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When She Stops Playing Nice Chapter 89

Chapter 89

It was rejected by Gabriel without hesitation.

At that time, Neil was still a little angry. He felt that Gabriel should consider his marriage. This matter made Neil


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But it is a good thing that Gabriel had rejected it. Otherwise, Gabriel would miss such an outstanding girl like C**a! Fate is really magical, Neil thought.

Jasmine was in disbelief. She thought, Did Neil mean that I should be grateful to Gina for helping me clean up my mess? This **h is not worthy!’

“Aren’t you going to thank Gina? She helped you save me. Aren’t you happy?” Neil asked.

Isaac covered his mouth and smiled. He thought, ‘When does Neil become so sarcastic?”

Jasmine was very uncomfortable as if there was a thorn stuck in her throat.

Under Neil’s gaze, she said reluctantly, “Miss Miller, thank you for saving Neil. Fortunately, with you, Neil can be healthy and safe. Neil is healthy and safe, which has always been my wish.”

Jasmine didn’t forget to express how much she cared about Neil.

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About Jasmine’s fake concern, Neil did not feel touched at all.

He knew what was true and what was false. Gina’s concern for him was not expressed verbally, but she had always proved it with practical actions.

When he thought about how Gina had silently asked the Prover Hospital to provide him with good medicinal herbs but charged him at an ordinary standard, Neil felt a warm feeling in his heart.

Jasmine composed herself and continued to try to get close to Neil. “Neil, I’ll stay for dinner today. Is that okay? Isaac saw me coming and instructed the nanny to cook more for me just like before,” she said.

Jasmine stressed the words ‘just like before”.

Isaac exposed her mercilessly. “Miss Bush, you asked for this yourself. However, I haven’t instructed the kitchen yet.”

Jasmine choked and clenched her fists in anger.

She pretended not to care that Isaac was exposing her. “Then I’ll have to trouble Isaac to give the order now.

Isaac looked at Neil. “Mr. Jackson, do you want Miss Bush to stay for dinner?”

“She can stay

if she wants,” Neil said.

Isaac was a little unhappy. He thought that Neil would not agree. Thinking about it, it should be because of the relationship between the two families that he did not want to argue with Jasmine.

“Okay, Isaac nodded.

“Neil, I haven’t had dinner with you in a long time. After dinner, I’ll play chess with you and practice painting, okay?” Jasmine said proudly.

Chapter 89

She continued, “Nell, can you help me take a look at some of the jewelry designs I’ve been designing recently? By the way, I won third place in the National Design League.”

Neil was puzzled. “Didn’t your family say that you came in second place?”

Jasmine felt a little awkward and she said, “At that time, the results hadn’t been announced yet. My family guessed it.”

Jasmine also felt that this was very strange.

She was sure that the news her family had heard was true. In the end, when it was announced, she was actually in third place.

“No, you don’t have to accompany me. I don’t plan to eat at home tonight.” Neil rejected.

Jasmine was embarrassed and she said, “Neil, you’re not eating at home tonight?”

She thought. Then what is the point of me staying in the Jackson family?”

“Yes, I want to treat Gina to a meal outside. Gina, call Gabriel and ask him to meet us after work,” Neil looked at Gina and said happily.

C**a was still a little confused. She asked, “Me? Should I make a call?

Gina suddenly felt that if she were to make the call, the meaning of this meal would not be so ordinary. Moreover, Neil’s tone made it seem as if they were family.

“That’s right. Why don’t you just send a message to him on WhatsApp? How was the s**y wings last time? Are you satisfied with the environment of the private room? Do you want to go again?” Neil asked Gina about her preferences.

Jasmine thought, What? Neil actually brought this country bumpkin to such a high-end place for a meal?’

y angry. Neil didn’t even invite her.

She was very

Gina had difficulty choosing. I’m okay with anything.”

Neil said, “Let’s pick as we go.”

“Okay, Gina replied.

As Jasmine looked at the happy scene between the two of them, she felt as if she had become a part of the background.

She said indignantly, “Neil, then I don’t want to stay here for dinner. I’ll go with you!”

“It’s not suitable,” Neil rejected firmly. He wanted to tell Jasmine that there was their family banquet and she could not go with them.

Neil wanted to save some face for Jasmine. He hoped she could understand his words!

Unexpectedly, not only did Jasmine not restrain herself, she even started to get angry, “Why not? It’s because Miss Miller doesn’t want me to go with you two. I admit that I offended you just now, but I did apologize, didn’t I?

“Miss Miller, tell me. What do I have to do to make Neil agree to let me follow you?”

Jasmine had never suffered such grievances since she was young. Her voice was mixed with sobbing.

It was as if the arrogant and domineering person was Gina, and she was the victim.

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Chapter 89

Gina said calmly, “You don’t have to do a thing. I’m indeed unwilling. It’s very abrupt and presumptuous for you to follow

“You… Jasmine gritted her teeth in anger. I know everyone in the Jackson family earlier than Gina. Why does everyone like her more than me?’ she thought.

Neil also said, “Isaac has already instructed the kitchen to prepare food for you, but you’re not eating anymore. Isn’t that a


Jasmine was speechless.

“Let’s go then,” Neil cheerfully called out to Gina.

Gina suddenly thought of something.

“Neil, show me the box with the ring. How long can the herbs inside last?” she said.

Gina’s medicine land had been destroyed. She planned to find a new one to plant. She would first plant some medicine that was urgently needed, such as medicine for Neil’s heart disease and herbs to maintain the ring.

Coincidentally, Isaac returned after instructing the kitchen to prepare food. Neil asked Isaac to take out the box.

Jasmine, who was still angry and indignant, suddenly remembered that the box had been thrown into the trash can just now! For some reason. Jasmine felt guilty. However, she had only thrown it into the trash can. At most, she could just pick it up. However, she still felt that Neil would be angry.

She bit her lip and thought, ‘T’d better leave as soon as possible. After all, no one saw me throw it at that time.”

Jasmine looked up I’m

and said to Neil, ‘Neil, since you’re going out to eat with Miss Miller. I won’t disturb you any 1 going home. I’m sorry for making the kitchen work for nothing.”

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