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When She Stops Playing Nice Chapter 122

Chapter 122
She would never forget Gina’s kindness,
Moreover, her intuition told her that Gina was a very kind person. She was also the chief designer of Quaria, her idol. An outstanding and kind person like Gina would never do something like kill her biological father.
Gina’s heart warmed. She had not been too affected by this incident because she had seen too many storms.
This was not the first time she had experienced this. It was as if she was standing in the middle of a storm. However, in the past, she relied on herself to escape the storm one step at a time.
She never relied on anyone.
She did not need to rely on others either.
People were unreliable.
Gina had always thought that way. She only believed in herself. She had also said that she did not like owing favors because she felt that it was extremely troublesome.
But now, these thoughts seemed to have changed.
It turned out that others could give her their all without asking for anything in return.
She was very touched.
“Aria, thank you. You’re my best friend,” Gina said earnestly.
Aria felt a lump in her throat and almost cried. She immediately sent a voice message. She would not have been able to express her current excitement without a voice message. “Really? Gina, do you know how happy I am?”
ཋ སྒྲ་འོ་ཟན་ཞོ ཅཟོ་ཚ ཏུ
Similarly, Aria was rather surprised that the cold Gina would say something so direct and passionate.
Originally, she felt that her interactions with Gina had been rather indifferent. She was worried that Gina did not want to talk to her. She often wondered if Gina would feel annoyed if she only wanted to chat with her.
Hence, she had been quite careful with their interactions.
Gina smiled and replied, “I know, I know. I can tell from your tone. Though, is there a need to be so excited?”
“Of course! You’ve always been my idol. I’m fortunate enough to be friends with my idol, but now my idol-you said that I’m your best friend. I’m the happiest person in the world!”
Gina could not help but laugh again. She asked, “But then again, why did you fall into the artificial lake back then?”
She had never asked Aria about this.
Aria felt a little embarrassed about the fact, so she did not take the initiative to mention it.
“I…” Aria was a little embarrassed as she sent the voice message. “I just found out about Yolanda’s pregnancy at that time. Moreover, Yolanda kept showing off in front of me. She said that the Torres family will only care about the child in her stomach and not about me in the future. She wanted me to recognize my position and stop putting on the air of a young lady. I was in a bad mood so I walked by the lake. In a daze, I accidentally fell into the lake.”
11:53 Fri, 24 May G
Chapter 122
At that time, Aria was extremely afraid because there was no one around the lake. She felt that she was going to drown in the artificial lake. Fortunately, she was discovered by someone, and Gina happened to pass by and save her.
“We’re quite fated.” Aria smiled happily and said.
However, her smile quickly faded as she asked, a little worried, “Gina, how are you going to handle this matter? You must have been framed, right? Do you have any evidence to prove your innocence?”
“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.”
Speaking of which, she had no evidence to prove her innocence for the time being.
“Gina, you must tell me if there’s anything I can help with! I’ll help if I can.”
Aria’s tone was exceptionally firm.
Yes, okay. I’m fine. Don’t worry about me.”
After Gina replied to Aria, she saw a notification that she had received an email from Trowell University’s school administration office.
Gina was slightly surprised. She told Aria that she had something to deal with, then ended the chat and opened the email.
She realized that there was nothing inside the email. It was just an application to drop out of school.
Gina was a little surprised. She called the principal, Jack Baker.
Jack’s lazy voice rang out from the other end of the line.
“Mr. Baker, were you the one who instructed the Academic Affairs Office to send me the dropout application?” Gina asked.
Jack clicked his tongue impatiently. “Yes.”
“Why?” Gina asked.
“Why?” Jack returned the question.
He laughed. “Gina! How can you ask that? Don’t you know the reason? Didn’t you read the news? Don’t you know that you’re the protagonist of this explosive incident?
“We truly can’t judge a book by its cover. You even dared to kill your biological father. You’re inhumane. You’re worse than a beast. Moreover, because of you, Trowell University’s reputation was also affected by public opinion!”
Jack continued bluntly, “Many netizens have requested for Trowell University to expel a sociopath like you. We’ve already sent you the form to drop out of school. Just fill it up accordingly. Why are you calling me?”
He even felt rather proud after saying that.
He had not forgotten how Gina had looked down on him and asked him not to be a busybody after the Miller family got him to trick Gina into coming to school fo meet them.
That had made Jack very uncomfortable.
11:53 Fri, 24 May
Chapter 122
At that time, he could only suppress his anger because Gina was backed by Gabriel. He did not dare to do anything to Gina.
Now, he saw the statement the Jackson Group made and knew that that was Gabriel’s intention. Gabriel had cut ties with Gina. Who was Gina now that no one was protecting her?
Was she the director of Prover Hospital? The judge of the league?
Her reputation had been ruined, so he had nothing to be afraid of.
Jack was secretly pleased by that thought.
The case is still under further investigation. I’m not the murderer, and I won’t drop out,” Gina said.
She would look guilty if she chose to drop out of school now.
Jack immediately exploded. Tm showing you some respect by sending you the withdrawal application form. Do you want me to announce directly to everyone that you’ve been expelled?”
“You can’t expel me, Gina replied calmly.
Jack flew into a rage. He felt that Gina was too arrogant. He was a principal, so why couldn’t he expel a murderer like her?
Jack sneered. “Gina, are you stupi d? Don’t you go online? Didn’t you see the Jackson Group’s statement? Don’t tell me you can’t tell that Gabriel is trying to cut ties with you. Gabriel might be Trowell University’s biggest board member, but he doesn’t want you anymore and has abandoned you! Do you think he will protect a murderer like you? He’ll have to be crazy!”
Jack further mocked, “You’re just a toy for him to play with!”
Gina laughed calmly.

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They said she was nothing…Gina Miller was found by her biological family when she was nineteen. She had expected a grand reunion and being showered by love. However, her parents and brothers looked down on her lowly upbringing and country manners and instead loved the daughter they adopted when Gina went missing. After much disappointment, Gina left and never looked back.He had everything but was dying… Gabriel Jackson was rich, successful, and handsome. He had everything others wanted and more. Too bad he was ill and was predicted to die before thirty. His father wanted to set him up with someone, but Gabriel was afraid of being a burden to her. Besides, Gabriel had his sights set on someone already.But she was more than she seemed…Gina didn’t want to play nice anymore. No longer hiding herself, her various identities were revealed one by one. She was a multi- billionaire, superb doctor, top hacker, and renowned designer. The powerful respected her. Those who once disdained her were deeply regretful.After Gabriel took her side multiple times, Gina could tell he was interested in her. But Gina didn’t remember that their paths had crossed many years ago…


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