furrowed.

“How did that happen?”


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Chapter 47

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“We don’t know yet but there are five of them in Erin’s tent from what I heard. Erin is already tending to them though but I thought you should hear about it.” He whispered. Derrick nods, looking back to where Erin was and understands why she left..

“Wrick, wrick.” Ana call out his name like a chant. He watched with admiration as the pup ran towards him, face filled with excitement. She hugs his leg tightly.

“What is it baby?” He bends, carrying the girl in his hands. She opens her fist to reveal sweets, grinning shyly at him. “Oh you got sweets? Does your mother know about it?” She shook her head, lips formed into a little pout.

“There you are, stop running away from me.” Amelia’s voice had him looking up. He sees her walking towards him, relief coating her eyes. He didn’t need much to put two and two together.

“She probably-” he doesn’t get to finish his words.

“Oh no, what is he doing here? Look who just arrived.” This earns his attention. He looks up from Ana to the entrance, his eyes widening on seeing who just walked into the festival.

“Oh shit. Why did he come today?” Amelia grits out. Derrick is quick to pass the pup over to her. “Take her away and don’t tell Erin about this. Don’t let her come here.” He instructs, his eyes still on the uninvited guests.

Amelia takes the child from him and walks off as fast as she could, wasting no time. It’s good Erin told her about all that’s happened with the blue moon pack. Imagine her surprise when she heard her friend was the Luna of the blue moon pack. Then imagine the greater surprise when she found out Derrick knew about it.

Derrick clears his throat, straightening his back, he excused himself from the podium, Alex walking behind him as they left the gathering of the other alphas, walking towards the entrance where Liam, his Luna and their entourage stood, eyeing the festival.

“Alpha Liam. It’s surprising to see you here.” He says loudly as he approached them, his voice loud and prominent in the air.

Liam quirks his eyebrows up, lips curled in a smirk. “I couldn’t miss this for the world even if I wanted too. After all, this is the first annual festival that’s intrigued me in a while.” He says, stretching his palms out for a shake.

“Welcome to the Dark moon pack.” He says, slipping his palm into Liam’s waiting one. Their eyes locked on each other for what seemed to be the longest time.

Liam stare at the dark haired man, Peter’s voice echoing in his head. He detests everything that Derrick stood for


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Chapter 47

and today, he came only for one thing. To see the downfall of the pack. That’s it.

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“Please come in, other alpha’s and Luna’s have joined.” Derrick says, stepping aside, he directs his last words to Melissa who could barely contain her excitement, her eyes flickering to everywhere.

Amelia and Vanessa had done an amazing job decorating the entire place. The pack house itself was decorated to a fault, they left nothing unturned and outdid themselves. That’s without mentioning that pack members themselves. The entire pack was filled with decorations.

“You have a lovely pack, if I must say. I didn’t expect less.” Liam says as they walk towards the podium. Derrick doesn’t miss the light gasps escaping the peoples mouth on seeing the two enemies together in the same frame.

“Yes, we were blessed by the moon goddess.” Derrick replied. They finally reached the podium and Melissa was excused to sit with the Luna’s of other packs while Liam sat with the other alphas.

‘What do we do, Alpha? Erin would not stay inside all through.‘ Alex’s voice seeped into Derrick’s mind.

“Find a way to keep her in there with Ana. If she knows they’re here, she’ll panic so bad.” He replies instead. Alex stared at him for some second and looks away, not agreeing with that logic.

Liam looks around as the dancing procession is finished, the next set of entertainers coming in. This is his first time in the Dark moon pack and even though it hurts him to say, it’s exactly what he has heard. Derrick sure did a good job with the pack. His eyes strayed to the one alpha who is contesting for the level of hatred of Derrick. His eyes flickers red as he locks eyes with the said Alpha.

Alpha Elvis.

He watched the man bow just a bit and he returns it, he wanted nothing more but to rip the man’s head off his neck, remembering how he had joined with the dark moon’s pack and left his to the dust even after how hard he tried. He sat there seething in anger as he watched the man familiarize with the others. He couldn’t wait to see all of their downfalls. Soon, soon.

He lifts his eyes back to the warriors who were fighting for entertainment. There were five fighting for the title but Two of them has dropped after loosing. He watched keenly, seeing how swiftly and agile the men were. Derrick had even done a better job of training his men. Liam couldn’t help but wonder how Dimitri was going to make his surprise.

It doesn’t look like Derrick left out even a thing. Guards were stationed everywhere as though he was expecting. Liam leaned back against the chair, he wondered, just how Dimitri planned to do this because it’s not going to


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Chapter 47

be an easy feat.

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Melissa huffs, annoyed and irritated already. It’s been five minutes just five minutes and she’s already soaked in water. Her face grows red, hands clutched into a tight fist.

“How dare you filthy maid? Do you know how much this costs you lowlife?” She grits out, the others around her trying to calm her down but it’s futile. She has gone all out and wore one of the best clothe in her closet for today just for a mediocre lowlife to dump a cup of water on her.

“Are you blind? Didn’t you see where you were going? Should I have your eyes plucked out and served to vultures for what you just did.” She grits out, anger coursing through her veins.

The maid in question falls to her the ground, shaking with fear. “I’m very sorry, your grace. I didn’t mean to, Please forgive me.” She cried out, everyone and their mother knows of Melissa’s temper.


“I will have you-”

“What’s going on here?” Melissa is cut off. She looks at the person who had dared to interrupt her.

“Y–your grace, please forgive me. I spilled water on her and she–forgive me” the maid cried out, tears already flowing down her cheeks.

Vanessa nods, looking at the blonde haired woman. “I’m very sorry for what she has done.” She bows slightly, apologizing on behalf of the maid.

“It was a mistake. We all watched it happen but I don’t know why the Luna of the blue moon pack took it so seriously.” One of the luna voiced out and the others agreed, murmuring between theirselves.

Melissa seethed with anger, eyes red as she watches the Lunas talking between theirselves.

“It’s fine, I’m very sorry for what she did.” Vanessa apologies again.

“I don’t care about your apology, what will you do about my dress. You know who my Alpha is? He is Liam of the blue moon pack. You know how powerful he is. I will not hesitate to allow him rain his anger here this minute.” Melissa growls angrily. Her wolf seething with anger at the fact that the others would rather take the side of a mere maid than her.


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Chapter 47

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“Please come with me. I’ll have it cleaned up for you.” Vanessa says, Amelia and her had envisaged this happening which was why they created a different tent for the Luna’s and the alphas.

‘You left there already?” Amelia said over the mindlink. Vanessa looks back at Melissa following her still grumbling.

‘Yeah, an altercation happened but it’s sorted now. I just need to take the Luna to the restroom and get her cleaned up! She replied. Taking a left into the pack house, Melissa still following her..

‘Oh, I’ll be out there then. Which of the Luna’s is it?”

‘The blue moon pack Luna. Who knew she’s as crazy as the rumors said because I didn’t. She almost killed the poor girl for what she did.’

‘Vanessa, please tell me you’re taking her to the restroom beside the fall and not the one I’m thinking.”

Vanessa halts in her steps, eyebrows furrowed. “What is it?” Melissa snaps, feeling icky from the water on her dress

‘I’m at the one next to…” she trails off.

The door opens and all it took was a second. Melissa looks up from her clothe just as Erin stepped out of the restroom, a towel in her hands, drying her wet hands.

Melissa stood still, eyes bulging out, face white and pale Lille she just saw a ghost which technically she just did. Her heart stopped for a second, throat running dry as she laid eyes on the very person she hates the most in the world.


The Scarred Luna Novel by Laura-Rave

The Scarred Luna Novel by Laura-Rave

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
Erin is deemed worthless. An orphan and also an omega, she’s considered the weakest wolf in the kingdom. However, Erin is bethroted to the pack alpha’s son. Four years down the drain, she is unable to provide an heir for the kingdom.Enters Melissa, The Alpha’s mistress.A tussle between them both has Melissa meeting her doom. Erin is blamed, thus the beginning of Erin’s nightmare.Enters, Alpha Derrick. He is the perfect example of dark, ruthless and merciless. He takes a liking to the scarred Luna but soon finds out that all things comes at their own peril.


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