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When She Stops Playing Nice Chapter 109

Chapter 109
Just you wait! Zach thought angrily.
Zach glared at Gina.
Ben arrived at Zach’s office. Before entering, he asked, “What happened?”
As soon as he walked in, he saw Zach with a swollen face. Ben was shocked and did not notice that there were others in the office Zach, who beat you up like this?”
Ben was furious
“Ben, it’s her. That bh! She broke my arm. I might not be able to perform surgery in the future. Ben! Kill her!” Zach pointed at Gina and then at Dylan. “And this neurology doctor, he’s helping the evildoer!” The moment Ben turned around and saw Gina, he was stunned. “Ben, fire Dylan!” “Shut up!” Ben’s expression suddenly changed. He turned around and shouted at Zach. Zach was stunned. “Ben, I was beaten up!” Ben swallowed his saliva. His palms were sweating from nervousness. He was no longer in the mood to care about his son, who could not shut up. Ben nudged Zach and forced an ugly smile at Gina, “Miss Miller is the dean. Miss Miller, long time no see. “Yes.” Gina nodded slightly. Zach felt as if he had been struck by lightning. He only knew that the dean was elusive, but he did not know the dean’s true identity. Zach pursed his lips and said in a trembling voice, “She’s the dean? The dean is a woman?” Gina frowned and sneered. Is there a problem with a woman being the dean?” Ben slapped Zach. “What nonsense are you saying?” Zach was stunned by his father’s slap. Ben braced himself and said, “Miss Miller, I don’t know what my son did wrong for you to personally teach him a lesson? Did he offend you because he didn’t recognize you?” “He’s doing evil, Gina said coldly. Her gaze became sharper. “What?” Ben was stunned. Dylan explained the whole story. The more he listened, the uglier Ben’s expression became. “You bd!”
11:05 Thu, 23 May
Chapter 109
Ben flew into a rage and kicked Zach’s knee. Zacj knelt on the ground and grimaced in pain as he curled up his body.
“How could you do such a crazy thing? You’re a doctor who saves the dying and helps the injured!”
The more Ben spoke, the more agitated he became. He even clutched his chest, looking like he was heartbroken and unable. to accept it
Gina looked at Zach and asked. “Let me ask you again, who is your superior? Are there any other accomplices in the hospital?”
Each was silent for a moment.
Ben seemed to be even more anxious than Gina. He questioned sternly, “Say something. Are you mute? How could you do. such a thing! You’d better not hide anything. Think carefully before you say anything! If I had known that you would do such a shameful thing. I would have never had a son like you! Are you worthy of your mother who had high hopes for you before she passed away? Do you still have the guts to face her in the afterlife?”
Zach’s body stiffened. He glanced at Ben and then at Gina. He gritted his teeth and said, “No, there are no more of my accomplices in the hospital! I have a superior, but I don’t know his identity. We only communicated by anonymous email.”
Let me see your e-mails”
Gina wanted to see what they talked about on email.
This was Gina’s goal. Perhaps, she could find a clue about Zach’s superior from the clues.
“We delete the emails every time we’re done talking. Zach said.
It seemed that the other party was very cautious.
The clues were cut off just like that, but Gina was not discouraged.
“Are there really no more accomplices in the Prover Hospital? If I find out that you’re lying, you’ll have to bear the consequences.”
Gina’s casual remark made Zach shudder.
He swallowed. Tm not lying. It’s true. There’s no one else!”
Gina glanced at Zach’s right hand, which was trembling in pain, and announced, I’ve c
d your right hand. From now on, you really won’t be able to hold a scalpel. You’ve also lost your right to be a doctor.” Ben echoed, “Miss Miller, you did the right thing. This unfilial son of mine did such a heartless thing. His hands should be cd! I will also do my best to cooperate and let him accept the punishment of the law.
Then, call the police,” Gina said calmly.
Ben did not hesitate and immediately called the police. The police arrived very quickly. With the evidence in Gina’s hands, the police took Zach away.
Gina also went to the police station.
When she came out of the police station, C
a saw Ben standing at the door, seemingly waiting for her.
He seemed to have aged a lot in just a few hours. “Miss Miller, I’m very sorry for raising such a s**g for me. I apologize
11:05 Thu, 23 May kh
Chapter 109
to you solemnly here. I didn’t teach my son well”
“Zach is already an adult. You don’t have to apologize for his mistakes.
Moreover, from the looks of it. Ben was also kept in the dark.
However, Gina felt that Ben’s reaction along the way was a little abnormal. She had a feeling that Ben’s anger towards Zach was not because he expected better from him, nor was it because he was heartbroken.
“After the investigation is over, the police will definitely announce the case. This matter might also affect the reputation of the hospital. It’s only right for me to apologize. Miss Miller, I still have something to tell you. I want to resign. I don’t have the integrity to stay in the hospital anymore,” Ben sighed and said.
Gina did not have much of a reaction. “The staff of the Prover Hospital are free to leave and stay as they wish.”
“Alright.” Ben sighed. “Then I’ll take my leave first.”
After Ben left. Gina called Elsen.
When Elsen picked up the call, he sounded pleasantly surprised. ‘Ginal You haven’t contacted me for a long time. Do you have any instructions this time, my beloved chairman?”
You’re back in business with the Miller Jewels?”
Elsen was deeply impressed by Olivia’s talent in design and decided not to withdraw his investment.
Gina had also just learned about this from Ella, although she felt that the credibility of this matter was almost zero.
However, she still decided to call Elsen and ask him what was going on..
After listening to Gina, Elsen said agitatedly, “What’s going on? When did I decide not to withdraw my investment? What’s more, it was your idea to withdraw the investment. Of course, I’ll follow your request. Who said that our Dale Group is going to reinvest in Miller Jewels?”
This was a complete rumor!
Gina asked. “Then, has the termination notice been released?”
“Well, not yet.”

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They said she was nothing…Gina Miller was found by her biological family when she was nineteen. She had expected a grand reunion and being showered by love. However, her parents and brothers looked down on her lowly upbringing and country manners and instead loved the daughter they adopted when Gina went missing. After much disappointment, Gina left and never looked back.He had everything but was dying… Gabriel Jackson was rich, successful, and handsome. He had everything others wanted and more. Too bad he was ill and was predicted to die before thirty. His father wanted to set him up with someone, but Gabriel was afraid of being a burden to her. Besides, Gabriel had his sights set on someone already.But she was more than she seemed…Gina didn’t want to play nice anymore. No longer hiding herself, her various identities were revealed one by one. She was a multi- billionaire, superb doctor, top hacker, and renowned designer. The powerful respected her. Those who once disdained her were deeply regretful.After Gabriel took her side multiple times, Gina could tell he was interested in her. But Gina didn’t remember that their paths had crossed many years ago…


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