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When She Stops Playing Nice Chapter 93

Chapter 93

They left the property management office.

When Ruby went out just now, she noticed that the words “go to hell” were written in red paint at the door.

She was very angry. How vicious are these people to be able to make such a curse? Aren’t them afraid of retribution?”

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Gina was a little surprised that Ruby cared so much about this.

In Gina’s eyes, this kind of provocative behavior that did not dare to face her head-on and only dared to secretly provoke her was very low-level, making her want to laugh.

“It’s okay, Gina. It’s not a big deal, Gina said lightly.

She had never believed in this kind of curse. She only believed in herself.

You guys must hide well. If I find you, you may die!’ Gina thought.

A hint of coldness flashed across Gina’s eyes.

Ruby quickly said. “Don’t talk about it. It’s inauspicious. You will definitely live a happy life. I will go to the church and pray for you. You must be blessed.”

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Gina was stunned.

Gina thought of Ella going to the church to pray for Olivia.

At that time, Gina, who still yearned for kinship, was very envious

What Ella had never done for Gina, Ruby had done for her. It made Gina understand that sometimes, kinship did not have to be built by blood.

Gina would not say that there was no need to be so disappointing. She nodded and said, “Okay, thanks.”

Star Entertainment Company.

Jason’s manager was analyzing the incident and thinking of a countermeasure.

Jason, because of your sister Olivia’s scandal, the public is very interested in your private life. Your fans are speaking up for you and asking others to care more about your work and not your private life. But it’s useless. I’m just afraid that someone will dig deeper or try to drag you down. If so, that won’t be good.

“Let’s deal with it coldly now, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t do anything. Hurry up and find the master who helped you write the famous song. Get her to write another song for you. Then, announce to the public that you’ve been concentrating on composing for the past few days. Use your work to shut their mouths. This way, your fans will have the confidence to speak up for you and say righteously that you’ve always been working on composing and have no time to fool around. Moreover, Olivia is just your sister. If she messes around, it has nothing to do with you.

“This matter will be over just like that. You might even be able to attract more fans,” the manager said.

To be honest, ever since Jason produced a song a year ago, he had become famous overnight. Ever since then, he had been living off it.

Chapter 93

The subsequent songs did not cause much of a stir.

It wasn’t a good idea to take advantage of Jason’s old work, so his manager took the opportunity to urge him to produce another good work..

Jason was in a bad mood. He replied to his manager perfunctorily, “Alright, alright. I got it.”

Seeing Jason’s perfunctory attitude, the manager was a little unhappy. Jason, the entertainment industry will change very quickly. If you continue to be so lazy, it’s only a matter of time before you’re replaced. Think about it carefully, the manager


With that, the manager left. As a top manager, he had a lot of stars, not only Jason

Jason started smoking. He did not know if it was his imagination, but he felt that his career as a star had not been smooth recently. Previously, he had received a lot of advertisement endorsements. But ever since more than half a month ago, his work had greatly decreased. What was going on?

Calculating the time, it was probably after the Miller family’s old residence burned down and Gina cut ties with her family.

After escaping from the fire, Jason immediately went to the airport to catch up on his schedule. Although he was not at home, he still knew what had happened at home.

‘Could it be that Gina was behind this? Did she want to ruin my career? Back then, maybe she knew I was going to video call Olivia, so she came to Olivia’s engagement banquet to cause trouble, Jason thought.

“D**n it!” Jason cursed fiercely.

He gritted his teeth, his eyes filled with hatred.

However, on second thought, he felt that Gina might not have the ability.

However, what happened at the engagement banquet had indeed affected his career.

This b**h, I will settle scores with her!’ Jason thought.

The next day, Gina returned to Trowell University to take the end-of-term test.

After the test, Gina walked out of the teaching building.

A man wearing sunglasses and a mask stepped forward and called out to her, “Gina!”

C**a turned to look at him. “Who are you?” C i n a asked.

Jason took off his sunglasses unhappily.

When she saw that it was Jason, Gina’s expression turned cold. “What’s the matter?” Gina asked.

“I’m warning you, don’t even think about ruining my career! You knew in advance that I was going to contact Olivia at her engagement banquet, so you caused trouble, right? Don’t be too vicious. I don’t owe you anything!” Jason said.

Gina raised her eyebrows and said, “What? You don’t owe me anything? Who saved you when you were almost trapped in a

sea of fire?”


Chapter 93

Jason was speechless, but from the bottom of his heart, he did not want to acknowledge Gina’s kindness.

Jason sneered and said, “Have you forgotten about the pesticide you put in my breakfast milk? You saved me because that’s what you should do. Are you joking? Do I owe you? If Olivia hadn’t reminded me, I wouldn’t have drunk it. Otherwise, 1 would have died”

“Then will I become a superstar now? Jason thought.

“I just said something bad to you the day before and you hate me. Then you want to poison me!” Jason said aggressively.

Before Gina planned to poison him, he could only say that he despised Gina a little. Usually, he wouldn’t do anything to her, only scolded her sometimes. He didn’t expect her to be so vengeful and hateful.

Therefore, after Gina rescued him, Jason saw that Gina was unconscious, but he was not moved at all. He chose to stand by and watch. He even left elegantly to catch up on his schedule.

When he got on the plane, he received a call from his family. He thought that he was going to hear the news about Gina’s death. He did not expect that the news was about Olivia’s car accident. If not for the fact that the plane could not stop halfway, he would have gotten off the plane and rushed back to see Olivia.

Later on, he found out that Olivia was fine. His mother told him to focus on work, so he did not rush back. Later on, he found out that Olivia’s car accident was fake.

Also, he knew that Olivia had spread rumors about Gina.

For the first time, Jason was speechless with Olivia. However, she was still his sister. It was understandable for her to make some mistakes.

However, the prerequisite was that it could not affect and harm Jason’s interests.

Gina’s face was cold. “I told you, I didn’t do this,’ she said,

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