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When She Stops Playing Nice Chapter 3

Chapter 3

“Gina, your dorm at school has gone up in flames, Michael stated as they drove.

Gina’s eyes narrowed a bit. “Alright, I’ll head back and check it out” Exiting the car, she made her way on foot.

Her phone vibrated with a text from an unknown number. [Where the hell have you vanished to? Get your ass back to

home, now!].

Gina scoffed and blocked the number. Really? Changing numbers to harass me? What the fuck are they thinking?” she thought.

She had made up her mind to sever ties with the Miller family and wasn’t about to let them pull her back in.

When the Millers first found her, Gina was on a mountain, gathering medicinal herbs, covered in dirt and sweat.

They mistook her for someone foraging for wild vegetables, their eyes laden with barely concealed disdain.


They were momentarily surprised to hear Gina had aced her college entrance exam and secured a spot at Trowell University. However, they quickly diminished her achievement, thinking she was nothing more than a bookworm, lacking grace and talents of Olivia, who had been shoehorned into Trowell’s art program through connections and hefty sums.

Gina rarely stayed with the Miller family. They rationalized it by saying living in the dorm was more convenient, saving her the trouble of commuting. Meanwhile, they bent over backward driving Olivia, a fellow Trowell student, around.

But Gina seldom spent her time at school. To her, college was meaningless; she only needed an innocuous front. Yet, this became Olivia’s ammunition to slander her, accusing Gina of being a dropout, always skipping class, and goofing off God knows where.

Regardless of how much Gina tried to set the record straight, the Miller family wouldn’t have a bar of it.

Ella spared no venom in her ridicule. “Look at you. What could you possibly achieve? You might as well quit now.”

James once mocked her. “Grew up in the sticks, eh? First time laying eyes on a computer? Why aimlessly pick computer science?”

Noah sneered. “Better think about dropping out before the school shows you the door. We can’t afford that kind of shame.”

Even when Gina bagged a scholarship as the top student, paying her way through college, they couldn’t muster a single word of praise.

All the while, Olivia, who bumbled through piano lessons despite the fortunes spent, failing to grasp even the basics after a year, was showered with praise.

Gina closed her eyes, chuckling at her folly. ‘I should’ve seen through this bullshit a long time ago, she thought.

Just a short walk later, a BMW rolled to a slow stop beside Gina, the window Sliding down to reveal James glaring from within.

James cursed under his breath, Figures, she has headed back to school. Blocking her path here was spot on. She has even blocked all our numbers and ignored my texts. She is asking for it!

“Get in the carl he demanded, voice dripping with menace. “Come home and kneel, apologize to the whole family

Gina gave him a look reserved for lunatics. “Are you dreaming?”

Tue, 21 May

Chapter 3

James, momentarily thrown, snapped back, “What’s this about dreaming? Are you ignoring me? Get back here now!”

“Awake and still talking crap?” Gina fired back, unyielding.

James was boiling with anger, thinking, ‘Did she hit her head? Used to be as quiet as a mouse, barely uttering a word. And now look at her, she is sharp ás a tack.”

He stepped out of the car, blocking Gina’s way.

James sneered. “You think you can just disappear? One word to the principal from us, and you’re out of Trowell University immediately. Think twice, Gina.”

Kick me out? As if you could, Gina thought, her inner voice laced with scorn.

“What makes you think you deserve an apology?” Gina asked, voice cold and lips curled into a smirk.

“You ungrateful brat,” James fumed. “Forging Dad’s signature, creating a fake will. That alone deserves more than a mere punishment, and yet you dare to question me?”

Gina couldn’t help but laugh, retorting, “I only return home when you call. I don’t even have the keys, let alone access to Dad’s room. How could I have possibly used his seal on the will?”

James faltered before insisting, “Who knows what you did to steal it.”

Gina smiled, resigned to the familiar outcome. Never mind, my brothers will never suspect their darling sister, Olivia,’ she thought.

Feeling no more words were necessary, Gina turned to leave.

“Stop!” James shouted, determined to drag Gina back home today.

He grabbed her arm, but Gina’s icy gaze made him flinch, thinking of Liam still in the hospital. Reluctantly, James let go. Gina continued towards the school.

A venomous look flashed in James’s eyes as he climbed back into the car and ordered the driver. “Just hit her. Let’s see her run then.”

The driver hesitated, appalled at James’s thought of harming Gina.

“What are you waiting for? Do it! I’ll take the fall, James barked impatiently.

Seeing the driver balk, James shoved him aside, took the wheel, and floored it, aiming straight for Gina’s retreating figure.

In a split–second save, a Rolls Royce shot out from the side, blocking the BMW.

James hit the brakes hard, his face colliding with the steering wheel, nose bleeding instantly from the impact.

“Damn it, who the hell?” he cursed loudly.

As he got out, cursing. James noticed the Rolls Royce. It was a custom model limited to one per region, owned by only one person in the North City, Gabriel Jackson.

He remembered Gabriel was a board member of Trowell University and uncle to Olivia’s fiancé, Ethan – practically family

17:36 Tue, 21 May G.

Chapter 3

Yet, despite the long–standing engagement, they had never met Gabriel.

The Rolls Royce driver yelled at James. “Can you even drive? Move it!”

James, regaining his composure and wanting to retaliate, instinctively looked towards the back seat’s still–open window, feeling a chill down his spine.

When She Stops Playing Nice by Hale Saxon

When She Stops Playing Nice by Hale Saxon

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
They said she was nothing…Gina Miller was found by her biological family when she was nineteen. She had expected a grand reunion and being showered by love. However, her parents and brothers looked down on her lowly upbringing and country manners and instead loved the daughter they adopted when Gina went missing. After much disappointment, Gina left and never looked back.He had everything but was dying… Gabriel Jackson was rich, successful, and handsome. He had everything others wanted and more. Too bad he was ill and was predicted to die before thirty. His father wanted to set him up with someone, but Gabriel was afraid of being a burden to her. Besides, Gabriel had his sights set on someone already.But she was more than she seemed…Gina didn’t want to play nice anymore. No longer hiding herself, her various identities were revealed one by one. She was a multi- billionaire, superb doctor, top hacker, and renowned designer. The powerful respected her. Those who once disdained her were deeply regretful.After Gabriel took her side multiple times, Gina could tell he was interested in her. But Gina didn’t remember that their paths had crossed many years ago…


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