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When She Stops Playing Nice Chapter 128

Chapter 128
It was as if she had selectively forgotten that Olivia was a natural liar.
That slt! Scrooge! How is she going to spend that money after she dies? Yet she’s not even willing to exchange money for. her life! What an idiot!” Noah cursed. Ella felt a little depressed that she was not going to get Gina’s “inheritance.” She rubbed her temple and turned around to go upstairs to rest with a tired expression. Only Olivia and Noah were left in the living room. Noah said to Olivia, “Olivia, come with me. I have something to tell you.” Olivia felt a little strange. “Noah, what do you want to say that you can’t say in the living room?” Noah looked at the second floor meaningfully. Olivia thought, That means… He’s afraid that someone hears them?” Although Olivia found it a little strange, she did not think too much about it and obediently followed Noah into the room. After entering the room, Noah suddenly turned around and hugged Olivia. Olivia’s heart sd a beat and she immediately struggled. “Noah, what are you doing… Let go of me.”
“Olivia, we’re the only ones here now,” Noah emphasized and refused to let go.
Olivia looked at Noah in horror. “What do you mean?”
“Olivia, my baby. I miss you.”
To be precise, he missed her body. He had to admit that Olivia was experienced and knew how to do that. Noah could not forget the taste of that time in the hotel. It was just that he did not have the chance to have sex with Olivia again.
It was precisely because they were in a confined space that Noah became bolder and started to touch her.
Olivia felt uncomfortable. She had done it last time because she needed Noah’s help to please Ella. She did not want to have a second time with Noah.
“Noah, don’t! I don’t want to!”
Olivia struggled with all her might and finally pushed Noah away.
Noah said with a dissatisfied expression, “Did you forget who put in a good word for you when you were angry? Did you forget who agreed to put on an act with you? Did you forget who got the company’s accountant to cook the books and fool the world?
“Who made Eisen change his mind and not withdraw his investment in Miller Jewels so that you can return to this family?
“Who was the one who tried their best to help you explain the situation and appease Ella’s anger after she found out you
were a fake?”
“Olivia, won’t you do it on account of all the kindness I’ve shown?” Noah questioned.
Chapter 128
Olivia looked troubled. She braced herself and said, “How could I forget your kindness? I want to repay you, but can I do it in another way?”
“I don’t need other ways. I don’t need those. I just miss you. Olivia, I like you!” Noah said,
“Do you know how happy I was when you said that you thought I was the best brother?”
“I like you, and not in the way an older brother likes his sister!” Noah emphasized.
Olivia felt like she had eaten a fly. Although he was very close and familiar with her, such a relationship made her feel a little uncomfortable. She had had no choice last time.
Today, no matter what, she would not let Noah touch her.
“Noah, don’t be like this. I’m back in the Miller family now. I’m the Miller family’s daughter and your sister. What happened in the past is in the past. Let’s not mention it again, okay?”
Olivia tried to have a good talk with Noah.
Noah, on the other hand, did not have the patience. All he could think about was having sex with Olivia.
“No, we’ve already done that. You should know that we can’t be ordinary siblings anymore. Olivia, you give yourself to whoever you want. Why can’t you give it to me?”
Olivia was speechless.
Noah was impatient. He pulled Olivia onto the bed and pressed her down.
“Noah! Noah, calm down!”
Olivia resisted.
Noah held Olivia’s hands. “Be good and listen to me. I will be very gentle with you!”
Olivia did not have as much strength as Noah. She was exhausted after struggling for a while. She was about to go crazy. She did not want to do it with Noah.
However, Noah was already frantically tearing off her clothes.
Olivia felt deep helplessness and despair.
Suddenly, someone hit the back of Noah’s head violently. Noah was in so much pain that he almost fainted. He immediately fell onto the bed dispiritedly. Olivia was a little confused, but she had already instinctively pushed Noah away from her. She hurriedly tidied her messy clothes.
Olivia put on her clothes and looked up, only to see Lucas.
Lucas had an ashtray in his hand. He had smashed the ashtray on Noah’s head. Noah slowly regained his senses and turned around, grimacing. “Lucas? What the hell is wrong with you? You hit me? Are you crazy?”
L’s expression was terrifyingly dark. “Noah, she’s your sister. What were you going to do to her? Huh? Let me ask you, what were you going to do to her?” Noah was stunned. He did not know why Lucas was so angry. Moreover, he looked like he wanted to eat him up. 11:54 Fri, 24 May Chapter 128 JUG 90% However, even though Lucas had been in the Miller family for five to six years, he was only a s hired by the Miller family. How dare he speak to him so loudly? Did he not know his place?.
Noah became even angrier. “What does it have to do with you? Who do you think you are? Get out of here! You sneaked into my room and hit me. I’ll settle this score with you later. Get out first!”
Lucas did not reply. He only gripped the ashtray tightly in his hand, looking like he was going to hit Noah’s head again at any moment.
“I’m talking to you. Do you f**g not understand?”
Noah stood up, wanting to s n a c h the ashtray from L c a s ‘s hand and hit him.
Olivia hurriedly went forward and stopped Noah in case the two of them had a bigger conflict. “Noah, don’t!”
Noah looked at Olivia in surprise. “Olivia, you’re on his side? A s e r v a n t?”
Olivia was not protecting Lucas. She just did not want to alarm the rest of the family and let them know about her current relationship with Noah.
“Noah, you don’t want others to know about us, right?”
Noah thought about what Olivia was saying.
He suddenly figured it out. Perhaps Lucas would tell others about him having sex with Olivia. Even though they had not done it, it would not be good if word spread out.
Someone who cared as much about his reputation as him…

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