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When She Stops Playing Nice Chapter 111

Chapter 111
Olivia knew that she couldn’t keep it a secret forever, but she did not expect that the matter would be exposed so quickly.
Of course, Ella was not a fool. She did not believe them just because they said that Eisen would not withdraw his investment. She also personally went to the company to check the accounts and found that the funds had indeed arrived. In addition, Dale Group did not announce that it would withdraw its investment and cancel the cooperation. Ella thought that this matter would be resolved perfectly.
At this point, what happened in reality was against her wish.
What’s going on with the company’s books? Explain it to me!”
This was the first time Ella was so hysterical.
Noah pursed his lips, braced himself, and stammered, “We faked the books.”
Ella almost could not breathe. She clutched her chest and looked like she was about to faint. Olivia hurriedly went forward to support her, but Ella shook her hand off.
Ella pointed at them and questioned, “You two are just my nice son and daughter. Do you think the Miller family is not having enough chaos? Is there a point in joining forces to lie to me?”
Olivia could not help but cry. “Mom, I really don’t want to leave the Miller family. I was too afraid that you would leave me back then, so I did this. Don’t blame Noah. It’s all my fault. Mom, don’t be angry because of me. I’ll get out of the family now!”
Seeing that Olivia had taken all the blame, Noah was a little touched.
“Mom, now that things have come to this, it’s useless for you to blame Olivia. Moreover, you have to understand that it was Gina who caused our Miller family to be in this state! If she had not been brought home, the Miller family would’ve remained in peace!
Noah did not mention that back then, he only brought her home because he wanted to obtain the shares in his grandmother’s will instead of finding his lost relative.
“That bh usually pretends to be depressed and looks like she’s well-behaved and useless. I didn’t expect her to be so vicious and cg. She’s so scheming and has ruined our family!”
Noah’s eyes were filled with resentment.
Ella said subconsciously, “She’s not useless. She’s the final judge of this contest.
After returning home, Ella only focused on criticizing Olivia and did not elaborate on what had happened, causing Noah to be shocked when he heard this. “She’s the judge? How did she become the judge?”
It was said that the judges of the contest were all experienced designers who had won international awards and were famous. internationally. Noah thought that Gina was just a country bumpkin, so how could she do it?
Noah doubted if he was dreaming-
He even pinched himself.
He muttered in a dull voice, “I’ve never heard Gina mention it before.”
Chapter 111
However, after C n a acknowledged them as her relatives, not only did they rarely let Gina go home, but when Gina talked to them they all had unconcealed disdainful expressions and refused to talk to her.
The three of them knew very well that they had once been extremely aloof to Gina. At this moment, they felt guilty arid tacitly did not continue the topic.
“Mom, the members of Dale Group have already made up their minds to withdraw their investment. We’ve already tried all kinds of methods, but they didn’t work. Why do we have to butter them up while they’re indifferent to us? We can just find another partner. In the
lure, our Miller Jewels will become bigger and stronger. The tables will turn, and Dale Group will have to kneel and lick our boots! Just get over this!” Noah talked big and comforted Ella.
Ella smiled mockingly. What else could he do other than to get over it?
However, she felt a little regretful. She regretted not letting Gina join the company after discovering that she knew how to design.
One wrong step would lead to many mistakes.
Ella did not say anything else and turned to go upstairs.
Noah looked at Olivia, whose eyes were red from crying, and comforted her. “Let Mom calm down. Everything will pass. I’m here.
As Noah spoke, he went forward and hugged Olivia familiarly.
He hugged her tightly in his arms and said in an ambiguous tone, I’ll always take your side.”
Olivia felt a little uncomfortable. Although her relationship with Noah exceeded the relationship between siblings, unrestrained, Noah had started to touch her more and more, which terrified her a bit. She was afraid that the others in the family would know what was going on between them.
But now, Noah was the only person who could help her unconditionally. She could not make Noah unhappy. She could only push Noah’s chest as if she was playing hard to get. “Noah, you’re hugging me a little too tightly.
“Olivia, you know what? I want to make you mine.”
Noah thought he was being flirtatious.
Olivia had goosebumps all over her.
So greasy…
Olivia’s body trembled slightly, Noah thought that she had been seduced by him,
He became even more impudent and blew on Olivia’s ear. “Olivia, I want…”
“Ms. Olivia. Mr. Noah.
Suddenly, an untimely voice sounded.
It was Lucas.
Noah immediately let go of Olivia. Olivia also quickly distanced herself from Noah.
“Lucas, what are you doing? You’re so elusive. Are you trying to scare me to death?” Noah asked impatiently since his
Chapter II
business ruined.
Located Noah on the first
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Olvis was arranty frorated to begin with her being lectored by the felt even more aggrieved. Coincidentally, she
obrady was abeo filled with anger and had nowhere to ver it. She cimply sent it to Lucas “What does it have to do with your You’re
long-winded. Be careful, Ihre you?”
Noodi sesacted and returned to his room.
Olma glared acas speechlessly. She was about to return to her room to rest when Lucas followed behind her
Lucas said. “Ms. Olivia, if you want to salvage your relationship with Mrs. Miller. I have a way
immediately stopped in her tracks, even though she did not understand why Lucas had helped her time and time
( seemed that he was even more afraid than her that she would be chased out of the Miller family, but now, Olivia on her mind. She did not have time to think about anything else, nor was she interested in investigating further.
She turned to Laicas. “What way”
Make Gina the Miller family’s enemy
“How should I do that”
looked around and confirmed that there was no one around. He approached Olivia and whispered to her about the

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