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When She Stops Playing Nice Chapter 107

Chapter 107
Whatever Dr. Leon said, Yolanda believed. He said that when things couldn’t be covered up, he would lie to her that it was
an accidental miscarriage. Dr. Leon’s so-called leader holds a position in the Prover Hospital, Gabriel said.
Gina’s pupils constricted.
Prover Hospital. Who?”
“The obstetrician, Zach Presley,
Gina’s expression turned cold.
7 got it.”
She would deal with Zach.
Gabriel also knew that Gina wanted to investigate this matter and uproot the s**m hidden among the doctors.
“Gina, shall I help you deal with those small fries?” Gabriel asked tentatively. He wanted to help Gina, but he was worried that Gina would mind. so he had to ask for her opinion.
“Okay, thank you.
“If you’re really thankful, just spend more time with me.”
Gabriel chuckled softly.
Gina thought that Gabriel would say something like, “Don’t stand on ceremony with me.”
Gina had a feeling that Gabriel was pushing his luck.
However, Gina did not find it annoying.
Gina agreed.
“By the way, Gina, there’s something I’ve been wanting to tell you.”
Tell me.”
“It’s about the fire in Trowell University’s dormitory building. I asked the principal to investigate in detall and found some clues. The person who set the fire was a woman. She wrapped herself up very tightly and her whereabouts were unknown after she left school. I asked David to check the city’s surveillance cameras carefully and did not find any traces of this woman. C i n a, do you have any suspects?”
Because there had been no progress in the clues, Gabriel chose to ask Gina.
Gina’s first reaction was to wonder if Olivia’s lackeys were up to no good, but Olivia’s lackeys were all in jail. Besides, if it was just Olivia’s lackeys playing tricks, it was impossible for Gabriel not to find out.
C i n a guessed another possibility. When she was overseas, she led her subordinates to destroy a drug lord’s lair and dismantle the drug lord’s power. From then on, the drug lord regarded Gina as a thorn in his side. He sent his subordinates
chapter 107
to assassinate Gina many times, but they failed. Instead, he began to place orders on a hacker’s website and hired topi assassins to kill Gina.
Gina had always known about this, but she did not take it to heart.
As a top hacker, she naturally had the means to get rid of the drug lord’s mission on the dark web. However, she thought that this would not threateh her personal safety, so she did not care.
If it was the drug lord’s men, they would not be so brazen. Moreover, she was in the country now.
I don’t have any suspects for the time being.”
Gina Miler answered.
“Alright, I understand. I’ll get someone to continue investigating.”
Gina had initially focused on the fire at the Miller family’s old residence because she knew that the school was investigating this matter. She wanted to see what the school’s investigation results were, but there seemed to be no progress, and the school did not stop investigating.
It turned out that the school’s insistence on investigating was instructed by Gabriel.
“Gabriel, thank you.”
Gina’s tone became more serious.
“Why are you thanking me again?” There was a hint of helplessness in Gabriel’s gentle tone.
Thank you for doing this for me.”
There was a moment of silence on the other end of the phone. Then, Gabriel’s low and magnetic voice sounded again. “Gina, are you just grateful to me out of friendship!”
Gina thought about it seriously for a moment. “Probably.”
“That’s pretty good.”
Gabriel’s answer surprised Gina Miller.
“In the future, we’ll become even closer friends.”
Boyfriend and girlfriend.
Gabriel knew that C i n a was a slow-motion person. He was not in a hurry and even enjoyed the process of Gina slowly. accepting himself.
“I’ll hang up first.”
Gina did not know how to continue Gabriel’s sentence.
Prover Hospital.
Dylan had just finished his rounds. When he saw Gina outside his office, he quickened his pace. “Gina, why are you here?
11:05 Thu, 23 May
Chapter 107
Why didn’t you tell me first? Have you been waiting for a long time?”
“No, just for a while.”
“What’s wrong? Why are you looking for me?”
“Yes, I have something to ask you.”
Dylan instantly became a little nervous. Could Gina be here to question him and tell Neil about the hospitalization
Dylan was a little annoyed. Neil promised to keep it a secret, right?
“Are you familiar with Zach Presley?”
Dylan was stunned. So it was not about that matter. He felt relieved.
“Zach is the gynecologist. I’m not very familiar with him. Why are you asking him?”
“What happened to him? Go on?”
Gina could tell that Dylan wanted to say something but hesitated.
Usually, Dylan did not like to talk about his colleagues in the hospital behind their backs. However, he did not have a good impression of Zach.
“He has a bad temper and is very capable. He’s a capable man in the gynecology and obstetrics department. Previously, he saved a few pregnant women from amniotic fluid embolism. As a result, he became famous. When many pregnant women came for a checkup, they would often ask him to take a look and follow up on the entire pregnancy. After he became famous, he became a little arrogant. There was also some friction between him and his colleagues.
Dylan also learned about these things from the doctors conversations. He was not a gossipy person, but his memory was too good.
Although he did not have a good impression of Zach, he was indeed capable. He could only say that Zach was a very person to evaluate!
“Take me to him.”
“Oh, okay.”
Dylan nodded.
Gynecology and Obstetrics Department,
“Where’s Dr. Presley?”
Dylan asked a nurse.
“Dr. Presley isn’t here.” The nurse glanced at Gina and thought that she was a pregnant woman who was here for a checkup. “Miss, if you want to see Dr. Presley, you have to make an appointment in advance.”
“Isn’t it the scheduled shift time now?” Gina asked. ‘Does Mr. Presley often miss work like this? Does he not meet unless he’s
Chapter 107
The nurse immediately became nervous. “Oh, this is because Dr. Presley has a special arrangement.”
Was he putting on airs?
Gina understood. Seeing that the nurse was in a dilemma and could not say anything. Gina softened her tone. “It’s fine. I’ll make an appointment. Go ahead.”
“Okay, okay.”
The nurse felt relieved and secretly rejoiced that Dr. Presley was not around. If Dr. Presley heard what this lady said in a slightly accusing tone, Dr. Presley would definitely fly into a rage and she would definitely be implicated.
An hour later, Zach arrived late.
He walked into the consultation room impatiently and glanced at Dylan. He did not even greet the nurse.

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