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The Scarred Luna by Laura Rave Chapter 60

Vanessa stood beside the bed, her eyes scanning the decorations in the room. Soft sunlight seeped through the curtains, giving the room a warm glow on the flowers and cards placed on the bedside table.

She wraps her arms around her arms, heaving deeply, a soft smile slowly creeping up her face.

“Thank you guys so much, this is really nice.” She says, smiling a little. It warmed Erin’s heart to at least see her smiling like this and so she nods, taking a step forward to the lady.

“I’m always in your corner, Vanessa. Let me know if you need anything.” She replied and the lady nods, clasping her hand over hers, squeezing her hand just a bit.

“Thank you.” She whispers and watched Erin walk out of the room, leaving her and Amelia alone.

Vanessa turns to look at Amelia. Amelia sighs, wiping her palms against the jean trousers she had on. “You didn’t come to see me?” Vanessa says, sitting on the bed.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t-” she stops, swallowing harshly. Her voice was tinged with a mixture of guilt and concern.

“I should have and I’m sorry. Are you okay? Do you want to talk about it? Will you try to rest for a bit? Do you need food or water?” She rushes out. Vanessa smiles a little. She understands all that Amelia wants to say even

though she’s unable to say it.

“Water, please. And later, when everyone is back, I would like to talk to everyone. I need to address something, not just for myself but for the sake of the pack.” She replied. Amelia furrows her eyebrows, confused.

“What do you want to talk about?” She asks. Vanessa shakes her head, lips palmed into a thin line. It’s better to speak about it when everyone is present. She has been silent about it for three days now. It’s time she lets everyone know what happened.

“I’ll tell you once you’re back.” She replied, sighing softly. Amelia’s eyes were filled with concern. One could see the wheels in her head trying to figure out what exactly Vanessa wanted to talk about.

“Of course, I’ll get you water.” She turns to leave the room. For the first time since she arrived, Vanessa is alone in her room. She heaved deeply, looking around the room. She stood up and walked towards the window, looking out the window, the gentle resulting of leaves, the distant chirping of the birds in the woods. This place is her sanctuary and she has to protect it from the likes of Samantha. She has to make sure what she did won’t be


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Chapter 60

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repeated on any of the pack members. Especially Erin. She’s spent the last three days in the hospital thinking. Samantha made her lose her pup and only the goddess knows what else she’s capable of. If she’s dating enough to push the female beta off the stairs, there is no telling what else she can do.

Vanessa runs her hands through her hair, tongue darting out to wet her lips. The door creaks open, and Vanessa turned. Yes! She’s expecting Amelia but still, having been pushed off the stairs, she’s more wary.

The person’s scent gave it away immediately after she stepped into the room. She didn’t need to see the person

before recognizing the scent.

“It’s you. I’ve been expecting you.” She says, voice steady, she wraps her arms around her chest as though. shielding herself from further harm.

Samantha stood right in front of her, a smile sprawled on her lips. Her eyes filled with a mixture of amusement and anger beneath it.

“Forgive me, I couldn’t come to see you in the hospital. How are you feeling now?” She asks, staring at Vanessa. keenly as though trying to figure something out. Her voice dropped with false concern. Vanessa’s lip curls upwards slightly.

“You’re here to see if you damaged more than you did that day?” Vanessa shot at her, not wasting time. She doesn’t deter, her stance filled with determination.

“Did you really think I’ll die that easily? You must think this is some soap opera but it isn’t. It’s real life.”

Samantha’s smirk widened, a glint of satisfaction in her eyes. “Oh, please. I’m not going to deny that I did hope you would die in that fall, just like your brat did. But it’s okay, you didn’t,” she taunted. She paused, taking a step forward towards Vanessa. “I really didn’t want to hurt you, Vanessa. I mean, we’ve known each other for years. But you… you were being so hardheaded. Anyway, that’s beside the point. I just hope you’ve learned your lesson. You learned the hard way, and I would assume you’ve gotten rid of that ridiculous idea of mentioning any word to Derrick.” She smirked again, leaning closer to Vanessa and whispered,

“You’re just recovering from that terrible, terrible fall you had, and losing your pup would’ve damaged a part of you. Your mental health is really bad right now, and you need to rest.” She looked at Vanessa, a sick and twisted smile on her face. “That’s exactly what everyone would say if you even dare to speak a word. You’ll be tagged crazy. The female beta is crazy, pointing fingers at Samantha. Who do you think helped find the ‘culprits‘ who spilled the oil that made you fall?” She grinned wickedly at Vanessa.

“I did. I helped find the girl and even the witness. Do you know how far money goes when you have it? I won’t


Emergency calls only

Chapter 60

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delve into any of that but for your sake and mine. I hope you use your damn brains and don’t even think of uttering a word about this to Derrick or even your mate. What’s done is done. You’ve found your culprit and I’m

free from this.”

Vanessa shakes her head in disbelief. “How did you get so rotten, Samantha? You’re going to blackmail now? Is that what you’re doing?” She asks, disgust dripping from her voice.

“Take it however you want. I’ll drag you down the bottom of the sewers and leave you broken even more than you already are if you don’t keep quiet about this.” She brings her hand forward to caress Vanessa’s hair but the other yanks her hand off.

The door creaks open and Amelia steps in with a jar of water and a glass cup. She paused on seeing Samantha and Vanessa talking, looking like they were having a very heated discussion. But what could they possibly be talking about?

Samantha turns to look at her, a smile on her lips. “I just came to see Vanessa and you know, pen my condolence on her loss. It’s quite unfortunate.” She says, glancing at Vanessa who hasn’t said a word since.

“I’ll leave you guys be now. Take care, Vanessa. We don’t want you slipping on oil again.” She chuckled and walks. out, leaving Amelia to

ar what the fuck that was.

She walks towards Vanessa, the tray still in her hands. “What was that about?” She mumbled, bending to place the tray on the table. She pours the water for Vanessa, leaning up to give it. Vanessa smiles at her, taking the glass of water, and drinks it. “Are you okay, though? You look a little…different.” She settles on, eyebrows furrowed.

Vanessa glanced at the door Samantha had walked out from. She looks at Amelia and smiled widely again.

“I’m more than okay, Amelia. More than okay. Tell me, are Uncle Mikhail and Aunt Agatha back? Alex told me they would be back to the pack yesterday.” She asks. Amelia nods, taking the glass of water back from her.

“Yeah, they arrived late last night. Uncle Mikhail is out with Maxwell while Aunt Agatha is in her room doing whatever.” Amelia rolls her eyes, remembering the tantrum the woman had made early this morning. She had to be the maid’s worst nightmare.

“Why do you ask though? Did Samantha do something?” She asks.

Vanessa shook her head, her fingers trailing the device in her pockets. A smile creeps up her face again. “No, she did nothing. Just, let me know when everyone is back.” She says and Amelia nods.


Emergency calls only

Chapter 60

054% 11.10

She’s not stupid, it’s obvious Vanessa has something in mind but what exactly is it and how does it concern Samantha’s parents? Whatever it is would be revealed a few hours from now.



The Scarred Luna Novel by Laura-Rave

The Scarred Luna Novel by Laura-Rave

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
Erin is deemed worthless. An orphan and also an omega, she’s considered the weakest wolf in the kingdom. However, Erin is bethroted to the pack alpha’s son. Four years down the drain, she is unable to provide an heir for the kingdom.Enters Melissa, The Alpha’s mistress.A tussle between them both has Melissa meeting her doom. Erin is blamed, thus the beginning of Erin’s nightmare.Enters, Alpha Derrick. He is the perfect example of dark, ruthless and merciless. He takes a liking to the scarred Luna but soon finds out that all things comes at their own peril.


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