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When She Stops Playing Nice Chapter 91

Chapter 91

After searching for a long time, Jasmine was completely exhausted. Finally, amidst the smelly trash, she saw the familiar box.

“Neil, I found it!” Jasmine finally heaved a sigh of relief. She was also covered in the rotten smell of trash.

When Jasmine approached with the box, Neil couldn’t help but frown, Jasmine knew that she was being despised.

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She bit her lip and tried her best not to cry out loud. Gina must be gloating at her misfortune!

Although Gina looked calm on the surface, Jasmine felt that Gina must be overjoyed!

Jasmine thought, “This b**h!’

“What are you doing here?” Gabriel learned from Isaac that Gina had arrived, and he rushed back to the old mansion from the company. In the end, he missed. He asked Isaac again and found out that they were at this dump.

When Jasmine heard Gabriel’s voice, her entire body froze. She wished she could find a hole to hide in. She couldn’t let Gabriel see her pathetic state!

But she had nowhere to hide.

In reality, Gabriel did not place his attention on Jasmine at all. In his eyes, there was only Gina.

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Gina briefly explained what had happened. After Gabriel heard this, his expression turned cold as he glanced at Jasmine.

Jasmine still wanted to explain, “Gabriel…”

Gabriel said. “I told you not to call me that.”

“I can’t change it,” Jasmine said angrily.

“You don’t have to change it. Anyway, we won’t have many chances to meet in the future.” Gabriel said coldly.

Jasmine’s expression turned ugly. “Gabriel, what do you mean?”

“From now on, you don’t have to come to the Jackson family.” Gabriel’s tone was as cold as ice, causing Jasmine to be sad.

“Why? Can’t I come to your home anymore? Neil, 1 still want to visit you. I still want to practice painting and play chess with you! Previously, you were sick because of my tonic. I feel very guilty and haven’t made it up to you. Neil, you’ll still let me go to the Jackson family, right?” Jasmine asked nervously.

Tm fine. I don’t need you to visit me. You came today and caused such an unhappy thing. I’m in a bad mood and my health isn’t good, so I won’t trouble you to visit me,” Neil said coldly.

Jasmine was going to break down.

Neil didn’t want to bother with Jasmine anymore. He asked the driver to open the box. Gina looked at the medicinal herbs inside and said, “It could have been used it for a while, but it was contaminated by trash, so it can’t be used anymore.”

Gina frowned. Seeing the medicinal herbs she had personally planted being ruined made her feel uncomfortable..

Neil sighed and hesitated to speak to Jasmine,

Chapter 91

However, on second thought, Jasmine was not from his family after all. No matter how badly the elders in her family educated her, it would not be appropriate for him to criticize her too much.

Throw it away. It’s useless,” Gina said calmly.

Jasmine was very angry. She had finally found it, and now Gina was saying that she was going to throw it away. She hated Gina to death!

Neil could not bear to throw the box away. Just as he had said, this was Gina’s first birthday gift to him. It meant a lot, so he took the box and threw away the medicinal herbs.

“Now, Gina, let’s discuss where to eat. Let’s go back to the car, Neil said to Gina.

Gabriel walked to Gina’s side and naturally held her hand. He said gently, “Let’s go.”

Gina looked up at him. Her fingertips trembled and she felt shy.

They all ignored Jasmine.

Jasmine’s body stiffened as she watched them leave.

Half an hour later, Jabari came to the dump to pick up Jasmine,

“You smell so bad. Did you fall into the toilet?” Jabari teased.

Jasmine burst into tears, “Jabari!”

The smile on Jabari’s face faded. Seeing her cry so sadly, he became a little more serious. “What’s wrong?”

Jasmine cried as she told Jabari what had happened.

Jabari knew Jasmine too well. He knew that what she said must have been an exaggeration.

“So, you said that you threw away the box containing the medicinal herbs accidentally? Is Neil still very angry?” Jabari s

“That’s right. It must be that vixen. I don’t know what she did to make Neil not like me anymore! Neil clearly doted on me at lot in the past!” Jasmine said.

Jabari thought silently, ‘It is your illusion…

“Let’s go home first. You are smelly. I can’t listen to you,” he said.

Jabari! Why do you despise me? I hate you! Don’t you know how to comfort me?” Jasmine yelled.

Jabari acted as if he hadn’t heard her. “Let’s go. If you don’t leave now, you can go back on your own.”

As soon as Jasmine arrived home, she started to complain to Hannah.

Hannah comforted her, “Dear Jasmine, don’t cry. Neil must have said those words in a fit of anger. No matter what, he won’t ignore the relationship between the two families. Next, you just have to do something to let Neil like you again.”

“What should I do… Jasmine asked helplessly.

“Go and buy the medicinal herbs that Neil needs. Gina refused to tell you where she bought them. It must be because she wanted to curry favor with Neil and said that you can’t buy them. It’s really funny. I don’t believe that there are any

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Chapter 91


medicinal herbs that can’t be bought from the Treasure Shop in Oriata City. Coincidentally, the Treasure Shop in Oriatal City is going to hold an auction in a few days. Go and buy the medicinal herbs. I’ll help you talk to Neil. Neil will definitely be happy.” Hannah said.

Jasmine felt that Hannah’s words made sense.

However… “I don’t know what medicinal herb it is.” She said.

Moreover, the original medicinal herbs had been thrown into the dump. She did not know if they had been disposed of. Hannah made a prompt decision and immediately sent someone to find the medicinal herbs that had been thrown away.

The subordinate was also very efficient. He quickly replied to Hannah, “Mrs, Bush, it’s a mixture of Green Grass and Healthy Sunflower. These two medicinal herbs are quite rare. They’ve only been auctioned at the Treasure Shop in Oriata City. There aren’t many of them every time.”

“Alright, I understand,” Hannah said.

Hannah hung up the phone and told Jasmine the good news.

Jasmine thought, ‘Gina said that I couldn’t buy it. What a joke! I reckon that this country bumpkin doesn’t know that there is a place called the Treasure Shop in Oriata City! I would deal with this scheming woman sooner or later!”

After calming herself down, she snuggled into Hannah’s arms and said, “Mom, you are still the best. You will give me ideas and help me solve my problems, Jabari will only watch from the sidelines!”

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