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When She Stops Playing Nice Chapter 87

Chapter 87


It was Gina’s turn to be shocked. She felt that this kind of thing was still far away from her.

She thought, Would I marry Gabriel?

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She had no idea either.

You can

go if they ask you to, but I won’t go. But remember to go home early!” Ruby reminded her seriously.

Gina went to the Jackson family.

At the entrance of the Jackson family, she bumped into Jasmine.

“What are you doing here?” Jasmine looked at Gina with hostility.

Gina looked at her coldly. This isn’t your house. Do I need to tell you that I’m coming here!”

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Jasmine choked on Gina’s words and clenched her fists. In her heart, she had considered herself Gabriel’s girlfriend for

many years.

Gina ignored Jasmine and walked into the Jackson family’s old mansion.

Jasmine, who had been completely ignored, was furious.

She quickened her pace and walked in a hurry. After passing Gina, she entered the old mansion first.

“Miss Miller, why are you here? Neil was a little sleepy just now and fell asleep, Isaac warmly welcomed her.

Gina was a little puzzled. Why did she remember replying to Neil about the time she came?

She took out her phone and realized that she thought that she had replied, but she did not.

Gina said, “Is he asleep?”

“Yes, but he is a light sleeper. He’ll probably wake up soon. Miss Miller, why don’t you wait for a while?” Isaac said.

“Okay,” Gina nodded.

Jasmine coughed twice in dissatisfaction. It was obvious that she had entered first. Isaac actually greeted Gina first, which made Jasmine very unhappy.

Isaac then looked at Jasmine and greeted her politely, “Miss Bush.”

Tm also waiting for Neil to wake up,” Jasmine glanced at Gina.

Meanwhile, Gina did not even look at Jasmine.

Alright, Miss Bush. Please go ahead,” Isaac said casually.

10:59 Thu, 23 May 2

Chapter 87

Jasmine continued, “Isaac, why don’t you ask the kitchen to prepare another meal for me? I want to spend more time with Neil By the way, when will Gabriel be back tonight?”

Isaac was speechless.

He knew that Jasmine had recently claimed that she wanted to visit and accompany Neil, it wasn’t because of the tonic she had given him that caused Neil to be hospitalized. From what he could see, Jasmine didn’t feel too guilty about this matter.

Jasmine wanted to curry favor with Neil so that Gabriel would like her and make her marry into the Jackson family.

But Gabriel didn’t like her at all!

He couldn’t be bothered with her!

If it weren’t for the fact that the Bush family was friends with the Jackson family, Gabriel probably wouldn’t have allowed Jasmine to step into the Jackson family’s old mansion.

Besides, from the way Jasmine ordered Isaac, did she really think of herself as Gabriel’s wife?

She began to fantasize.

But, Isaac couldn’t directly reject Jasmine’s request.

“Alright, Isaac said.

Jasmine’s face immediately lit up with pride. She looked at Gina provocatively, as if to say, “Look! I’m the hostess of the Jackson family. All the s**ts of the Jackson family have to listen to me!

Meanwhile, Gina was in no mood to care about Jasmine. She had no idea that Jasmine had so many thoughts in her mind.

Gina sat on the sofa and waited patiently.

To show off, Jasmine walked around in the Jackson family as if she were at her own home. She even said loudly, “Isaac, I’m going to Neil’s study to take a look. I want to know what Neil painted recently.”

Isaac stopped Jasmine, “Miss Bush, why don’t you sit on the sofa?”

He had tried to be tactful. He didn’t know why Jasmine was always walking. She couldn’t even sit still but wandered around.

It was very rude. Didn’t she feel it at all?

“Neil didn’t even say that he wouldn’t let me in. Why are you stopping me? Why? Do you think I’ll steal something? You’re guarding against me?” Jasmine said meaningfully.

Isaac was speechless and he thought, Isn’t Neil sleeping? Of course, he couldn’t say that he wouldn’t let her in

“Get out of the way!” Jasmine pushed Isaac away.

Jasmine walked into the study and saw the painting on the desk. There was also a small box on the painting. Jasmine picked up the box curiously and opened it. Then, she smelled something that she thought smelled awful.

She looked at the withered grass in the box and said in disdain, “What’s this?”

Isaac, on the other hand, was speechless. Did Jasmine really treat this place as her own home? She didn’t look like a lady

11:00 Thu, 23 May

Chapter 87

from a wealthy family when she was rummaging around.

There was a very obvious contrast,

Isaac increasingly felt that Gina was a true match for Gabriel.

Isaac thought. Gabriel’s business ability is top-notch and his taste is top-notch. He chooses Gina!

Isaac went forward and took the box. “Miss Bush, don’t move or act randomly.”

Jasmine was displeased and she thought, I have a high status. How dare a s**t like Isaac teach me how to do?

She was furious. She thought, ‘On the first day I marry Gabriel, I will fire Isaac, this s**t who has violated me!

Jasmine suppressed her anger, “What? Is this box very expensive? I can’t even touch it?”


She thought, ‘Is it that precious? I have touched it. If it has broken, I could afford it! Besides, there is nothing inside.

Isaac was speechless. He felt that Jasmine was uneducated.

He thought. Isn’t it common sense not to touch other people’s belongings?”

“What does Neil use this box for?” Jasmine asked.

Isaac placed the box in the drawer and said, “It is used for a ring”

Jasmine was stunned. “A ring? Why did Neil put a layer of weeds under the box?”

“It’s not weed, and Neil didn’t put it, Isaac said.

Then who put it?” Jasmine asked.

Isaac said, “Miss Miller. This box is used to store the ring. This ring is a birthday gift from Miss Miller to Neil

Neil really liked the ring that Gina gave him. Other than taking it off when he slept at night and practiced painting, he wore it every day. It could be said that he was too fond of it.

When Jasmine heard that it was from Gina, she instantly felt unhappy. She thought, This b**h must be trying to curry favor with Neil so that she could **h Gabriel from me! What a scheming woman!’

Jasmine did not say anything as she walked out of the study. Isaac followed her.

She turned around and glared at Isaac. “Why are you following me?”

“Alright, Miss Bush, can you stop wandering around?” Isaac could not stand her anymore.

Jasmine was angry that a s**t would dare to argue with her. She wanted to throw a tantrum, but she remembered that this place was not her home for the time being. She had to endure it!

She said, “I’ll go to the back garden for a walk, alright? Don’t follow me!”

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